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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MANIFESTED

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Psychology2, 94:of personal desire (to mention only two of the manifested Sons of God, the Christ and the Buddha),Psychology2, 225:(producing always a third factor), the whole manifested world is swept into line with the divinePsychology2, 227:divine Psyche as it seeks expression through the manifested Whole, the [228] solar system, and, forPsychology2, 230:of His will, His nature and His form. Behind the manifested universe, however, stands the formlessPsychology2, 230:The outer form with its differentiations into a manifested trinity, has gone - never again toPsychology2, 230:The interplay of soul and mind produces the manifested universe, with all that is therein. WhenPsychology2, 280:the fifth kingdom in nature will be brought into manifested being. Over the Temple upon the mentalPsychology2, 301:of the different aspects of a man's manifested life appear, his seven centers are related to thePsychology2, 396:this meditation on the synthetic detail of the manifested Life will be The realization of the truePsychology2, 396:Sun", which is the inner point of life in all manifested forms. Illumination of the mind will beRays, 55:is neither Time nor Space; it lies outside the manifested All, the Source of all that is and yet isRays, 55:His Own plane of expression, thus creating the manifested world, the impulse towards the unfoldmentRays, 84:Purification: This is the power, innate in the manifested universe, which gradually and steadilyRays, 85:again, cyclically and under law, creates the manifested world as a field for soul development andRays, 180:three rays and are responsible for the entire manifested universe, but only within the orbit of theRays, 182:precipitate themselves into the dense physical manifested world. The aspirant must ever work fromRays, 244:inadequate as yet to express or to produce in manifested form the beauty of that design and toRays, 257:takes place, a revelation undreamed of will be manifested upon the Earth; a new divine quality, ofRays, 330:as well as the outer physical levels of the manifested world. I have made two affirmations duringRays, 394:about right relations in every field of His manifested life. The encouraging factor is today thatRays, 419:evolutionary process as they cycle in and out of manifested expression. It should be recognizedRays, 469:ideal, and this ideal must become unfolded and manifested in substance upon the physical plane. TheRays, 474:This will bring about the reconstruction of the manifested worlds, and in this task each and everyRays, 542:World Himself. He, in His high Place, holds the manifested world of energies in a state of fusion;Rays, 549:of existence in all the kingdoms of nature is manifested energy, but men are not aware of this.Rays, 550:within the center itself, and thus brings into manifested expression certain aspects and qualitiesRays, 557:you that, as energy is the basis of our entire manifested world, an initiation is a condition ofRays, 567:aspect and as expressions of the quality of the manifested world, begins progressively to dawn uponRays, 568:to type and quality - plays upon all forms of manifested life within our planetary ring-pass-not.Rays, 576:the developed and inclusive understanding manifested by the Christ) can be seen expressing itselfRays, 600:knows something of the essential unity of all manifested life; therefore, from the angle of space,Rays, 610:has made him aware of the basic dualism of the manifested worlds. This presents him with aRays, 661:but if you ventured outside that limited and manifested Life (if that were possible, which it isRays, 666:of that great Intelligence which created the manifested universe. The "new man" who has come toReappearance, 124:impulse and the spiritual force behind all manifested forms. The work of the Christ (two thousandReappearance, 135:the Buddha, and on the mental plane when Christ manifested on Earth. It indicated the approachingReappearance, 157:will the Will of God be implemented by Love and manifested intelligently; for this mankind isSoul, 57:which we call consciousness or soul. The entire manifested world arises from energy (and theSoul, 63:be a medium through which [63] curious phenomena manifested, such as magnetism, Boyle said: "ThatSoul, 73:cause of individual life, especially of life manifested in psychical activities; the vehicle ofSoul, 74:soul has been treated as an entity or subject, manifested especially in man's volitional thinkingSoul, 84:in time and space, come those diversities of the manifested life-consciousness which engross theSoul, 98:essence of all motion, force or energy, whether manifested in gravitation, electricity, theSoul, 103:where knowledge of action and sensation is manifested. These centers are both receiving i.e.Soul, 107:whether these states are or are not actually manifested, since it is only as permanent andTelepathy, 62:which distinguishes every form throughout the manifested [63] world. Every form has its own area ofTelepathy, 66:is needed in order to bring the needed stages of manifested life into being. [67] Telepathy, 119:back to the originating Thinker Who brought our manifested world into being, and Who sequentiallyTelepathy, 121:The seven great energies flow into our manifested world along the lines of the seven Paths; theseTelepathy, 121:purpose, constitute the essential dualism of our manifested life. All that we are able to recognizeTelepathy, 124:or the lives who make up the sumtotal of our manifested universe; they are nevertheless signs ofTelepathy, 126:the occult statement that every living being or manifested life - from the planetary Logos down toTelepathy, 126:past, to the present and to the future of every manifested life. Therefore, the fact of humanityTelepathy, 128:clear to you the basic synthesis underlying all manifested life upon our planet, and also the closeTelepathy, 130:the cohering, unifying force which holds the manifested universe or planetary form together and isTelepathy, 140:of the theosophical teaching. The fact of all manifested forms being forms of energy, and that theTelepathy, 142:as a first step: There is nothing in the manifested universe - solar, planetary or the variousTelepathy, 148:is that there is no possible separateness in our manifested planetary life - or elsewhere for thatTelepathy, 148:every organism within all forms, all aspects of manifested life in every kingdom in nature - isTelepathy, 155:with, or is related to, the matter of which the manifested worlds are made - formless, as on theTelepathy, 183:of Days. It is His Will-to-Be which brought His manifested form into the tangible arena of life; itTelepathy, 184:basic energy which brought into being the entire manifested universe, for it is the energy of the
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