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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MANIFESTATION

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Healing, 417:is attained. The dual alternation of objective manifestation and of subjective obscuration, theHealing, 419:over-shadowing the dense when not in objective manifestation, pralaya is simply subjectivity, andHealing, 420:He ceases to be attracted by His body of manifestation. He withdraws His interest and the pairs ofHealing, 420:also persists, and at the end of each period of manifestation, matter (though distributed againHealing, 421:to another key than it did at the first dawn of manifestation. We can work this out in connectionHealing, 421:and Devas who are the active agents during manifestation, and who hold the form in coherent shape,Healing, 421:devas (on the same Ray as the unit desiring manifestation, or on a complementary Ray) are attractedHealing, 426:First: the great dualism ever present in manifestation. Each of the dualities has its ownHealing, 426:eternal flux, the cyclic ebb and flow of life in manifestation. [427] In this process ofHealing, 433:the process of dying, as it governs all else in manifestation. It is the principle of coherencyHealing, 434:The Law of Attraction has (as all else in [434] manifestation) three phases or aspects, eachHealing, 435:plane - is tightening its hold upon its body of manifestation, via its reflection, the soul. ThusHealing, 436:is a growing interest in the Science of Cyclic Manifestation. Death appears frequently to be soHealing, 439:of these laws of the soul during the period of manifestation, even though They are not governed orHealing, 441:the forms in order to release. Service is a manifestation of the Principle of Liberation, and ofHealing, 444:an old esoteric saying expresses it. The lowest manifestation [445] of this principle is to be seenHealing, 452:so long will the form persist. It is kept in manifestation through mental vitality. This has beenHealing, 453:the body is no longer centered upon personality manifestation, death ensues and the disintegrationHealing, 453:soul, the consciousness aspect, the thinker in manifestation. For each of these the path ofHealing, 469:Light. That Light is Life, and Life is God." The manifestation of the etheric body in time andHealing, 495:needed substance to form his future bodies of manifestation. Colors them with the qualities andHealing, 500:truly incarnated; it is truly "descending into manifestation" and the entire soul nature is therebyHealing, 511:of the soul which was initially "put down" into manifestation at the time of individualization.Healing, 519:hints also at a future building of a vehicle of manifestation. St. Peter says, "Lord, let us hereHealing, 522:does militate against the form aspect of manifestation - that aspect, for instance, of which aHealing, 548:or the two major aspects of the soul when in manifestation upon the physical plane. [549] OrthodoxHealing, 584:has tried to grasp effectively its point of manifestation, the personality, but has failed untilHealing, 585:essentially and simply that which calls into manifestation a form, which sustains it in being andHealing, 587:the healing art must recognize. There is, in manifestation, nothing else of any kind whatsoever.Healing, 588:are the two aspects of the monad, of the One in manifestation; the monad manifests essentially as aHealing, 589:resemblance between the three divine aspects in manifestation and the spiritual man upon the mentalHealing, 598:question of identification lies behind all manifestation; it is identification with or of spiritHealing, 600:great "relationship" system which governs all manifestation. If the healer will take these eightHealing, 608:builder of the form, the constructive force in manifestation. This is true of both the microcosmHealing, 610:one of the kingdoms which constitute His body of manifestation. There is still no true balanceHealing, 614:body; they are therefore a part of that created manifestation which is not regarded as a principle.Healing, 615:transmission of energy from one aspect of divine manifestation to another; everywhere and throughHealing, 620:points of energy, which condition the bodily manifestation of our planetary Logos. Through them theHealing, 628:The interrelated sumtotal, which is the divine manifestation of the spiritual man in anyHealing, 635:its own progress upon the involutionary arc of manifestation. This spirit of the earth preservesHealing, 637:of a human being during his restricted manifestation or incarnation: The life of the spiritual manHealing, 638:during form life or the phase of created manifestation. It is here that the Will factor makes itsHealing, 640:is constantly in conflict, within the body of manifestation of the informing soul, with the life ofHealing, 679:(which are connected entirely with the body of manifestation of the One in Whom we live and moveHealing, 691:the atomic substance of the first body of manifestation of some soul seeking incarnation for theHealing, 710:useless until the fourth ray again cycles into manifestation. Healing, 712:ray cycle. When again the sixth ray comes into manifestation, humanity will have progressed farHercules, 12:mystic, however, we can see a steadily emerging manifestation of this concealed divinity. Little byHercules, 17:in their persons the essential duality of God in manifestation, of life in form, of soul in body,Hercules, 76:splendor of the setting sun; the magnificence of manifestation on the physical plane. She gives anHercules, 86:out of time and space", stands equally for the manifestation of God and of man. Out of the darknessHercules, 115:the struggle of bringing forth new ideas into manifestation. Another unique feature of Virgo isHercules, 120:be attuned to the soul and bring its beauty into manifestation, redeem it. All this is implicit inHercules, 120:of this sign: "Matter is the vehicle for the manifestation of soul on this turn of the spiral; andHercules, 120:vehicle on a higher turn of the spiral for the manifestation of spirit, and these three are aHercules, 122:Hierarchy (divine builders of earth's planetary manifestation), and brings in second ray energy.Hercules, 139:not that we are spirit, but that all is God in manifestation; it is all energy in differentHercules, 151:whereby he contacts a great field of divine manifestation. From reading some books on religion oneHercules, 153:that red of desire that underlies every manifestation of divine life. In Gemini, in the gatheringHercules, 162:told that matter or form is the vehicle for the manifestation of soul, and soul on a higher turn ofHercules, 162:higher turn of the spiral is the vehicle for the manifestation of spirit, and these three are aHercules, 225:emotional or desire plane and out into physical manifestation, and then his journey through theInitiation, 3:Effect, as does all else in the universe. All manifestation is of a septenary nature, and theInitiation, 3:achievement of synthetic perfection. It is the manifestation of the second aspect of Logoic life.Initiation, 3:have our being," and will to the end of aeonian manifestation. The seven planes of DivineInitiation, 3:manifestation. The seven planes of Divine Manifestation, or the seven major planes of our system,Initiation, 17:buddhic sheath. He creates thence his body of manifestation. Each initiation gives more control onInitiation, 23:producing thus universally the three aspects in manifestation. One of the great realizations whichInitiation, 29:with the Planetary Logos as the physical manifestation of a Master holds to that Master's Monad onInitiation, 29:which we see and know is the direct self-created manifestation of pure spirit itself. Hence theInitiation, 34:clearly defined; the inherent duality of all manifestation was emphasized, with the aim in view ofInitiation, 39:even our planetary scheme in his body of manifestation, that love aspect is as yet but in processInitiation, 39:more Kumaras, who make the seven of planetary manifestation. Their work is to us necessarilyInitiation, 45:the relation between synthesized in the unity of manifestation; you have racial government,Initiation, 45:forming a coherent whole, and you have physical manifestation, the love or desire aspect, and theInitiation, 51:of the human kingdom we are concerned with the manifestation of the three aspects of divinity, butInitiation, 51:being more concerned with the subjective manifestation. Not many of their names are known to theInitiation, 55:the work very largely of stimulating the love manifestation which is latent in the hearts of allInitiation, 71:self and not the dictates of his threefold lower manifestation. A disciple is one who is beginningInitiation, 74:for initiation. Speech is the most occult manifestation in existence; it is the means of creationInitiation, 92:initiation that one of whom Sanat Kumara is the manifestation, the Logos of our scheme on his ownInitiation, 95:scheme, yet have their profound differences in manifestation, due to the varying characteristicsInitiation, 100:with the subjective or consciousness aspect of manifestation, and with that which lies back of theInitiation, 101:not possibilities, but demonstrating facts in manifestation. The physical centers, such as theInitiation, 104:great Beings who, for a period of planetary manifestation, over-shadow or stay with our humanity.Initiation, 109:great Beings, represent the triplicity of all manifestation, and might be expressed under theInitiation, 114:He is brought face to face with that manifestation of the great solar angel (Pitri) who is himself,Initiation, 115:He [115] knows now past all disturbance that the manifestation of intelligence is that eternalInitiation, 117:purpose, self-initiated, and creates his body of manifestation, and thus controls (within karmicInitiation, 118:within himself the Oneness of all life and manifestation. This recognition is extended at theInitiation, 123:the working out of solar evolution. Just as all manifestation proceeds through duality andInitiation, 126:of Karma. He is the repository of the law during manifestation, and he it is who is theInitiation, 130:at Shamballa, the sacred point of planetary manifestation, that central location in our physicalInitiation, 131:and, before they definitely appear in physical manifestation, a focalization - if it might be soInitiation, 148:concerns one of the three aspects of divine manifestation, and as the initiate takes his pledge,Initiation, 152:The initiatory sounds, or those which produce manifestation or phenomena of any kind on all planes.Initiation, 152:used in connection with any department of divine manifestation. For instance, the human kingdomInitiation, 153:sounds A U M. These produced creation, or the manifestation of the seven planes of our solarInitiation, 154:Logoi, and they are the basis of planetary manifestation. As is well known, the sound of the BrahmaInitiation, 155:of the animals, and the song of birds. Each is a manifestation of consciousness in some degree, and
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