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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MANIFESTATION

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Patanjali, 185:acts as they relate to all forms of divine [185] manifestation and concerns specifically his forcePatanjali, 190:God or Christ within. This will be triple in its manifestation, bringing that lower personal selfPatanjali, 190:of all men and back of all forms of divine manifestation. Patanjali, 192:comes next in order to bring the thought into manifestation. This brings in the realm of desire andPatanjali, 195:evolution proceeds, and is progressive in its manifestation. It might be defined as thePatanjali, 211:a divine thought, idea or truth, the tangible manifestation of a divine concept. The goal ofPatanjali, 216:lack character or form but to be dependent for manifestation upon "that which is above and thatPatanjali, 218:that is in each body, and its most apparent manifestation is the motion of the lungs. This motionPatanjali, 224:(Secret Doctrine I, 583.) and that cyclic manifestation is the law of life. [225] When this isPatanjali, 227:that energy is the sum total of existence and of manifestation, and that the three lower bodies arePatanjali, 227:Christ force, the principle of buddhi, into full manifestation upon the physical plane and thisPatanjali, 244:the aspirant to arrive at the life side of manifestation instead of the form side. He beginsPatanjali, 250:or perception of the light aspect of manifestation. Through meditation the yogi knows himself to bePatanjali, 259:the latter is manifested, and, at the moment of manifestation the internal organ (Chitta) isPatanjali, 259:the mind-impress of excitation. Then comes the manifestation of the mind-impress of control. ThenPatanjali, 264:has called that [264] particular object into manifestation. This is revealed by the illuminatingPatanjali, 264:here be borne in mind that every form of divine manifestation has three aspects and hence is madePatanjali, 266:veiling. The unveiling of the soul leads to the manifestation of the one life. The manifestation ofPatanjali, 266:leads to the manifestation of the one life. The manifestation of the Son of God leads to aPatanjali, 270:one right back to the true facts anent divine manifestation and emphasizes the three aspectsPatanjali, 271:Thus it concerns the subjective side of all manifestation and deals with those forces which inPatanjali, 271:and which are the direct cause of objective manifestation and the revelation of spirit through thePatanjali, 272:the Sound or Word which brought every form into manifestation, and which is the result of thePatanjali, 274:is en rapport with the second aspect of divine manifestation, the ego or soul on its own plane,Patanjali, 282:in the words: "Matter is the vehicle for the manifestation of soul on this plane of existence; andPatanjali, 282:vehicle on a higher turn of the spiral for the manifestation of spirit." (Secret Doctrine I, 80.)Patanjali, 283:in conjunction with the eye, which is also a manifestation of Satwa in another aspect. The two mustPatanjali, 288:plane for it is the working out into physical manifestation of the two other states. It is thePatanjali, 299:therefore able to create their vehicles of manifestation, Living for a mundane period, therefore inPatanjali, 323:with one or other of the seven planes of manifestation, and has also a correspondence on all thePatanjali, 323:and five under each sense refer to the planes of manifestation as given in the first tabulationPatanjali, 329:is the "vital airs." Prana is fivefold in its manifestation, thus corresponding to the five statesPatanjali, 334:This process eventuated in the seven planes of manifestation, the spheres wherein seven states ofPatanjali, 334:first triplicity of planes are those of divine manifestation and the lower triplicity constitutePatanjali, 336:Akasha The Word The sound The second aspect in manifestation 2. The Astral Light Light The voicesPatanjali, 345:physical plane experience, and there comes the manifestation of that control by the display ofPatanjali, 348:Finally, the tenth power will be seen in full manifestation and no form provides any hindrances orPatanjali, 349:these are the characteristics of the body of manifestation of any son of God who has entered intoPatanjali, 356:to prevent the yogi cognizing any aspect of manifestation he desires, The helplessness of matter toPatanjali, 360:powers developed, the Son of God, the Christ in manifestation, again presses forward towards aPatanjali, 364:ensouling a life (and there is naught else in manifestation) is to be known as: 1. Life. The lifePatanjali, 365:plus the distinction produced by: Ray, Plane of manifestation, Rate of vibration, Point ofPatanjali, 368:obstacle to the full expression of divinity in manifestation has been so dealt with that now itPatanjali, 369:felt, for "matter is the vehicle for the manifestation of soul on this plane of experience and thePatanjali, 369:experience and the soul is the vehicle for the manifestation of spirit on a higher turn of thePatanjali, 369:the three gunas (qualities of matter). 14. The manifestation of the objective form is due to thePatanjali, 385:is enjoyed. Here we have the key to manifestation itself and the reason for all appearances. JustPatanjali, 385:bring the outward-going consciousness into manifestation upon the plane of materiality. It is thePatanjali, 386:to explain not only the purpose and reason of manifestation itself but covers in one short phrasePatanjali, 387:Man of the Heavens, the solar Logos, God in manifestation through the solar system. [388] Patanjali, 392:that can serve to hold him to the form side of manifestation. Acting as he does from the standpointPatanjali, 393:In every life, as it comes into physical manifestation, are latent those germs or seeds which mustPatanjali, 397:so long will the form persist. It is kept in manifestation through mental vitality. This has beenPatanjali, 397:the body is no longer centered upon personality manifestation, death ensues and the disintegrationPatanjali, 397:originating cause and finds its object or final manifestation in the vital or etheric body which isPatanjali, 398:to an end. Form consequently ceases, objective manifestation is no longer sought after, andPatanjali, 401:of Patanjali - Book 4 - Illumination 14. The manifestation of the objective form is due to thePatanjali, 401:of the egoic thought that it makes objective manifestation inevitable. The chitta or mind stuff (inPatanjali, 402:soul, the consciousness aspect, the thinker in manifestation. For each of these the path ofPatanjali, 406:problem becomes apparent. Every form in manifestation is the result of God's thought; everyPatanjali, 406:universe flows is produced and kept in objective manifestation through the steady flow of thoughtPatanjali, 410:the divine plan is gradually worked out into manifestation on the physical plane. As each son ofPatanjali, 413:to be found in the heart of every form of divine manifestation. Patanjali, 418:the work of bringing that ideal into objective manifestation; he sees the vision of the kingdom ofPatanjali, 427:immutable principle which is the cause of all manifestation. He is likewise omniscient, for allPatanjali, x:the second aspect, in his true nature as God in manifestation, culminating in that marvellousPatanjali, xi:depicted for us the life of a Son of God in full manifestation, wherein, freed from every veil, theProblems, 150:Himself the divine quality of wisdom; He was the manifestation of Light, and the Teacher of the wayProblems, 156:realization always precedes the objective manifestation and so it is today in this case. HumanityProblems, 163:the Western believer; they express divinity in manifestation through the place where the will ofPsychology1Foreword Foreword "Matter is the Vehicle for the manifestation of Soul on this plane of existence,Psychology1Soul is the Vehicle on a higher plane for the manifestation of Spirit, and these three are aPsychology1, xxv:of those souls who are carried in or out of manifestation by the appearance or disappearance of aPsychology1, 4:and nature of the ray in question. The ray in manifestation will affect potently the three bodiesPsychology1, 4:have continuously passed in and out of manifestation and have thus left their mark down the agesPsychology1, 8:of the personality ray which is historically in manifestation at the time, we are then in aPsychology1, 13:spirit-matter, is form-life, and is the soul in manifestation. During this stage, which covers manyPsychology1, 16:pairs of opposites, but of the basic duality of manifestation. I seek to deal with that materialPsychology1, 17:of decaying substance is as much a spiritual manifestation as an initiate working out his destinyPsychology1, 18:sustaining, originating Cause and Source of all manifestation. I shall use the word Appearance toPsychology1, 20:that substance which They required for manifestation and built it into those forms and appearancesPsychology1, 20:qualified material constitutes Their body of manifestation, just as the solar system is the body ofPsychology1, 20:just as the solar system is the body of manifestation of the Trinity of aspects. This idea can bestPsychology1, 21:planetary life repeats the same technique of manifestation-life-quality - appearance - and in itsPsychology1, 21:solar system yet within it during the process of manifestation) Which decides within Itself to takePsychology1, 22:process in all its details. They too came into manifestation and in the work of expressing activePsychology1, 23:of divine beneficence. For His body of manifestation He uses that planet for which the sun isPsychology1, 23:the quality of love, with its more material manifestation of desire, and is the attractivePsychology1, 23:through the planet Jupiter, which is His body of manifestation. 3. The Lord of Active Intelligence.Psychology1, 24:one of the seven sacred planets (nor the body of manifestation of one of the basic seven rays),Psychology1, 24:in the mind of the solar Logos. The body of manifestation of this life is not revealed, but thePsychology1, 25:upon all that is found within His body of manifestation. Advanced esotericists debate as to whetherPsychology1, 26:our Earth and its evolutions: Ray One - Not in manifestation. *Ray Two - In manifestation sincePsychology1, 26:Ray One - Not in manifestation. *Ray Two - In manifestation since 1575 A.D. *Ray Three - InPsychology1, 26:In manifestation since 1575 A.D. *Ray Three - In manifestation since 1425 A.D. Ray Four - To comePsychology1, 26:since 1425 A.D. Ray Four - To come slowly into manifestation after 2025 A.D. *Ray Five - InPsychology1, 26:manifestation after 2025 A.D. *Ray Five - In manifestation since 1775 A.D. Ray Six - PassingPsychology1, 26:since 1775 A.D. Ray Six - Passing rapidly out of manifestation. It began to pass out in 1625 A.D.Psychology1, 26:began to pass out in 1625 A.D. *Ray Seven - In manifestation since 1675 A.D. These are of coursePsychology1, 26:sign Pisces. You will see that four rays are in manifestation at this time, - the second, third,
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