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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MANIFESTATION

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Meditation, 143:which results eventually in physical plane manifestation. It means making your highest theories andMeditation, 147:the God within; the occultist with God in outer manifestation. The mystic works from the center toMeditation, 148:he has to master and control all lower forms of manifestation, and learn the rules whereby theMeditation, 169:so express it, are really the same aspects of manifestation under different terms or conditions.Meditation, 171:concentrates primarily on its method and form of manifestation. The basic rules of expression andMeditation, 171:of the Logos, and of His love aspect, all in manifestation is based upon it - love in rule, loveMeditation, 171:in activity, - but in this second line the above manifestation is supreme, and will eventuallyMeditation, 172:upon the Life, as upon the effects of both in manifestation, and upon the reason why. The man onMeditation, 172:and to make the archetypes and ideals facts in manifestation. He broods on the ideals as he sensesMeditation, 173:by any of you, nor will it be until a further manifestation. Meditation, 182:active cosmic Evil that had found their way into manifestation, - a remnant of the first orMeditation, 184:thing; they are basically the same though in manifestation they are diverse. They originatedMeditation, 184:human being, - the microcosmic system - in full manifestation. At the cessation of that innerMeditation, 192:and the lower is formed, force or power of some manifestation of fohatic energy pours into theMeditation, 197:in certain effects having probably a physical manifestation. The alignment of the vehicles isMeditation, 197:In the modern dance is found the corruptest manifestation of rhythmic movement, and the main effectMeditation, 201:They focus through the Lords of the Rays then in manifestation as well as through the PlanetaryMeditation, 205:so giving us the seven streams of color by which manifestation becomes possible. These colors are:Meditation, 206:development, and can build his body of manifestation by means of the same laws that that LogosMeditation, 213:This cosmic ray divides itself, for purposes of manifestation, into seven subrays, as follows:Meditation, 213:on the second monadic plane, and its major manifestation in the monads of love. Indigo-green... TheMeditation, 222:and so produces an ordered beauty in his manifestation of the Ego. That he remembers ever thatMeditation, 222:is but illusion, and that only the next logoic manifestation will reveal the ultimate glory inMeditation, 225:that we apply to the three aspects of divine manifestation. Below will be found these three inMeditation, 228:synthetic ray blends all the colors in logoic manifestation. Endeavor to keep clear in your ownMeditation, 229:The seven colors. The seven planes of manifestation. The seven Kumaras. The seven principles ofMeditation, 230:ray, or rays, that are manifested passing out of manifestation or coming into manifestation. TheseMeditation, 230:passing out of manifestation or coming into manifestation. These rays necessarily affect the egosMeditation, 233:in the solar system, at certain stages of manifestation more or less of them will be dominatingMeditation, 238:three and thence again into the one. The path of manifestation, of differentiation, is the path ofMeditation, 240:finds liberation, and is set free from objective manifestation. Think this out, for it has muchMeditation, 258:brothers of whatsoever degree, becomes a fact in manifestation. This is the path to be trodden byMeditation, 260:of the Universal Mind as demonstrated in lower manifestation. The Laws of Mind are mastered inMeditation, 275:initiation and can freely create his own body of manifestation. He definitely assists at theMeditation, 279:not only because it holds the secret of form and manifestation (which secret must be known by theMeditation, 285:of which our solar system is the objective manifestation. But I would seek to point out that theMeditation, 301:the turning of the wheel again they will be in manifestation. You ask, when? That depends onMeditation, 303:through the study of the periodicity of all manifestation and the basic law of cause and effect. ByMeditation, 305:Today I have but imparted facts in present manifestation. Meditation, 306:places pass into pralaya and emerge into manifestation, holding within them the seeds that willMeditation, 339:body, and creates from thence his body of manifestation. [340] Meditation, 356:principle of form or limitation. The result of manifestation. Generally used in a relative senseMeditation, 356:Sanskrit, "Illusive Form." It is the body of manifestation created by the adept by an act of willMeditation, 357:which the monad appropriates for purposes of manifestation. They form a stable center and areMeditation, 357:and Matter in man. Matter is the vehicle for the manifestation of Soul on this plane of existence;Meditation, 357:plane of existence; soul is the vehicle for the manifestation of spirit, and these three as aPatanjaliGlory; it signifies the Word made flesh and the manifestation upon the plane of matter of thePatanjaliand travaileth in pain... waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God." (Rom. VIII.) RajaPatanjali, 11:in the physical body upon the plane of densest manifestation through the conscious intelligentPatanjali, 14:have in miniature a picture of the macrocosmic manifestation. These three are: The mental permanentPatanjali, 15:shadow of manas (or mind in the microcosmic manifestation), and this mind is a reflection of mahatPatanjali, 19:of nature are found, or the solar atom, God in manifestation through the medium of a solar system.Patanjali, 29:of longing for "form-expression" or material manifestation) then the true thirstlessness isPatanjali, 32:or freedom from objective and tangible manifestation, and the true significance of this becomesPatanjali, 32:the oneness of spirit and matter when in manifestation; i. e. our seven planes are the sevenPatanjali, 34:of the idea back of or underlying any form manifestation and its display of energy. ThisPatanjali, 46:of Ishvara is gained. Ishvara is the son in manifestation through the sun. This is the macrocosmicPatanjali, 47:devotion to, and love of Ishvara, the Christ in manifestation, that Christ or soul may be contactedPatanjali, 54:that there are three basic Words or sounds in manifestation. This is the case as far as the humanPatanjali, 55:resplendently. It is the sound which brings into manifestation the incarnated soul (macrocosmic orPatanjali, 57:and Matter in man. Matter is the vehicle for the manifestation of Soul on this plane of existence,Patanjali, 58:is the vehicle on a higher plane for the [58] manifestation of Spirit, and these three are aPatanjali, 60:in the creative, magical and psychical work of manifestation, with the object ever in view ofPatanjali, 69:spirit, and the basic purposes underlying all manifestation are thus realized just as pure visionPatanjali, 74:sheaths and vehicles are simply his bodies of manifestation on the various planes of the system,Patanjali, 75:the quality seeking expression. Thus the lower manifestation is brought into line with the higherPatanjali, 77:and wholeness expresses the nature of the manifestation. Patanjali, 83:corresponds to a sacred planet, the body of manifestation of one of the seven Heavenly Men. EveryPatanjali, 98:the result of the subtler elements producing its manifestation. The grosser elements produce thePatanjali, 99:these three are all that man can know whilst in manifestation. Vivekananda in his commentary saysPatanjali, 100:senses) egoism, the mind stuff (the cause of all manifestation) the equilibrium state of sattva,Patanjali, 105:of the evolutionary process every form of divine manifestation must respond exactly to its name, orPatanjali, 121:activity, and to the working out into objective manifestation of all the inner impulses. In itsPatanjali, 124:or adept; the difference only lies in degree of manifestation and of control. Complete obedience toPatanjali, 129:into account which are based on the fact of manifestation itself: The fact of the not-self towardsPatanjali, 132:doing identifies himself with his apparatus of manifestation. He is doubly blind, for he is notPatanjali, 137:form of attachment is the basic cause of all manifestation. It is inherent in the relationship ofPatanjali, 137:matter; it is the governing factor in logoic, manifestation and this is the reason why even "thePatanjali, 138:group of forms is not right when that sphere of manifestation is outgrown, and when any peculiarPatanjali, 143:which link a man to the great wheel of physical manifestation are severed one by one. These chainsPatanjali, 146:concerns the relation of the Son to his body of manifestation. If the Son of God (cosmic or human)Patanjali, 147:far as the Inner Ruler is limited by his body of manifestation just so far does he suffer. Patanjali, 147:true of the highest form as of the lowest, the manifestation of these qualifies only differing inPatanjali, 148:which we call spirit. Coming to the practical manifestation of the gunas in the three worlds (inPatanjali, 151:us right back to the great basic duality of manifestation, the union of spirit and matter. It isPatanjali, 155:and [155] consequently with all around him. His manifestation is rhythmic and in tune with thePatanjali, 156:cover the technicalities of the form aspect of manifestation whether referring to the manifestationPatanjali, 156:aspect of manifestation whether referring to the manifestation of a human atom or of a solar deity,Patanjali, 156:his sorrow and pain throughout the long cycle of manifestation and from which he must eventually bePatanjali, 159:our little minds are part; this is the whole manifestation of God through the medium of the cosmicPatanjali, 161:with the great lives which are the cause of manifestation. He thus passes out of the realm ofPatanjali, 162:soul or of the subjective cause of this triple manifestation. This is the world of ideas andPatanjali, 164:they bring about; he is the cause of their manifestation and they are the result of his own thoughtPatanjali, 171:and the body, between the sum total of the lower manifestation (physical, astral and mental man)Patanjali, 171:man) and the real self, the cause of the lower manifestation. He seeks in the affairs of every dayPatanjali, 180:little system of the threefold man in physical manifestation what the physical sun is to the solarPatanjali, 182:can form a perfect channel for the expression or manifestation of the life of the spirit. Means IV.Patanjali, 183:transmitted to the physical man in objective manifestation. Means V. Abstraction. Pratyahara. RightPatanjali, 183:to; the correct attitude to life in its triple manifestation is cultivated. The etheric body isPatanjali, 184:to one or other part of the lower threefold manifestation of the ego. I. Physical Nature 1.
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