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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MANIFESTATION

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Rays, 412:and affects every aspect and organ of his little manifestation upon the physical plane. 2. TheRays, 438:that a higher, deeper and more intensive manifestation of divinity is potentially possible, but itRays, 439:the work which lies ahead or to the form side of manifestation; it is well-nigh impossible for theRays, 449:different, which only emerges as a third divine manifestation after the union of the basicRays, 457:potency of both these aspects of the Monad in manifestation. It will be obvious to you that whenRays, 462:carried forward, three great aspects of divine manifestation emerge upon the theatre of world lifeRays, 463:atmic levels or upon the third plane of divine manifestation. There is little that I can say aboutRays, 463:the whole on the highest plane of our planetary manifestation. This is also an aspect of solarRays, 466:other arrangements of these aspects in manifestation, but the above will serve to indicate theRays, 467:into one divine expression in full and radiant manifestation. Putting it in other words, theRays, 480:reflect the four mental concrete planes. The manifestation of the Ego on the mental plane (or theRays, 483:same energy. The triple nature of the divine manifestation must also express itself as a duality.Rays, 484:aeons, he has built and has used his vehicles of manifestation in the three worlds. Then came aRays, 492:and inevitable, and which was the true cause of manifestation. Ponder on this, for it is veryRays, 493:is then set up on lower levels of divine manifestation and becomes strong enough to produceRays, 494:is no form attracting the Monad outwards into manifestation. There is no way in which the call ofRays, 515:The dual expression of the basic duality of manifestation - personality or form and Monad or SpiritRays, 520:dynamic intention as it forces all substance in manifestation and in time and space to act andRays, 521:then presented to humanity an example - in full manifestation - of every possibility latent in manRays, 522:the Monad. They enable him to become the soul in manifestation to such an extent that his awarenessRays, 538:Progress from a dimly lighted area in the divine manifestation into one of supernal glory is theRays, 541:constantly bear in mind the essential duality of manifestation itself; the negative and theRays, 542:(as an integral part of the divine body of manifestation) to move forward into greater light andRays, 544:approach to varying aspects of the divine manifestation in the three or five worlds of humanRays, 544:sevenfold divine energy which is the basis of manifestation. I dealt with these senses and theRays, 550:his being is the living, organized vehicle of manifestation of the planetary Logos. Through itRays, 550:major points of tension throughout His body of manifestation. The Spiritual Hierarchy of our planetRays, 551:planetary Logos and potently affect His body of manifestation through the medium of His three majorRays, 551:erroneously called. This ray is now coming into manifestation and is in close cooperation with theRays, 551:of all the energies of which His body of manifestation is composed; it heightens the quality or theRays, 555:They therefore sacrificed the form aspect of manifestation and created a situation in which theRays, 564:He has made by means of the entire process of manifestation. As The Secret Doctrine has pointedRays, 564:untold myriad of lives which compose His body of manifestation, holds Him in physical expressionRays, 571:upon the physical plane the emergence into manifestation of the "new man." At the first initiation,Rays, 571:relation, and hence as this ray comes into manifestation in this world cycle, we have theRays, 581:into line with the immediate divine purpose: the manifestation of the Kingdom of God. The work ofRays, 584:and fusion of all these energies makes the manifestation of the Sons of God and the appearance ofRays, 586:Servers. All disciples and initiates in physical manifestation are at this time members of thatRays, 587:deva or angel evolution, or in relation to the manifestation of energies about which I can tell youRays, 606:which is present in the essential duality of manifestation, and thus inaugurated the Age ofRays, 620:progression of divine love from the highest manifestation of Deity down to its appearance throughRays, 632:major divine aspects are being brought into manifestation, thus laying the foundation for the newRays, 646:is a ray which is as yet a long way from full manifestation. From one angle, it is of course alwaysRays, 646:From one angle, it is of course always in manifestation for it is the ray which holds the planetRays, 646:purpose. From another angle, it is cyclic in its manifestation; here I mean from the angle ofRays, 646:here I mean from the angle of recognized manifestation - and such is the case at this time. Rays, 647:the proffered opportunity which this destructive manifestation made possible. Shamballa havingRays, 658:and it is for this that Sanat Kumara came into manifestation or incarnation. Each of these phasesRays, 661:initiation for which our world was made - the manifestation on Earth of the highest of the threeRays, 714:and obligation to work that purpose out into manifestation, and this They do by the use of theRays, 726:of creation, of the reason for the intelligent manifestation of substantial forms and theirRays, 728:for the life of all forms from the greatest manifestation to the smallest. When that revelation isRays, 734:is coming to the Earth in order to further the manifestation of unity, of oneness and ofRays, 738:will-to-good. This exists already, and its true manifestation is nearer today than at any time inRays, 738:of God may be inspiring, but that is all. The manifestation of the Kingdom of God on Earth, theRays, 759:is laid upon the place of appearance and of manifestation: the Earth. Already this Invocation isReappearance, 6:transmission of energy from one aspect of divine manifestation to another - from God in the "secretReappearance, 10:and upon the sequence of this progressive manifestation of the divine Nature, is based the doctrineReappearance, 11:by which men live; that which brings Him into manifestation is man's need and man's demand forReappearance, 12:relationship and love as working throughout all manifestation towards a Plan motivated by love.Reappearance, 40:will blend and fuse in Him (love-wisdom in full manifestation, motivated by divine will or power).Reappearance, 113:expression can move rapidly or slowly into manifestation, according as man decides; hitherto, manReappearance, 113:man has decided upon a slow - a very slow - manifestation. It is here that the freedom of the humanReappearance, 117:says that "The individual structure of the new manifestation is necessarily conditioned by theReappearance, 150:false and this doctrine must be countered by the manifestation of God in man, the hope of glory. ItReappearance, 158:then presented to humanity an example - in full manifestation - of every possibility latent in manReappearance, 169:in pain together until now, waiting for the manifestation of the Sons of God" (Romans VIII, 22.) ItReappearance, 169:Sons of God" (Romans VIII, 22.) It is for that manifestation They now prepare, these "Sons of GodSoul, 10:exists, one will expect to find, for every outer manifestation, the inner, or psychic force thatSoul, 28:If it is the dominant energy, producing all manifestation - and this too must be proved - cannotSoul, 54:all that is objectively seen is but the outward manifestation of inner subjective energies. HeSoul, 81:and Matter in man. Matter is the Vehicle for the manifestation [82] of Soul on this plane ofSoul, 82:Soul is the Vehicle on a higher plane for the manifestation of Spirit, and these three are aSoul, 84:that matter is spirit or energy in its lowest manifestation, and spirit is matter in its highestSoul, 97:the lowest physical force, everything is but the manifestation of Prana. The sumtotal of all forceSoul, 98:or, rather, [98] is a particular form of manifestation of that principle... We may consider it asSoul, 98:of some things being only a lesser degree of manifestation, we may understand their teachings thatSoul, 98:a form of energy used by the Ego in its material manifestation. When the Ego leaves the body, theSoul, 108:of time and of things,' that is to say, with manifestation, and, more particularly, with the humanSoul, 110:seen that the Self, in virtue of its power of manifestation, reflects itself in the variousSoul, 112:(prana), which properly belongs to the subtle manifestation, with a corporeal element. It is statedSoul, 128:which control the rest of the dense physical manifestation. These two parts, we believe, form oneTelepathy, 3:of life the emergence of the great plan and the manifestation of divine purpose. This group ofTelepathy, 4:theirs; they seize upon it and work it out into manifestation. Each regards it as his specialTelepathy, 5:activity and another law governing objective manifestation. Let us voice these laws in the simplestTelepathy, 46:stages, therefore, bringing it into concrete manifestation. We now carry this conception of divineTelepathy, 47:(the world of appearances and of exoteric manifestation) and the inner world of reality. This is aTelepathy, 48:until it finally precipitates itself into outer manifestation and takes form. You will see,Telepathy, 49:contact and bringing about a diviner objective manifestation and one more in line with divineTelepathy, 51:[51] The Creative Work is the name given to the manifestation of the results of the two aboveTelepathy, 64:of evolution, of the essential dualism in manifestation, and the testimony, unalterable andTelepathy, 65:innate potency which forever accompanies life in manifestation. These two, related throughTelepathy, 65:in manifestation. These two, related through manifestation, are in reality atma-buddhi,Telepathy, 65:unknown inscrutable purpose. During the cycle of manifestation, this combination of life-awareness,Telepathy, 65:appear to be the two lower aspects of divine manifestation. Already, however, two others are, ifTelepathy, 65:the lines of relationship which underlie all manifestation and of which the etheric body is theTelepathy, 65:and of the impact of life-reason upon that manifestation which has always been present thoughTelepathy, 66:the discovery of quality as the second aspect in manifestation (later to be superseded), calledTelepathy, 81:living processes and entities that compose the manifestation of Sanat Kumara which is responsibleTelepathy, 91:all [91] the facets of the divine expression in manifestation. It is for that reason that the truly
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