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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MANIFESTATION

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Astrology, 344:experience in Cancer and they also lie behind manifestation in Pisces. Pisces is the sign withAstrology, 345:the embryonic Christ life, preparing for manifestation or a divine incarnation. Sagittarius - IsAstrology, 354:and in connection with the many opposites in manifestation, you have the emergence of the divineAstrology, 371:being responsive to the most potent manifestation of a little known and understood aspect ofAstrology, 371:fundamental causes (man scarcely knows which) of manifestation, of the evolutionary processes andAstrology, 373:the pairs of opposites and the basic duality of manifestation and is not motivated basically asAstrology, 374:out that just as the Aquarian Age is coming into manifestation for our planet as a whole, bringingAstrology, 391:with soul and spirit - the higher octave of manifestation. Thus is shown the perfection of theAstrology, 413:ideas work out into expression upon the plane of manifestation - such working out being, I againAstrology, 415:expression in time and space during a cycle of manifestation, for - as you know - the AgelessAstrology, 416:expression, and influence the form side of all manifestation. They focus primarily throughAstrology, 420:A major conditioning energy, producing manifestation. This corresponds to the Monad aspect. AAstrology, 421:the relative synthesis which underlies all manifestation. Starting from that which is todayAstrology, 424:(which is qualified Life in appearance or manifestation) can be seen in definite activity,Astrology, 424:that in this world cycle in our systemic manifestation it is the second or consciousness aspectAstrology, 429:the triangle is the basic geometric form of all manifestation and it is to be seen (by those whoAstrology, 429:eyes to see) underlying the entire fabric of manifestation, whether it is the manifestation of aAstrology, 429:fabric of manifestation, whether it is the manifestation of a solar system, the manifestation ofAstrology, 429:it is the manifestation of a solar system, the manifestation of the zodiacal round, the cosmicAstrology, 429:manifested, the triangles which symbolize this manifestation are the two eyes and the third eye:Astrology, 448:with this difference that the emergence into manifestation of an increased individualism andAstrology, 461:expression on the physical plane. Producing manifestation, quality and activity. Forming aAstrology, 461:three focus on the physical plane, producing manifestation and appearance. Astrology, 463:trend is at present downward into physical manifestation and experience. [464] Aspirants andAstrology, 468:the interaction and the effect of the duality of manifestation, of spirit-matter, as theyAstrology, 470:The influence of this constellation aids in the manifestation of individual will, individual love,Astrology, 470:behind this influence and pressing through into manifestation is the force of Virgo (the mother orAstrology, 478:the total expression of the divine triplicity of manifestation: will, love and intelligence orAstrology, 479:forming two triangles and united them in a fresh manifestation to form a Star of Life. Ponder onAstrology, 483:minor rays which condition a human being in manifestation. These are the five energies whichAstrology, 483:angle and not the material expression of manifestation. Their activity and united influence in theAstrology, 483:triangle, the activity of which produces the manifestation of Hierarchy - the intermediary betweenAstrology, 491:active exoterically as the fourth ray is not in manifestation at this time. Through Scorpio, Ray IVAstrology, 498:which concerns the entire subjective pattern of manifestation and the significance of which isAstrology, 498:is closely interrelated with the Trinity of manifestation. Another name for this science is theAstrology, 504:relation" with all that lives within the body of manifestation of a solar Logos and is likewiseAstrology, 504:are regarded as embodying the matter aspect in manifestation - are in reality and literally theAstrology, 505:these underlying factors in the existent divine manifestation. Today, the significance of will andAstrology, 511:- The causal body of the soul. Appearance or manifestation - The emergence of the soul. The head.Astrology, 540:the world of forces upon the outer sphere of manifestation, and produces the precipitation ofAstrology, 543:possibility of entrance into greater light, the manifestation of the soul nature and theAstrology, 550:[550] of Libra and, therefore, it brings to the manifestation of mankind and to the variousAstrology, 553:with the wholes or with the syntheses of manifestation and with the unified experience of anAstrology, 557:aspirant. This Cross governs the lower triad in manifestation and rules in the three worlds ofAstrology, 557:or fusion. The Cardinal Cross governs the manifestation of the Monad in all its glory and beauty,Astrology, 557:Monad expresses itself upon the six planes of manifestation in "wisdom, strength and beauty"Astrology, 559:These three Crosses are, in their totality of manifestation, related to the three basic energiesAstrology, 561:unitedly upon and through any form of divine manifestation. This is by no means an easy thing toAstrology, 565:demonstration of result as well, giving us a manifestation and an example of the fusion of theAstrology, 581:the quality of spiritual Will; it was the manifestation of that divine energy which made the firstAstrology, 589:task of considering an aspect of divine manifestation which is as yet so little apparent upon theAstrology, 590:mind, that idea is seen whole and complete. In manifestation it is a gradual, self-revealingAstrology, 592:that fourth something which hovers behind all manifestation and behind all objects, all qualifiedAstrology, 593:terms of death as it affects the form nature of manifestation. The note of synthesis and triumph -Astrology, 594:living activity of Deity as it fulfils Itself in manifestation as pure incentive, directedAstrology, 596:the third, and the fruition of the Personality Manifestation of the Logos. We need, therefore, toAstrology, 597:of death and of the destruction of form is a manifestation of Ray I, for it brings about in realityAstrology, 597:urge is the inevitable accompaniment of life in manifestation. It is the Will to Unification.Astrology, 599:that "matter is spirit at its lowest point of manifestation and spirit is matter at its highest."Astrology, 600:shapeless matter and becomes the cause of the manifestation." This statement takes you straightAstrology, 601:of the will which drives through into outer manifestation; it is that which embodies both theAstrology, 601:angle of God the Father; the will to initiate manifestation and its attendant progressiveAstrology, 606:or synthesis as the effect or final result of manifestation. Astrology, 615:the creative will as it: [615] Initiates manifestation, and conditions that which is created.Astrology, 615:of matter-spirit to isolate itself, whilst in manifestation (from the standpoint of consciousness).Astrology, 615:effort of the Logos is what keeps all forms in manifestation and preserves even the life aspect asAstrology, 615:consciousness intact the close of a cycle of manifestation. Death and limitation are synonymousAstrology, 623:am the light of the world," went further in His manifestation and gave a vision of the next step,Astrology, 623:evoked. Then the vision can become a manifestation and a fact in expression. Astrology, 626:making them one in reality though two in manifestation. Their real nature as the "elder brother andAstrology, 627:which brings about life, love and their united manifestation in one form. This second ray is,Astrology, 629:is to indicate That which exists prior to manifestation and which persists after the cycle ofAstrology, 629:and which persists after the cycle of manifestation is over - unprovable, unknowable andAstrology, 629:themes, leading to the central Theme of manifestation, will become clearer and the density of theAstrology, 630:essentially, having realized them, prior to manifestation. This third ray will is the producer ofAstrology, 630:that this creative will is not only the cause of manifestation and the guarantee of achievement,Astrology, 631:Three words are concerned with this triple manifestation: Attraction, Subtraction, Abstraction andAstrology, 631:Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This Trinity in manifestation knows Itself as the Transcending RealityAstrology, 631:a fragment of Myself, I remain." This Trinity in manifestation knows Itself as the Transmitting OneAstrology, 631:the Transmitting One transmits. This Trinity in manifestation knows Itself to be the TransformingAstrology, 645:these planets are the most occult and sacred in manifestation, and are concerned with egos who areAstrology, 647:of the karmic influences working out in the manifestation of the three planetary Logoi (mentionedAstrology, 654:Entity manifesting - The solar Logos. Body of manifestation - The solar system. Receptive center -Astrology, 655:Entity manifesting - A planetary Logos. Body of manifestation - A planet. Receptive center - AAstrology, 655:- The Thinker, a Dhyan Chohan. Body of manifestation - Physical body. Receptive Center - TheAstrology, 658:with the fifth logoic principle in its threefold manifestation: Sirius, two of the Pleiades and aAstrology, 660:with the fifth logoic principle in its threefold manifestation: Sirius, two of the Pleiades and aAstrology, 682:in relation to a Heavenly Man and His body of manifestation, a scheme. It must be remembered thatAstrology, 685:centers, for it accounts for diversity in manifestation, in forms and in quality. A correspondenceAstrology, 690:with the fifth logoic principle in its threefold manifestation; Sirius, two of the Pleiades, and aAstrology, 690:higher mental bodies, producing that peculiar manifestation we call the causal body. In thisAstrology, 692:these planets are the most occult and sacred in manifestation, and are concerned only with egos whoAtomto enable the hearers to observe the identical manifestation of these relations and of certainAtom, 14:that there is, underlying the proven objective manifestation, some vitalizing force, and someAtom, 15:It posits an evolutionary process within all manifestation and identifies life with the cosmicAtom, 20:illuminating as we consider the matter aspect of manifestation. It involves the conception ofAtom, 21:and all groups, until you have that sumtotal of manifestation which can be called Nature, or God,Atom, 31:of matter. Usually when the substance aspect of manifestation has been considered, it has been as aAtom, 34:that they had discovered what lay back of all manifestation and of objectivity itself. But whenAtom, 46:the Intelligence or Life which lies back of all manifestation or of nature, and on to some greater
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