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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MANIFESTATION

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Atom, 49:is our instrument, or tool, and our sphere of manifestation. This is something of which we, as yet,Atom, 50:planet is similarly carrying His entire body of manifestation (which includes the human family)Atom, 54:concern themselves primarily with the material manifestation of a solar system, but I shall seek toAtom, 54:or consciousness which lies behind the objective manifestation. As usual, we will handle thisAtom, 55:upon its [55] tangibility and exoteric manifestation. This thought is also brought out if the rootAtom, 55:brought out if the root meaning of the word 'manifestation' is carefully studied. It comes from twoAtom, 55:To my mind, Plutarch conveys the idea of the manifestation of the subjective through the medium ofAtom, 55:shapeless matter, and becomes the cause of the manifestation." Here you have a most interestingAtom, 55:that concerns itself not only with that little manifestation, the atom of the chemist and theAtom, 55:are constituted by their means, including the manifestation of a human being and of the Deity of aAtom, 57:may be gained upon this abstruse question of the manifestation of God, the central Intelligence, byAtom, 58:and repulsion, one of the basic laws of manifestation. This fundamental faculty of intelligenceAtom, 59:a still greater subjective Life may be seeking manifestation. In all these kingdoms which we areAtom, 59:or intelligence, who works through a material manifestation or form, this form being built up ofAtom, 62:you have a central life, or idea, coming into manifestation, involving itself more and more inAtom, 69:he is self-conscious. He builds his own body of manifestation, just as does the Logos, only on aAtom, 70:a gradual evolution from one form of intelligent manifestation to another, and always the lifeAtom, 71:from that which is, for Him, but a temporary manifestation. Let us now make practical applicationAtom, 73:being, we as cells and atoms within that greater manifestation follow each transition, and areAtom, 80:At our last lecture we took up another phase of manifestation. We studied the atom itself, andAtom, 85:that He is the great will or purpose back of all manifestation. In every Scripture in the world theAtom, 91:planetary Entity Who lies back of our planetary manifestation, and Who is the sumtotal of the groupAtom, 92:the life of God be seen in its essential triple manifestation, working out in an ever-expandingAtom, 98:we are stepping out of the matter aspect of manifestation with which we have been dealing in theAtom, 104:be seen the human family at the atomic stage of manifestation, leading on to a goal not yetAtom, 107:analogy to and connection with the threefold manifestation of Deity, the self, the not-self, andAtom, 130:that concerns matter, the substance aspect of manifestation; it deals with objectivity, and withAtom, 139:eye, you were limited to a particular line of manifestation, but in the case of the sixthAtom, 144:therefrom that this central Will might be the manifestation of an Entity Who informs the entireAtom, 148:is the subjective impulse lying behind objective manifestation upon our earth. They are beginningAtom, 149:are all aware of the purpose which lies back of manifestation upon our planet, when we areAtom, 150:consider ourselves as the highest and greatest manifestation upon the planet, there may be otherAtom, 153:in the evolution of the intelligence, in the manifestation of love, or group consciousness, and inAtom, 156:If the Pleiades are the source of the electrical manifestation, the active intelligent aspect ofAutobiography, 40:in a dim and uncertain manner, the unity of all manifestation and that all existence - the materialAutobiography, 239:and to externalize and make possible the manifestation upon the physical plane of the Masters andAutobiography, 262:process of divine creation, and the consequent manifestation of God, bring much mental stimulationAutobiography, 263:the future. The time has not been ripe for the manifestation of the true esoteric schools. HumanityAutobiography, 278:The Law of Health [278] These laws concern the manifestation of the world of spiritual values andAutobiography, 278:the throne of God"). Thus the synthesis of all manifestation becomes apparent and the place of theAutobiography, 289:to tread the Path of Discipleship, to bring into manifestation the Kingdom of God and toAutobiography, 295:basic law of our universe is to be seen in the manifestation of God as Love. Upon these eightAutobiography, 295:by the Law of Rebirth, the cyclic nature of all manifestation, the nature and aim of theAutobiography, 298:prior to the existence of our group in outward manifestation on the physical plane, to the earlyBethlehem, 5:under the same divine law which governs all manifestation - the Law of Cyclic Appearance. ThisBethlehem, 5:revelation passes through the phases of all form-manifestation, or appearance, then growth andBethlehem, 44:but the inner reality eventually comes into manifestation through the sacrifice of the human to theBethlehem, 108:soul in man, and was in control of His body of manifestation. He was "in all points tempted like asBethlehem, 137:subsequent purification in order that right manifestation of Deity may follow, revelation of theBethlehem, 140:an understanding of divinity. Behind the manifestation of Jesus Christ lay aeons of experience. GodBethlehem, 145:the divine, making possible the emergence into manifestation of a new kingdom upon earth - theBethlehem, 159:or He is not. God is transcendent and beyond manifestation, or else there is no basic reality,Bethlehem, 162:and definitely carry the man forward into a new manifestation of divinity? The "blood is the life,"Bethlehem, 189:"All creation is yearning, longing to see the manifestation of the sons of God. For the CreationBethlehem, 192:distinguish the human animal. He brought to us a manifestation of what the perfect man could beBethlehem, 214:the causes which gave rise to them produced the manifestation of the kingdom of God on earth. InBethlehem, 224:forces could pass out without hindrance into manifestation. This was an act of God, a stupendousBethlehem, 253:consciousness flow through all parts of God's manifestation, the natural world. The kingdoms ofBethlehem, 273:appearance of the kingdom and bring forth into manifestation that which is awaiting immediateBethlehem, 277:Christ expressed it, before God can go on to the manifestation of the beauty of the hidden kingdom.Bethlehem, 282:saved and men's lives transfigured except by a manifestation of the spirit of God. Instead ofBethlehem, 284:and renunciations, there will be a more rapid manifestation of the kingdom of God on earth. TheDestiny, 5:play: Those energies which are passing out of manifestation, as the sixth Ray of Devotion is atDestiny, 5:out. Those energies which are coming into manifestation or incarnation, as the seventh Ray ofDestiny, 6:Ray of Active Intelligence, working towards the manifestation of beauty. The energy of the willDestiny, 24:and the principle of intelligence came into manifestation. In the second solar system, theDestiny, 24:appearance and must eventually come into full manifestation upon the physical plane, therebyDestiny, 24:occupation is the working out of that will into manifestation. We have, therefore, three greatDestiny, 29:Organization. The sixth ray began to pass out of manifestation in 1625 after a long period ofDestiny, 29:Ray of Ceremonial Order began to come into manifestation in 1675. There are three points to beDestiny, 29:sixth ray is, as you know, the most powerful in manifestation in this time and a very large numberDestiny, 31:civilization and culture will be brought into manifestation through the collaboration of theDestiny, 33:As one ray passes out and another comes into manifestation and their impact upon the earth and uponDestiny, 41:higher loses its hold and the lower comes into manifestation - something that evolution itself mustDestiny, 41:Order, for this ray is only in process of manifestation and we know not as yet what its majorDestiny, 42:so than at this time owing to the coming into manifestation of this ray of the magician (black andDestiny, 43:This is a direct effect of the coming into manifestation of the seventh ray. Spiritualism was theDestiny, 46:and have always a lower and a higher form of manifestation, which is a correspondence in thisDestiny, 51:symbol stands for the three divine aspects in manifestation. The symbol for Great Britain, underDestiny, 53:for Germany, for though the first ray is not in manifestation at this time, yet the bulk of theDestiny, 56:wider terms than the feminine aspects of divine manifestation. Destiny, 69:but quite often as governing the personality manifestation, or the exoteric country. Austria,Destiny, 111:might use such a specialized word) to come into manifestation during the imminent Aquarian age;Destiny, 116:the condition existing when the ray comes into manifestation - definitely does three things:Destiny, 117:in nature, producing a different quality in the manifestation of the soul of any kingdom (for theyDestiny, 123:of rebuilding and of a consequent renewed life manifestation. This is true of the soul of man, ofDestiny, 124:he speaks of the whole creation waiting for the manifestation of the Sons of God. ThatDestiny, 124:for the manifestation of the Sons of God. That manifestation is that of radiating glory and powerDestiny, 125:the animal (of which instinct is the embryonic manifestation) will be rapidly developed and this isDestiny, 135:in the ratio of three to two (as regards present manifestation) and, [136] therefore, we can lookDestiny, 136:so because the sixth ray is fast going out of manifestation. All the above constitutes a piece ofDestiny, 136:these centers to the rays which are now in manifestation (either coming in, passing out or in fullDestiny, 136:This third ray has been in objective manifestation since 1425 A.D. and will remain in incarnationDestiny, 139:- governed as it is by Mercury - will bring into manifestation. Mercury, the Messenger of the GodsDestiny, 139:rays to the second, which is ever basically in manifestation. The second ray center - heart center.Destiny, 140:and with the aid of Mercury, bring into physical manifestation the coming Avatar. This becomesDestiny, 142:RAY I - This ray is still out of physical manifestation but is beginning to have a definite effectDestiny, 142:plane. RAY II - This ray is always in subjective manifestation and very potent because it is theDestiny, 143:upon all the rays. RAY V - This ray has been in manifestation for nearly seventy years. It willDestiny, 144:[144] RAY VI - This ray has been passing out of manifestation for quite some time now, as you know,
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