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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MANIFESTATION

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Fire, 810:relationships, ideals and goal, and a conscious manifestation of that continuity of consciousnessFire, 818:therefore be wise for him to view [818] this manifestation from other angles and employ other termsFire, 819:threefold nature, and stands for that type of manifestation which will be brought to its highestFire, 819:on the lower planes. Yet these three are one in manifestation within the egoic auric egg, and theFire, 821:who in essence are the threefold Ego during its manifestation. Through them flows the force andFire, 825:awakened, for love is the nature of the present manifestation and the line of love in someFire, 828:a planetary scheme. Man, informing his bodies of manifestation. 2. The ten are the arupa universe.Fire, 828:are the subjective consciousness, the cause of manifestation. 64 S. D., I, 214; II, 393, 445, 446. Fire, 831:under the generic term of the Law of Rhythm. All manifestation is the result of active energyFire, 832:been identifying Itself with the Ego (its outer manifestation) begins again to seek its own trueFire, 834:of all our planes being the etheric and dense manifestation of the solar Logos is realized, thenFire, 841:of opening and the second aspect in its lowest manifestation is showing signs of demonstration.Fire, 841:allied to the energy which is the special manifestation in this system and the basis of allFire, 845:one group when synthesized during the process of manifestation. They are fourfold in interaction,Fire, 846:this; only in the next system will be seen the manifestation of a form of consciousness of a typeFire, 849:schemes in the system which find their lowest manifestation on this plane, and have no physicalFire, 849:medium of gaseous matter, and their spheres of manifestation are simply composed of the four cosmicFire, 852:as the case may be. All these three groups of manifestation follow karmic impulse, and this impulseFire, 854:separation such as we find when in physical manifestation, but nevertheless group separation is toFire, 873:in the phenomena such as thunder storms and the manifestation of lightning, with the auroraFire, 877:From the standpoint of the central factor in manifestation, man, it should be realized thatFire, 881:connection with the different types of planetary manifestation, including all the kingdoms ofFire, 881:of pralaya" and those we call "periods of manifestation." It also involves a right realization ofFire, 882:in planetary evolution and in solar manifestation, A revelation as to certain cosmic enterprises inFire, 887:or are at this time the "solar agents" of human manifestation. All these forms of divine existenceFire, 887:God." Herein lies the essential duality of all manifestation; this duality is later supplemented byFire, 890:physical plane. Therefore, in connection with manifestation on the physical plane the devas may beFire, 890:with the tangible and objective part of all manifestation. In their totality they literally formFire, 892:of glamor, and cast a veil over their objective manifestation. When etheric vision is present thenFire, 896:which bridges the higher and the lower strata of manifestation. We must center our attention firstFire, 896:of all that is watery, and liquid throughout manifestation, and in dealing with this we mustFire, 897:paid to this subject of the deva lives of watery manifestation. As said above, the aggregate ofFire, 897:of lives which form the gaseous portion of manifestation; this gaseous portion is found in theFire, 900:producing that warmth and moisture which make manifestation possible. The Mother is the greatest ofFire, 903:they are the mother aspect, the feminine side of manifestation, and the easy path for them is toFire, 904:to the tiny essences which compose the fires of manifestation. As the nature of physical planeFire, 908:developments of the animal nature in its lowest manifestation. These two causes [909] will bearFire, 915:we find that they fall naturally - as far as manifestation is concerned - into two main groups.Fire, 915:who form the etheric bodies of every form in manifestation. These constitute the bulk of the lesserFire, 917:might be called the residue from an earlier manifestation, and the vibration of this present one.Fire, 917:to recognize the triple nature of the septenary manifestation. The atomic or Shiva energy, theFire, 924:creative energy and with the Brahma aspect of manifestation as it coordinates itself with theFire, 924:plexus, for the evolutionary process, as in all manifestation, is the result of desire, acting uponFire, 925:endeavor, producing directly dense physical manifestation. All the etheric devas who transmitFire, 925:in coherency, and thus producing the body of manifestation of the great Entity who is the sumtotalFire, 925:the form stands revealed at its densest point of manifestation. No form is as yet perfect, and itFire, 932:concerned with the liquid action of divine [932] manifestation. They work, therefore, inFire, 933:has not yet been generated to permit of his manifestation objectively. He remains as yetFire, 935:matter; that will be for them their densest manifestation. The mineral kingdom will find itsFire, 935:The mineral kingdom will find its highest manifestation in matter of the fourth ether, and thisFire, 936:the necessary physical vehicle for his objective manifestation becomes an actuality. These are theFire, 937:[937] produce the lower man, and bring into manifestation the Personality, that reflection of theFire, 937:and vibration upon different aspects of lower manifestation. Esoterically, this is all hidden inFire, 938:in this method of producing evolutionary manifestation in a planetary scheme with its rounds andFire, 941:molding the living substance necessary for egoic manifestation upon the lower planes. We have seenFire, 941:of the Kabalah, - the primary stage of manifestation finding its dim reflection in the work of theFire, 948:might be regarded as the sumtotal of that great manifestation (created only by man) called "TheFire, 955:of mental matter, and of the process of thought manifestation through the two factors of sound andFire, 956:he can use as a messenger, or as a means for the manifestation of an idea. Students will do well toFire, 969:of the Guides of the race, reach full manifestation only through the medium of many agents, and theFire, 972:or else will be seen that too common manifestation, an idea wrongly conceived and nurtured, andFire, 979:force into it so that it is a vibrant, living manifestation. When a lecturer or speaker of any kindFire, 980:creating by means of His song. In physical plane manifestation, we are known by our speech; we areFire, 981:very definite on etheric levels. Objective manifestation is produced, for "Things are that whichFire, 988:[988] are occupied with the material side of manifestation and the Brother of Light is concernedFire, 991:and cosmic kind have been present since manifestation set in, being latent in the karma of theFire, 993:who seek to work consciously with the forces of manifestation, and who endeavor to control theFire, 995:the whole bent of his thought is towards their manifestation and their demonstration [996] in hisFire, 997:and their equilibrising, so that eventual manifestation becomes possible. The third group of rulesFire, 1005:or the Ego holds in connection its "form of manifestation") shall neither die for lack of vitalFire, 1012:tendencies which are the basis of physical plane manifestation. We have considered certain rulesFire, 1013:of the etheric body, and the consequent physical manifestation. This point is but little realizedFire, 1013:the deva, or solar Angel, is as yet in love with manifestation, and has a desire for objectiveFire, 1028:then it concerns only the most objective part of manifestation, for that which is the essence isFire, 1028:to comprehend some of the major secrets of solar manifestation; for the planes of our solar systemFire, 1029:of these two forces, matter and Spirit, or manifestation, or the processes of evolution. TheFire, 1031:and the causal body as it produces: Periodic manifestation. The linking of the triangles. TheFire, 1032:own activity, so that in every form which is in manifestation, the two types are manifested. IFire, 1033:Lipika Lords who are the karmic cause of solar manifestation, and who control its periodicFire, 1033:manifestation, and who control its periodic manifestation. These three groups are related to TheirFire, 1036:arbitrary dates, such as 2500 years, for the manifestation of any particular ray. One ray does passFire, 1042:atomic - God, Monads, atoms. The sphere of solar manifestation - God. The mundane egg. The logoicFire, 1042:auric egg - Macrocosm. The sphere of monadic manifestation - Monads. The monadic auric egg -Fire, 1043:problem, the bringing through (into physical manifestation upon the planet) of the purpose or willFire, 1043:are occupied with the working out into active manifestation of the will and purpose of theFire, 1046:our minds temporarily from that aspect of manifestation we call the human, or man. In consideringFire, 1047:same thought can be carried through the monadic manifestation. The three monadic centers areFire, 1050:physical plane of the force pouring through into manifestation through the three permanent atoms.Fire, 1053:pilgrims, and which brings about the cyclic manifestation of such great Lives as the "SilentFire, 1056:This shifting causes disruption in His lower manifestation, which is a condition on the cosmic PathFire, 1058:of the karmic influences working out in the manifestation of three of the planetary Logoi: Our ownFire, 1059:telescope reveals there is seen the physical manifestation of as many millions of intelligentFire, 1061:importance. Second, that the dense objective manifestation, as has been reiterated frequently, isFire, 1061:that three things have to be recognized in all manifestation: First, that the tangible objectiveFire, 1072:kingdom there are three centers, but their manifestation is so obscure as to seem practicallyFire, 1073:time it is the energy of fire at its highest manifestation in the three worlds. It must be borne inFire, 1086:fourth cosmic plane, and making its objective manifestation from the fourth systemic plane, via theFire, 1087:has four major cycles, and minor periods of manifestation which are multiples of that figure. AFire, 1088:revealed. They are parts of His body of manifestation, cells within that greater vehicle, and thusFire, 1093:a particular race. All these cycles of periodic manifestation are concerned primarily with the
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