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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MANIFESTATION

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Astrology, 9:These sources are ultimately responsible for the manifestation of the specific. This position andAstrology, 9:all of them the result of the activity and the manifestation of energy of certain Lives whose cycleAstrology, 11:produce definite effects upon his outer physical manifestation. Through their constant activity hisAstrology, 23:- the 12 planets. The Book of Form or of Manifestation - Humanity - the 12 Creative Hierarchies. InAstrology, 28:great centers of force which produce and control manifestation and evolutionary progress in theAstrology, 33:plane; hence their potency even when out of manifestation. The fifth Creative Hierarchy exists onAstrology, 38:the forty-nine fires of Brahma are the lowest manifestation of their fiery nature. Each group alsoAstrology, 40:energy of this Hierarchy which results in the manifestation of the Divine Androgyne, and in theAstrology, 42:also expresses itself through one particular manifestation which comes to be regarded by the finiteAstrology, 43:those who have (in previous kalpas of logoic manifestation) passed beyond the human stageAstrology, 43:man, the seven Spirits. Third, man or the lowest manifestation of the self-conscious Spirit aspect.Astrology, 44:lower Hierarchies are all concerned with [44] manifestation in the three worlds, or in the denseAstrology, 49:vital bodies is gradually gathered the dense manifestation which we regard as the evolutionaryAstrology, 53:this cycle of reincarnations and periods of manifestation, the human being is conditioned almostAstrology, 57:he is also solar fire, being a solar Angel in manifestation. He then becomes increasinglyAstrology, 58:man is subject to the illusory nature of manifestation and "as he thinks, so is he." When, however,Astrology, 64:Approach" of the Hierarchy to our planetary manifestation when individualization took place and theAstrology, 84:life The Cycle of Rebirth in Form - Experience Manifestation of Manhood The Crisis ofAstrology, 84:Preparation for the 2nd Birth - Consciousness Manifestation of Christhood The Crisis of InitiationAstrology, 84:The Transfiguration - The Life of the Spirit Manifestation of Divinity Astrology, 85:literally sixteen all told - from the angle of manifestation, I would remind you - and makeAstrology, 92:and Shamballa. Aries initiates the cycle of manifestation. All souls, as individual entities, comeAstrology, 93:Cardinal Cross: "Matter is the vehicle for the manifestation of soul on this plane of existence,Astrology, 93:soul is the vehicle on a higher plane for the manifestation of spirit, and these three are aAstrology, 95:on to the Fixed Cross. Therefore, in its lowest manifestation, Aries is the creator of thoseAstrology, 95:conditions and processes which lead to the manifestation of soul through the medium of form, andAstrology, 95:undertakings which lead in due time to the manifestation of spirit through the soul. TheseAstrology, 97:four deaths, as the goal of our system during manifestation is "initiation or release into theAstrology, 100:fire and fire by friction, thus producing manifestation. Uranus leads the soul to the burningAstrology, 101:of the soul, which there comes into subjective manifestation, certain related signs wherein theAstrology, 101:related signs wherein the soul, in objective manifestation, passes through peculiar and definiteAstrology, 101:and provide himself with a spiritual body of manifestation. I would also call your attention to theAstrology, 112:cycle and not to Taurus. It emerges into outer manifestation in Cancer, the sign of mass or groupAstrology, 115:and matter in the great creative activity of manifestation at the beginning of the evolutionaryAstrology, 115:form as far as man is concerned, producing the manifestation of the Incarnated Christ, theAstrology, 115:the perfected individual soul, the completed manifestation of the microcosm. Thus the greater andAstrology, 115:- are brought to their destined expression and manifestation. Until man is nearing the goal, theseAstrology, 116:The Lords of Will and Sacrifice come down into manifestation, sacrificing their high position andAstrology, 116:and opportunities upon the higher planes of manifestation in order to redeem matter and raise theAstrology, 118:him to respond to all contacts in the cycle of manifestation. He is, at this stage, negative, fluidAstrology, 123:will transmute The lower nature into the higher manifestation. The lower psychical powers into theAstrology, 128:is the number of the great work of the period of manifestation, is the number of "the Beast," whichAstrology, 138:the power to relate and bring into objective manifestation - by an act of the will - both spiritAstrology, 139:be and to know simultaneously on all planes of manifestation. Jupiter - Ray Two - The fusion ofAstrology, 139:and mind, which is the subjective purpose of manifestation. This is brought about through the thirdAstrology, 152:remembered that Aries is definitely that divine manifestation to which Christ referred when He saidAstrology, 154:horns of the ram, signifying the coming into manifestation, the involutionary cycle and theAstrology, 193:or with the Divine Quaternary, the fourfold manifestation of Deity. These four signs are Aries -Astrology, 194:divine aspect is to the whole general divine manifestation what the lower nature (form life orAstrology, 197:three aspects of all expressions of divinity in manifestation which underlie the Science ofAstrology, 201:group conscious can this desired objective of manifestation begin to demonstrate. It is beginningAstrology, 210:move is made towards bringing about objective manifestation, or physical incarnation. In Scorpio,Astrology, 217:symptoms or indications of the "entering into manifestation" of the new civilization and culture.Astrology, 220:and astrological symbol signifies the Trinity in manifestation and Who is the ruler of the PisceanAstrology, 224:the seventh ray (Uranus) producing the desired manifestation upon the physical plane. Uranus,Astrology, 230:have its directed desire in Taurus, producing manifestation; the emerges its dual consciousness inAstrology, 239:can be summed up in the four words: Creation, Manifestation, Legislation and Initiation. HavingAstrology, 239:His will, His purpose and His plan. This is Manifestation, or Cancer in activity. They mean againAstrology, 240:the method of gained experience whilst in manifestation, the creative plan is realized inAstrology, 241:or the essential dualism which underlies all manifestation; the higher mind, however, steadilyAstrology, 244:which condition the processes of evolution and manifestation. It is through a study of Libra thatAstrology, 244:which produces the outer tangible plane of manifestation - the form side of life. If students will,Astrology, 246:of that which is in need of objective manifestation, through the bringing together of spirit andAstrology, 246:of the three aspects of the third divine manifestation - law, affinity and concretized energy -Astrology, 257:intent of the Beings Who have brought them into manifestation. Astrology, 257:in the span of existence of the soul in manifestation: I. Gemini Essential unrelated duality. TheAstrology, 260:and through struggle and conflict - brought into manifestation at the end of the appointed time.Astrology, 263:that of the Divine Builders of our planetary manifestation. (See the tabulation re theAstrology, 263:embodying the love of God, pour through into manifestation. Will, love and harmony through conflictAstrology, 264:will) for purposes of divine expression and manifestation. It will be obvious to you that the taskAstrology, 264:progress and the secret of the process of divine manifestation. It is of value here to rememberAstrology, 270:Rulers of the seven planes of consciousness and manifestation. Representatives because responsiveAstrology, 270:Pleiades who: Are expressions of the dualism of manifestation in their relation to the sevenAstrology, 271:Through Aries and Scorpio, the Christ-life and manifestation is integrated with that of the fourthAstrology, 271:a great mystery which is concerned with the dual manifestation of the Christ principle both in formAstrology, 271:and - upon its own plane - through spiritual manifestation; it is here also that the trueAstrology, 273:and of the flesh into the light of day and of manifestation, then the task of that great center weAstrology, 273:at a high stage of development, produces the manifestation of the Christ principle or Christ-child.Astrology, 273:concerned with the stage of discipleship and the manifestation of a solar disciple. Hence the twoAstrology, 275:of the divine plan and the synthesis underlying manifestation. Astrology, 277:atomic substance out of which the dense body of manifestation has to be constructed if the ChristAstrology, 277:Virgin nurtures) is to be brought to successful manifestation. The cause of manifestation is,Astrology, 277:to successful manifestation. The cause of manifestation is, esoterically speaking, the stimulationAstrology, 279:the form, the self-conscious man. Bringing into manifestation thereby the hidden man of the heart,Astrology, 305:under investigation; they determine the time of manifestation and the nature of the emanations andAstrology, 307:[307] essential duality during the process of manifestation, plus the activity of the mediator. YouAstrology, 308:Uranus - 7th ray - organization or directed manifestation. Neptune - 6th ray - idealisticAstrology, 309:from its own plane to the plane of exterior manifestation, but preserves at the same time itsAstrology, 312:zodiac because through it souls pass into outer manifestation and to the appropriation of form, andAstrology, 313:you - that in Aries the essential substance of manifestation awoke to renewed activity under theAstrology, 314:these three, blended together, came into outer manifestation in Cancer, thus completing an esotericAstrology, 314:these words, you have the key to the secret of manifestation as a whole and to that mystery whichAstrology, 320:and these constitute the triple incentive to the manifestation of man and of the human kingdom.Astrology, 323:worlds and, therefore, would never know God in manifestation. Indirectly, and via the influences ofAstrology, 325:to proceed between spirit and matter which makes manifestation possible and which extends theAstrology, 329:of light found at the center of the cycle of manifestation, faint and flickering. It is theAstrology, 329:that which opposes or the basic duality of manifestation, the relationship of spirit and of form.Astrology, 330:in so far that love and purpose underlie all manifestation. But they are not focused in this [331]Astrology, 339:leads to some aspect of definite personality manifestation, this being largely determined by theAstrology, 344:or the three conditioning signs which lie behind manifestation. They lie behind the form-taking
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