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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MANIFESTATION

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Education, 60:the medium of his equipment or his vehicle of manifestation. The esoteric student has, therefore,Education, 63:All that exists is, in reality, spirit in manifestation. The masses today are becomingEducation, 65:themselves through his three lower vehicles of manifestation, and later through his integratedEducation, 65:and its forms that the planetary Logos came into manifestation, and the entire Hierarchy with itsEducation, 66:salvages and purifies his threefold body of manifestation and the work of the planetary Logos as HeEducation, 117:into the greater Whole. From the form side of manifestation, mind, emotion and brain are working inEducation, 121:fifteen hundred years. Fourth, the coming into manifestation of the Aquarian Age. This fact shouldEducation, 122:and blended. The Aquarian man will bring into manifestation great ideals, because the channel ofEducation, 126:from the atom of substance at the very depth of manifestation to the entire solar system; itEducation, 132:state, a nation, and a group possible as far as manifestation is concerned, and here again theEducation, 132:the vast Hierarchy of Souls can achieve physical manifestation and attain spiritual perfection inEducation, 132:The idea of generation, birth and subsequent manifestation runs like a guiding thread through allEducation, 135:at this time to incarnate and achieve exoteric manifestation. This fact is largely responsible forEducation, 136:no creation of the "body of light," and no "manifestation of the sons of God" apart from theEducation, 137:in the light." Thus will be brought about the manifestation of the foundational light aspect of theEducation, 138:scientific interrelation, that form of divine manifestation to which the name "the Kingdom of God"Education, 140:place is the hastening of the processes of light manifestation, and this has become possibleEducation, 140:this has been accomplished we shall have the manifestation of the integrated elemental forces toEducation, 141:the name of the Personality, [141] producing the manifestation of a powerful, self-directed, highEducation, 141:a result of soul contact. This will lead to the manifestation of the indwelling soul, the ChristEducation, 141:of humanity with the Hierarchy, producing the manifestation of God's Kingdom on earth. This will beEducation, 144:is especially the science of [144] light manifestation with its results of revelation andEducation, 144:so that one light shines forth in physical manifestation and a synthesis of light is consequentlyEducation, 145:and fused with the etheric body - produces the manifestation of divinity upon earth to a greater orExternalisation, 5:about the demonstration of latent powers and the manifestation of new knowledges. All this must beExternalisation, 30:Age, and it will thus produce an eventual manifestation upon the physical plane of the plan of GodExternalisation, 30:effort of the future will be to bring down into manifestation the consciousness of the soul throughExternalisation, 41:and the pairs of opposites (always existent in manifestation) became active factors in theExternalisation, 70:of the new civilization, and the coming into manifestation of a new race, a new culture and a newExternalisation, 73:and the principle of intelligence came into manifestation. In the second solar system, theExternalisation, 73:Love made its appearance and must come into full manifestation, thereby enabling the love of God toExternalisation, 74:and aims which are inherent in the processes of manifestation. The Black Lodge, so-called, isExternalisation, 75:is occupied with the form aspect of [75] manifestation; the White Lodge, with the consciousnessExternalisation, 76:pralaya, or in solution, until the time for the manifestation of the next and third solar systemExternalisation, 85:to you the centers through which the forces of manifestation have to work for the various nations.Externalisation, 87:not yet perfect, hence the fact that His body of manifestation, the planet, is not reckoned asExternalisation, 100:will eventually be responsible for producing the manifestation of the Kingdom of God on earth, theExternalisation, 101:make the vision a fact upon the [101] plane of manifestation. It is a process of vision, activityExternalisation, 103:does not eventually appear in objective manifestation the activity is then abortive. The influenceExternalisation, 108:development must necessarily outrun the outer manifestation. Humanity is today further advancedExternalisation, 111:and rightly controlled, will result in the manifestation of the fifth or spiritual kingdom uponExternalisation, 112:and major law in all the processes of manifestation. It governs the exoteric expression of a solarExternalisation, 145:all of second ray origin. This is the ray of the manifestation of consciousness. They are,Externalisation, 146:a great deal of the trouble and brought it into manifestation upon the physical plane. TheExternalisation, 149:in any way, or by substance (the lower pole of manifestation) but Who are related to the positiveExternalisation, 150:Their intermediary) in order to bring about the manifestation on earth of the soul of humanity andExternalisation, 158:is occultly called the second plane of divine manifestation. These Forces include the Lord of theExternalisation, 159:principle of love, the expression of which in manifestation will work out as "glory to God, peaceExternalisation, 165:all [165] forms of life in the three worlds of manifestation, and in the three subhuman kingdomsExternalisation, 165:in that will and its spirit of divine sacrifice. Manifestation is itself the Great Forgiveness. TheExternalisation, 166:- outside manifested existence - entered into manifestation in order to give Themselves for theExternalisation, 169:the unit and the group with the basic intent of manifestation. The fifth phrase, Let power attendExternalisation, 170:creative process of incarnation or individual manifestation is on the way to completion. Within theExternalisation, 206:the spirit of understanding and fosters the manifestation of the principle of cooperation. ThisExternalisation, 221:men to the realization that the form side of manifestation, with its aggressive selfishness, itsExternalisation, 227:to invoke, precipitate and anchor in outer manifestation the waiting Potencies. Do this aloud whenExternalisation, 260:inspired by the material or matter aspect of manifestation, whose influence has been predominantlyExternalisation, 261:consciousness, and the material aspect of [261] manifestation, with humanity constituting the greatExternalisation, 264:Physical activity and concrete methods [264] of manifestation are then coordinated and graduallyExternalisation, 264:Galilee? Will it bring about the emergence into manifestation of some great Son of God Who willExternalisation, 278:and active energies which pass in and out of manifestation, fulfiling the purposes of Deity and yetExternalisation, 280:downward into outer expression, power and manifestation, is dependent upon the potent, magnetic,Externalisation, 289:and upon the sequence of this progressive manifestation of the divine nature is based the doctrineExternalisation, 290:It marks the next major phase in the manifestation of divinity in man; it signifies domination overExternalisation, 294:the disciple or of humanity which produces the manifestation. In other lives, the disciple mayExternalisation, 294:inevitably come from the very Presence Itself. A manifestation of light and love and power willExternalisation, 298:long intervals when a ray is coming into manifestation. They embody the quality and the force of aExternalisation, 298:when the seventh ray has achieved complete manifestation and the Piscean influence is entirelyExternalisation, 300:relationships, and love working throughout all manifestation towards a plan motivated by love. ThisExternalisation, 301:Their work are very great. They issue forth into manifestation via the center at Shamballa, becauseExternalisation, 308:expression becomes possible. 3. Appearance or Manifestation. Every possible step has been taken byExternalisation, 308:are permissible. Think you that His body of manifestation is already on Earth, waiting to beExternalisation, 343:the quality of spiritual Will; it will be the manifestation of that energy which makes the firstExternalisation, 354:easily to be seen and most effective in manifestation. Three nations express the three aspects ofExternalisation, 356:Angel of the Presence, and the basic dualism of manifestation can be seen clearly defined. BecauseExternalisation, 471:spirit of resurrection. These facts (so near to manifestation) are physical facts; they willExternalisation, 475:to humanity to arrest the descent of evil into manifestation. Voices of leaders and humanitariansExternalisation, 483:Their task is to precipitate and bring into manifestation that which the work of the Forces ofExternalisation, 492:concerned with the substance or matter aspect of manifestation. Such activities are motivated fromExternalisation, 493:delayed (perhaps for millennia of years) the manifestation of the kingdom of God. The time had comeExternalisation, 493:the kingdom of God. The time had come for that manifestation, and hence the powerful activity ofExternalisation, 507:work is now coming into prominence and manifestation, the work of the Master on that ray is that ofExternalisation, 525:earth by the time the sixth root-race comes into manifestation. It is this direct inflow to theExternalisation, 526:have to be faced as It contemplates exoteric manifestation and work. Externalisation, 528:Center - Humanity - working through Disciples in manifestation - of the seven ray types. The newExternalisation, 530:preparing Itself for the experience of physical manifestation; It is also endeavoring to "create"Externalisation, 531:to the work to be done by Them in physical manifestation. They are endeavoring also to establish aExternalisation, 533:the Great Lives Who function there not only see manifestation whole and apart from all theExternalisation, 534:you know, only a center in His greater body of manifestation. With this item of information you canExternalisation, 560:constitution and institution condition all manifestation - for what reason this is so, no oneExternalisation, 562:the three major centers within His body of manifestation. This purpose was threefold in nature: ItExternalisation, 576:for the presence in physical activity and manifestation of the Hierarchy - in full force and withExternalisation, 581:consciousness. The fourth ray will come into manifestation before many generations have passed, butExternalisation, 582:Ashram. [582] Once the contact - in physical manifestation and physical recognition - has beenExternalisation, 587:of the Hierarchy and precede it into outer manifestation. This will begin in the year 1975, if theExternalisation, 622:in pain together until now, waiting for the manifestation of the Sons of God". It is for thatExternalisation, 622:of the Sons of God". It is for that manifestation that They now prepare, these "Sons of God Who areExternalisation, 645:and it is largely this that has handicapped the manifestation of the will-to-good. The ShamballaExternalisation, 649:for the new ideals; then they will bring into manifestation in words, in color, in music and inExternalisation, 653:be done, and interfere therefore with the needed manifestation. It is exceedingly important that
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