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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MANIFESTED

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Magic, 8:importance. I. First, that there exists in our manifested universe the expression of an Energy orMagic, 9:for which life takes form and the purpose of manifested being is the unfoldment of consciousness,Magic, 20:triplicity runs through every department of the manifested world, whether viewed as that which isMagic, 31:the aggregate of life and that which is actively manifested of that life, the self and theMagic, 41:that faculty of dynamic energy which is the manifested attribute of the monad, the will. When theMagic, 90:and will bring light (therefore life) to all the manifested forms. This is the "life more abundant"Magic, 241:sin crept in, and the purpose for which the urge manifested was perverted into the satisfaction ofMagic, 266:focused on the mental plane, the progress of his manifested thought will be sure and inevitable.Magic, 273:wrong position upon the path to be followed into manifested existence, death and trouble oft ensue.Magic, 275:systems, drawn together to form the body, or manifested expression of a life, so is the humanMagic, 276:the human kingdom is now achieved, there will be manifested on the earth a humanity which willMagic, 278:concerns the building, and the third produces manifested existence. Let him deal first with theMagic, 299:inadequacy. In these factors, growing out of the manifested process itself and persisting andMagic, 378:latent germ of mind until it flowered forth as manifested mind. This covered a vast period of time,Magic, 402:continuity of consciousness, a failure even now manifested by even initiates. [403] The MastersMagic, 421:of the Lord through which the glory may be manifested. In this way public attention will graduallyMagic, 512:and night cycle which is the inevitable mark of manifested existence has to be recognized. One ofMagic, 519:magician works from the soul level out into the manifested world and seeks to carry out the divineMagic, 528:be revealed; the true and the beautiful will be manifested; the divine plan will eventually workMagic, 553:have been exoterically applied to Deity and the manifested universe. Later these other forms willMagic, 555:by the three supreme magical workers, the manifested Trinity. These Three, in due course, will beMagic, 558:It will be obvious, therefore, why the manifested unit, man, is urged to be vital in his search andMagic, 603:the next step ahead for the human race; upon a manifested esoteric sense, and upon an influence orMagic, 611:when brought into conjunction, produce the manifested macrocosm and microcosm, and to thisMeditation, 52:forms the basic note of this system, the note of manifested nature. This note is, and to it must beMeditation, 151:himself to the study of the laws that govern the manifested solar system. He concentrates on theMeditation, 166:the Hierarchy the three aspects of the Logos as manifested in the solar [167] system, - the AspectMeditation, 171:the Logos, and is the line whereby His love is manifested in a predominant fashion. The solarMeditation, 209:further points to those already given. Colors as manifested on the physical plane show at theirMeditation, 212:system 1, and is the foundation for the present manifested system. The note of Nature is green, andMeditation, 218:terms that we use to express the totality of the manifested universe: 1. Life Aspect 2. Form AspectMeditation, 219:they are intelligence, and their totality is the manifested universe. All seven at different timesMeditation, 221:Ceremonial Law or Order is a synthetic ray when manifested in the three worlds. Just as theMeditation, 228:in the different departments of the manifested universe, and the application of these colors toMeditation, 230:4. The factor of the ray, or rays, that are manifested passing out of manifestation or coming intoMeditation, 240:those forms as a mode for learning. Having manifested as an aspect of this primary ray, havingMeditation, 240:To discover his three major colors as manifested in the Personality, the Ego, and the Monad. ToMeditation, 354:the home of the third root race. Logos The deity manifested through every nation and people. TheMeditation, 359:This is at the circumference of the manifested solar system, and is the periphery of the influencePatanjali, 8:can be felt in the daily life and soul powers manifested, The lower psychic nature can be subdued,Patanjali, 98:on the subtle subjective nature of God as manifested under the great Law of Attraction, to whichPatanjali, 145:into being. The two together are responsible for manifested existence. It is well known that thePatanjali, 155:analogy to the septenates found throughout our manifested universe. First we have the major threePatanjali, 155:These three are divided into: 1. The specific manifested elements, form, 2. The unspecific thePatanjali, 199:is the transmutation of the vital principle (as manifested through the physical organism) into thePatanjali, 199:into the dynamic demonstration of it as manifested through the organ of sound, or creation, throughPatanjali, 248:is to realize that every form or object is a manifested life of some kind or another. In the earlyPatanjali, 259:when the former is subdued and the latter is manifested, and, at the moment of manifestation thePatanjali, 283:great qualities composing all things - which is manifested as luminosity, operating in conjunctionPatanjali, 320:was to India, and this has to be reflected and manifested also in every man. Patanjali, 337:distinctions. Just as all the substances of our manifested solar system are differentiations of thePatanjali, 344:Every element according to its place in the manifested scheme is characterized by inertia, activityPatanjali, 364:will arise exact knowledge of the sources of the manifested life, of its characteristics orProblems, 148:therefore, to teach that only as goodwill is manifested in the daily lives of men are right humanPsychology1, xxii:Forces and the sum total of all that is in the manifested universe, but their effect in the humanPsychology1, 11:the true and the beautiful and of the Plan into manifested [12] existence, and thus a creation ofPsychology1, 17:mass of rapidly changing human forms. It is all manifested Deity; it is all divine expression andPsychology1, 17:provide the entire field of expression for the manifested Deity. We are told in the scriptures ofPsychology1, 19:are brought together into a synthesis in the manifested universe and in man incarnate, and thePsychology1, 29:so (lingering just below the surface of our manifested world) lie divine qualities and a purposePsychology1, 37:out within our solar system. The purpose of our manifested Logos is but a part of a greater intent.Psychology1, 46:of the solar Logos Himself, and hence colors all manifested forms, directing all consciousness inPsychology1, 46:desire or love. They produce the totality of the manifested appearances, animated by the Life WhichPsychology1, 51:is adequately recording the known. The planes or manifested spheres of expression are influenced inPsychology1, 68:relation to light, to time, to space, to the manifested Logos, to matter and to the "power whichPsychology1, 96:impulse and the spiritual center back of all manifested forms. The next few decades will seePsychology1, 141:and specific quality, produce cyclically the manifested world; They work together in the closestPsychology1, 142:of forms - this is the structure behind the manifested worlds. Eight: The Laws which govern thePsychology1, 143:revelation of God as the [143] quality of the manifested world and as the Life behind appearancePsychology1, 149:attempt to interpret and find a meaning in the manifested phenomenal world, with its three mainPsychology1, 151:rays, started the world process of Becoming, and manifested as the urge towards evolution, -Psychology1, 158:reasons: First, they are, in their totality, the manifested Deity, the Word in incarnation. TheyPsychology1, 179:will be able to turn outward into the world of manifested forms, and inward into the world ofPsychology1, 228:Just as they "substand" or form the basis of the manifested world, and are regarded as the "truePsychology1, 235:taken by the life of God, through the medium of manifested forms. If, at the close of this writing,Psychology1, 247:offering of the insect kingdoms into the manifested bodies, the radiant colors, the magnetic auras,Psychology1, 285:together in the cosmic sense - produce the manifested son of God, the cosmic Christ, the consciousPsychology1, 288:to be. Spirit and matter met together, and the manifested universe came into being. Love is everPsychology1, 313:world. Divinity must be lived, expressed and manifested, to be understood. God must be loved, knownPsychology1, 314:body of the Christ," and the appearance of the manifested Hierarchy. This is what is happeningPsychology1, 334:wisdom, is the line of least resistance for the manifested lives in our solar system. This rayPsychology1, 337:yet still it is only the love of God which is manifested. It is love between conscious life andPsychology1, 345:battle now proceeds. When the three groups of manifested fours can see each other in the light, andPsychology1, 369:spirit and matter in order to produce the manifested form through which the life will reveal thePsychology1, 374:and sustains all form life during the cycle of manifested existence. It produces also the comingPsychology1, 375:separation and the differentiations of the manifested life of God into... [376] The septenaryPsychology1, 385:needed in India itself, and when it has been manifested it will bring about the right functioningPsychology1, 392:the genius of Germany has often in the past manifested along the line of its fourth ray soul, andPsychology1, 392:music and philosophies. When this is again manifested, and the soul pattern is more stronglyPsychology2, 6:all that the highest of the Sons of God on our manifested planetary world can grasp is a partialPsychology2, 8:symbolized through revealed, divine quality and manifested through the form. Appearance, quality,Psychology2, 28:the urges, instincts and aspirations, the manifested loves and hates (as expressions of the greatPsychology2, 28:God's ideal as it underlies the sum total of the manifested processes, even upon our little planet.Psychology2, 32:then the form. The seven great rays sweep into manifested life. They are, [33] and then are not.Psychology2, 33:Blessed Ones at any time can sweep forth into manifested light. They carry then the potencies ofPsychology2, 46:the Way - the inner Way, the silent Way, the manifested Way, for these three Ways are one. The PlanPsychology2, 51:stature and these spiritual qualities are manifested when the vehicles have been "occultly saved",Psychology2, 51:racial experience in order to develop certain manifested qualities, there are five points ofPsychology2, 57:The material to be found in the quarries of manifested purpose is, symbolically speaking, MarblePsychology2, 89:to the solar system, to the planet, and the manifested worlds consequently appeared. The cosmic
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