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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MANIFESTING

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Magic, 13:"Life we look upon as the one form of existence, manifesting in what is called Matter; or what,Magic, 20:use and unify are in reality one vital principle manifesting in diversity. These are the Three inMagic, 30:of his life cycle. This is the spirit in man, manifesting as the will to live, to be, to act, toMagic, 71:macrocosm as it is symbolized for us in God, the manifesting light of the solar system. The solarMagic, 83:When the life of the spirit is negated, when the manifesting life concentrates itself on thingsMagic, 329:group ideas and demonstrating the group nature, manifesting in a small way the true significance ofMagic, 340:This in the sense that the law is ever kept by a manifesting soul, for, since there is noMagic, 401:persisted for many generations and are still manifesting. Today we have a similar condition both inMagic, 432:the form through which the planetary Spirit is manifesting, and therefore is the synthesis of theMagic, 448:thought-forms, capable of producing outward manifesting results and tangible effects. GivenMagic, 452:of his life cycle. This is the spirit in man, manifesting as the will to live, to be, to act, toMeditation, 81:what has already been earlier acquired (the manifesting forth of innate faculty, acquired inMeditation, 238:His primary color will be his monadic ray, manifesting next in the three colors of the Triad and inMeditation, 239:of [239] the divine; it is the one life manifesting its many qualities through diversity of form.Meditation, 239:and the not-self, between spirit and matter, manifesting as modes of expression whereby theMeditation, 266:from the atomic subplane where the Masters (when manifesting for the helping of the sons of men)Meditation, 355:Macrocosm The great universe, literally; or God manifesting, through His body, the solar system.Meditation, 356:matter. Microcosm The little universe, or man manifesting through his body, the physical body.Meditation, 357:all passed through the human stage and are now manifesting through a planet and its evolutions, inMeditation, 357:"Life we look upon as the one form of existence, manifesting in what is called matter, or what,Patanjali, 15:of mahat (the universal mind), or mind manifesting in the macrocosm. This is a great mystery butPatanjali, 57:"Life we look upon as the One Form of Existence, manifesting in what we call Matter; or what,Patanjali, 80:in physical matter of the three great aspects manifesting as the seven. As the aspirant thereforePatanjali, 106:as a Son of God, until the Christ in each man is manifesting and the Christ-life has fullPatanjali, 147:through which he, the divine spiritual man is manifesting, causes limitation and difficulty. ThePatanjali, 148:the substance through which the triple spirit is manifesting in this solar system. The nature ofPatanjali, 171:the attitude of higher polarity (that of spirit, manifesting as the soul or inner ruler) and seeksPatanjali, 234:characteristics of every object are acquired, manifesting or latent. 15. The stage of developmentPatanjali, 265:of the form are seen. The matter-side of the manifesting idea is dealt with, and that which can bePatanjali, 267:characteristics of every object are acquired, manifesting or latent. Much the same idea is coveredPatanjali, 268:out of that total acquisition which the life is manifesting through any specific form. This is thePatanjali, 348:through which the second or Christ aspect is manifesting. This third aspect is itself triple, yetPatanjali, 353:result of this domination is triple, each effect manifesting on all planes yet primarily on one orPatanjali, 399:capacities and faculties which the man is manifesting or can manifest (given the right conditions).Problems, 147:will come also in the hearts of men everywhere, manifesting as the indwelling Christ, strugglingProblems, 155:of the New World Religion will be long in manifesting; there is [156] little chance of its fullPsychology1, 24:mind, and whose intuition is dormant or only manifesting in flashes, I am compelled to speak inPsychology1, 28:basic premise that all that is known to us is a manifesting divine Entity, expressing ItselfPsychology1, 40:of the love of God; seven the colors of that manifesting One; sevenfold the work; seven thePsychology1, 49:though some day each will do so. None are as yet manifesting Lords of love, but they sense thePsychology1, 74:the Sun." For each ray is in its turn a triple manifesting entity, as is the solar Deity Himself.Psychology1, 149:eventually we have that great scale of lives, manifesting in greater expression and reaching allPsychology1, 170:the workers along other lines of force - whether manifesting objectively or active subjectively -Psychology1, 193:aspect is the determining ray or the second manifesting aspect of divinity. It is the Christ orPsychology1, 193:The quality that emerges through the process of manifesting, and under the impulse of the divinePsychology1, 227:the same consciousness. The seventh ray, when manifesting on the seventh plane (as is now thePsychology1, 239:The rays determine the quality of the manifesting life and indicate the type of the appearance. InPsychology1, 240:possible by the personality ray of the entity, manifesting through this kingdom, subjecting itselfPsychology1, 249:are the evolving consciousness and the manifesting life. When this is borne in mind, it will bePsychology1, 301:our modern life would be an exemplification of a manifesting divinity. But this has not been thePsychology1, 313:of mystics, knowers and lovers of God, are manifesting this revealed truth in the world of thePsychology1, 350:at this time great, for so many rays are either manifesting simultaneously or are just passing outPsychology1, 357:mean that the fifth kingdom in nature will be manifesting on earth, and that the kingdom of God (asPsychology2, 55:way through to the surface in the process of manifesting) to their newer imposed rhythm. Thus theyPsychology2, 92:eventual harmony) is at present not one of the manifesting rays, yet - in the light of the largerPsychology2, 97:planetary schemes. Each Ray Lord of a scheme, manifesting through a planet, expresses this urge inPsychology2, 97:The great stream of living energy which is manifesting itself in our Earth scheme of evolution isPsychology2, 101:the divine pattern. Ritual or organization, manifesting Deity. Therefore, psychologically speaking,Psychology2, 109:balls and triangle Radiatory Energy Second Ray manifesting Energy It would be well to remember thatPsychology2, 208:For this, the time is now ripe. 8. All, these manifesting souls have come forth from some Source atPsychology2, 226:an expression of the divine Psyche, manifesting eventually those three outstanding psychologicalPsychology2, 320:and the concept that there is "that which is manifesting through the form of the manifest". This isPsychology2, 325:appropriation of the vehicles through which a manifesting Son of God can express himself, it isPsychology2, 378:which should exist between the two rays of manifesting energy, which constitute that phenomenalPsychology2, 517:of men will be fusing rapidly into a dual manifesting expression. The incoming force will then bePsychology2, 518:also for the intense individualism which is manifesting in every department of human life today.Rays, 48:of meaning and of affairs which are not yet manifesting in any way. The task of the Master [49]Rays, 248:is the soul of the world in all its phases, the manifesting Ego of the Logos on the cosmic mentalRays, 284:ashramic purpose and consequent group activity Manifesting ray energy Demonstrating a faculty whichRays, 375:towards the world of souls which is, through its manifesting units, undergoing experience in theRays, 378:the detail, if there be need to do so, to the manifesting whole. To return to our theme, which isRays, 416:vast expression of divinity, the Life which is manifesting through Sirius; it is an expressionRays, 461:with the One Life, and thus enables the divine manifesting Son of God to express the significanceRays, 487:needed to carry out His purpose in manifesting. This the disciple must also do, gathering hisRays, 527:The Christ completed the work of the Buddha by manifesting in its fullness the nature of love, thusRays, 548:them as their Messiah, which was His reason for manifesting through the Jewish race. They not onlyRays, 561:of divine will energy with the developed and manifesting energies of intelligence and love. In theRays, 608:impulses and implements the three creative and manifesting aspects of divinity. Rays, 646:planet and all that is upon it in one coherent manifesting whole; the reason for this coherentRays, 654:be simpler if I said that the experiment of manifesting the first divine aspect, through the mediumRays, 736:contact with what we understand as cosmic evil, manifesting on this planet and in relation to theReappearance, 81:presented Himself to them as their Messiah, manifesting through the Jewish race. In the rejectionSoul, 81:"Life we look upon as the One Form of Existence, manifesting in what is called Matter; or what,Soul, 84:In between these two extremes, and thus manifesting in time and space, come those diversities ofSoul, 97:so is this Prana the infinite omnipresent manifesting power of this universe. At the beginning andSoul, 97:that we call force. It is the Prana that is manifesting as motion; it is the Prana that isSoul, 97:manifesting as motion; it is the Prana that is manifesting as gravitation, as magnetism. It is theSoul, 97:as magnetism. It is the Prana that is manifesting as the actions of the body, as the nerveSoul, 152:is working out, a will towards perfection is manifesting. That purpose and that will are controlledTelepathy, 67:at perfection elsewhere than in this present manifesting cycle. This should indicate to you theTelepathy, 137:ray is in incarnation. The rays which are manifesting at any particular time affect powerfully allTelepathy, 182:all the esoteric teaching upon the theme of manifesting life. All forms are composed of many forms,
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