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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MANIFESTATIONS

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Astrology, 37:is not drawn in relation to the other planetary manifestations. [38] Astrology, 200:Mercury, bringing light and life to other divine manifestations and of this all divine worldAstrology, 240:through a progressed series of beginnings, of manifestations, and of consummations - all relativeAstrology, 352:and the growth and unfoldment of all cyclic manifestations are produced by the "interplay betweenAstrology, 591:and occurrence, but to the nature of the life manifestations in any cycle, through any nation orAstrology, 682:impulses to manifest. We must add to these major manifestations such lesser ones as those named byAtom, 17:and who confines himself to the study of those manifestations which are purely material, is just asAtom, 18:choose to use the term "deity," or one of the manifestations of nature, should you prefer that lessAtom, 151:to a greater life, if it is true in all these manifestations of consciousness there is aBethlehem, 94:Man unifies in himself the so-called lesser manifestations of deity. In the subhuman kingdoms ofDestiny, 111:as their possible and immediate goal. In these manifestations - as I have earlier pointed out - theDiscipleship1, 158:both lies in the failure of one or other of the manifestations of power to flourish. When B. S. W.Discipleship1, 390:he" and that, therefore, these tangible thought manifestations definitely produce effects in him.Discipleship2, 21:which, if successful, will be the prelude to the manifestations of the Hierarchy upon Earth. ThisDiscipleship2, 135:with all the attendant opportunities, manifestations, and dangers. Masters such as myself have hadDiscipleship2, 207:us. It must be borne in mind that though in all manifestations the three aspects (of purpose orDiscipleship2, 209:The great Wheel of Life, with its passing manifestations and its recurring civilizations, isDiscipleship2, 363:are geometrical forms, lying behind all exoteric manifestations; even when presented as words orDiscipleship2, 582:is most confusing to the neophyte in its earlier manifestations. Later, the disciple learns fromExternalisation, 257:lowest and most material expressions) and their manifestations - war, fear and cruelty. They areExternalisation, 294:is he himself who evokes one or other of these manifestations. So it is with humanity. The call ofExternalisation, 299:greater Avatar. 4. Transmitting Avatars. These manifestations of divinity appear at those greatExternalisation, 359:Process Students need to remember that all manifestations and every point of crisis are symbolizedExternalisation, 416:and the planetary spheres are all of them the manifestations of great spiritual Lives and that theExternalisation, 502:gradations and not with breaks and uncorrelated manifestations in the world of forms. In all theFire, 73:with what H.P.B calls the primordial ray and its manifestations in matter (see S. D., I, 108; II,Fire, 300:races, and it should be borne in mind that these manifestations bear the same relationship to aFire, 304:the mind as to the purpose underlying all these manifestations. It should be borne also in mindFire, 305:that the relation between the aforementioned manifestations is of a psychic nature (using the wordFire, 306:of Cosmic Will." Throughout all these graded manifestations the law holds good, and the lesser isFire, 308:then proceed to fill in the details. I. Three Manifestations of Manas 20 The fire of mind,Fire, 312:results in evolution itself. The primary seven manifestations of logoic existence find expressionFire, 312:Nature We are at this juncture considering the manifestations of electricity on the differentFire, 313:of the Brahma aspect. These three electrical manifestations - vitality, magnetism, and fohaticFire, 313:Man and a human being. They are the objective manifestations of the psychic nature, which (in aFire, 332:law of which Attraction and Repulsion are also manifestations. This cosmic law, demonstrating thusFire, 360:numbers conceive of the purpose of specific manifestations, when they realize that all forms areFire, 367:impulses to manifest. We must add to these major manifestations such lesser ones as those named byFire, 436:refers, (S. D., I, 107) is the foundation of all manifestations, and lies back of all evolution. ItFire, 436:causes all growth, and that fosters not only the manifestations of the vegetable and animalFire, 440:and a scheme with all that is included in these manifestations. Hence the emphasis laid in allFire, 441:foremost influences concerned in all objective manifestations. These two Rays, or the force ofFire, 498:the close study and scrutiny of the following manifestations in time and space: The fourth CreativeFire, 555:which can be traced through all kingdoms and all manifestations. In connection with what we haveFire, 581:more apparent to the average human mind in its manifestations at this time on the physical plane.Fire, 608:ascertain or cognize is the lowest of the logoic manifestations - the personality - it will beFire, 619:freed or liberated. This idea runs through all manifestations, and the kingdoms of nature or theFire, 629:friction. The seven brothers of Fohat. The seven manifestations of electricity, or of electricalFire, 654:of Agnichaitans. Group A - Corresponds to the manifestations of existence as seen on the highestFire, 683:as Avatars, as Buddhas of Activity, or as direct manifestations of the Logos. The entire mystery isFire, 694:aspect and considering energy in its various manifestations. The response of deva substance to theFire, 698:groups are the sumtotal of kama-manas in all its manifestations. The solar angels exist in threeFire, 726:the transfer from the minor schemes or Ray manifestations on to the third Ray; They concernFire, 789:karma. This is equally true of man's lowest manifestations. It is the result of reflex action, andFire, 801:His Personality and which in themselves are but manifestations of a central LIFE past our conceptFire, 873:earthquakes and all volcanic action. All these manifestations are based on electrical activity ofFire, 895:between the purely deva evolution and two other manifestations of life. First. Certain groups ofFire, 1099:upon the coordinated activity of certain force manifestations, which might be enumerated asFire, 1100:of force simultaneously through the following manifestations of the one life: The logoic QuaternaryFire, 1103:is made to balance the three types of force manifestations in the three worlds through the threeFire, 1167:laws similar in nature but diverse in their manifestations. It might be useful if we enumerated aFire, 1209:human kingdom and its principles, which are the manifestations of the different hierarchies. TheGlamour, 58:well as through the joint activity of both these manifestations. Right perception is thereforeGlamour, 166:of Glamor Students need to remember that all manifestations and every point of crisis areHealing, 90:can determine the proper cycles for the various manifestations of the life force upon the physicalHealing, 173:force is spiritual in essence) and its three manifestations. All these three dense materializationsHealing, 244:loss of verdure in the grass, and those cyclic manifestations which indicate not alone death, uponHealing, 244:within a form. "Times of perishing" are cyclic manifestations of the "destroyer aspect" within theHealing, 292:human ills, including disease - only one of its manifestations. The theme is too vast, tooHealing, 293:ray causes of imperfections in our planetary manifestations. To these should be added (if it wereHealing, 294:creates all that is, colors and shapes all [294] manifestations within the worlds, and adds itsHealing, 415:more apparent to the average human mind in its manifestations at this time on the physical plane.Healing, 568:the man remains unaware of it. One of the major manifestations of this particular friction and theHercules, 73:of materialization, spirit communication and manifestations. I make here no reference to the trulyHercules, 109:in racial unfoldment. There have always been manifestations of the sun gods, and this labor ofInitiation, 92:at the final stage - we have the three great manifestations of the Planetary Logos himself. ThroughInitiation, 101:a ceremonial fact, finds all these manifestations of increased growth and conscious realization inIntellect, 15:tell us of their experiences. Let us regard all manifestations of life as spiritual, and so widenIntellect, 38:hierarchy of stages of progress, regarded as manifestations of Divine Purpose, each higher stage isIntellect, 40:civilization, expressing its peculiar genius and manifestations, but also its marked defects. TheIntellect, 56:can put him in touch with the differentiated manifestations through which Deity seeks to expressIntellect, 122:a manifestation of Divine Purpose... We too are manifestations of Spirit which is 'revealed' withinIntellect, 161:- which we designate as a human being, are only manifestations of the same basic energy as it isMagic, 13:the soul, and which is the highest of the form manifestations - the human kingdom. Man is theMagic, 29:their functions, the qualities of their force manifestations and the varying types of activity, theMagic, 36:distinctive characteristics and differing form manifestations. The soul plays upon matter, forcingMagic, 46:so constructed that through its three objective manifestations, the triple nervous system, throughMagic, 277:the sorely tried fabric of humanity. All new manifestations in all kingdoms in all ages must comeMagic, 284:centers Spleen. This, as you see, governs the manifestations of the quaternary, but there are otherMagic, 297:and so becomes a Master. The most ordinary manifestations of astral activity are: Fear. DepressionMagic, 297:I. Fear. This is one of the most usual of the manifestations of astral energy, and is put firstMagic, 309:have dealt somewhat at length with the two first manifestations of astral force - Fear - fear ofMagic, 317:is it coming from the form aspect in any of its manifestations? Does it cause my astral body toMagic, 395:and the overlooking of other as vital manifestations of the divine consciousness. The trueMagic, 407:to be found in every country are its exoteric manifestations. A division of the entire humanMagic, 450:their functions, the qualities of their force manifestations and the varying types of activity, theMagic, 568:etheric or vital body. "Prana is fivefold in its manifestations, thus corresponding to the fiveMeditation, 102:on the subtler planes, and are only the outer manifestations of inner evils. Each human beingMeditation, 183:called by H. P. B. Fohat, of which some of the manifestations are electricity, certain forms ofPatanjali, 15:range of vibrations, demonstrating as form manifestations. Deduction or inference, the use by the
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