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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MANIFESTS

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Fire, 1128:of man, the microcosm, and the mode whereby he manifests on earth in order to express that whichFire, 1157:the triple aspects of the planetary Logos as He manifests through a scheme. From what are calledFire, 1165:never be forgotten by students that all that manifests is a sphere, and alignment really consistsFire, 1166:by him, i.e., by incessant activity, arises and manifests the organized world, the trib huvanam,Fire, 1167:life; whilst the Son's life is governed by, and manifests forth divine attraction. Yet these threeFire, 1176:are apt to forget that the Life of the Logos manifests itself through those circling spheres whichFire, 1199:solar fire and fire by friction. Each hierarchy manifests a triple energy or an aspect of each ofGlamour, 9:occultism) that the plane whereon the intuition manifests and where the intuitional state ofGlamour, 30:illusion and of mass illusion. The mental plane manifests a different sort of distortion to that ofHealing, 35:that there is nothing but energy and this energy manifests itself as many differing and varyingHealing, 106:divisions of the human entity. The will aspect manifests through the organs of respiration. AnotherHealing, 107:will work here. The activity aspect, which manifests primarily through the organs of assimilationHealing, 300:ray energy for selfish and personal ends and manifests primarily upon the sixth or astral plane. AsHealing, 315:Is there any clue in the fact that it first manifests itself in early adolescence? Is the generalHealing, 317:sexual basis is demonstrated by the fact that it manifests itself in early adolescence. The patientHealing, 416:which a great cosmic Entity, the solar Logos, manifests active intelligence with the purpose inHealing, 425:in this process all the media through which He manifests. The human fear of death is primarilyHealing, 588:monad, of the One in manifestation; the monad manifests essentially as a duality; it expressesHercules, 42:builds the forms through which God, or the soul, manifests. It produces the stability whichHercules, 48:the same force, that of attraction: one, as it manifests on the physical plane, and the other, asHercules, 83:it has been thus transcended and transmuted, it manifests as intuition (symbolized by the doe). TheInitiation, 3:which we call Deity, the one Ray of Divinity, manifests first as a Triplicity, and then as aInitiation, 80:rays-meaning by this, discipleship as it manifests on the physical plane in service: 1st Ray ForceInitiation, 119:of the oneness of the fundamental life as it manifests through all lesser lives, the next momentousInitiation, 130:or for each solar system through which the Logos manifests, as a man manifests through his physicalInitiation, 130:through which the Logos manifests, as a man manifests through his physical body life. The first twoInitiation, 182:It is distinguished largely by the energy which manifests itself in ritual, but this word ritualInitiation, 219:scheme in the same way as a human being manifests through the medium of a physical body. They areInitiation, 222:and its evolutions, in the same way that man manifests through his physical body. The highestInitiation, 224:aspects of force by means of which the Logos manifests. Ring-pass-not This is at the circumferenceIntellect, 52:is the mode in which the group-conscious soul manifests itself) and meditation. The consummation ofIntellect, 157:of 'his' soul, but of the universal soul which manifests itself in him, and unfolds itself in himMagic, 9:heterogeneous, and yet remains a unity; the one manifests in diversity and yet is unchanged; theMagic, 23:is that rhythmic inflow of vital energy which manifests in its turn as the attractive force, as theMagic, 30:call a solar system. This life principle in man manifests ill a triple manner: As the directionalMagic, 33:is that the soul is the quality which every form manifests. It is that subtle something whichMagic, 35:"Christ in you, the hope of glory." This soul manifests differently in the various kingdoms ofMagic, 36:through these qualities and characteristics, manifests as conscious response to matter, for theMagic, 37:The soul nature in the universe therefore manifests in certain great states of awareness with manyMagic, 38:Logos, that "Spirit before the Throne" Who manifests through the form of a planet, [39] as manMagic, 39:through the form of a planet, [39] as man manifests through his form in the human kingdom. Magic, 90:its own plane and that of the aspirant the man manifests (in the physical brain) a point of lightMagic, 204:of its instrument and the soul nature steadily manifests, this too is superseded by love of theMagic, 213:etheric nature of forms was known. The third eye manifests as a result of the vibratory interactionMagic, 241:to the path of return. Cosmically speaking, it manifests as the attractive force between spirit andMagic, 243:with the ebb and flow of the divine life as it manifests in the various kingdoms in nature andMagic, 332:the myriad forms through which life itself manifests. It is the quality of the energy whichMagic, 390:in. More and more as the buddhic principle manifests and at-one-ment is achieved shall we see thisMagic, 452:call a solar system. This life principle in man manifests in a triple manner: As the directionalMagic, 512:life emanates from the divine heart and manifests as the vital energy of all forms. It flows,Magic, 568:the work of the soul as it takes incarnation and manifests objectively through a form, nor with theMeditation, 41:is stabilized and the [41] old has passed away, manifests in a period of calm and apparentMeditation, 54:Time. In direct relation to the lower vehicle it manifests as electricity, prana and the magneticMeditation, 75:occultly to sound. He is occultly productive. He manifests forth and his sound goes out before him.Meditation, 151:more with the form through which the Deity manifests than with the Deity Himself, and it is hereMeditation, 169:of terms) differ. The life within the form manifests - as a result of meditation - in threeMeditation, 207:man, and of the auric envelope through which he manifests, will be predominantly blue. Orange,Meditation, 222:and centers, to the bodies through which he manifests, and to the bodies through which the LogosMeditation, 222:and to the bodies through which the Logos manifests (the seven sacred planets); to the rounds andMeditation, 354:scheme in the same way as a human being manifests through the medium of a physical body. They areMeditation, 357:and its evolutions, in the same way that man manifests through his physical body. The highestMeditation, 359:aspects of force by means of which the Logos manifests. Ring-pass-not This is at the circumferencePatanjali, 14:fifth principle, and like all else in nature, manifests as a duality. This duality is: LowerPatanjali, 15:or correspondence of the fifth principle, as it manifests upon the fifth plane, the mental. ThePatanjali, 51:of God, the second person of the Trinity as He manifests through the medium of the solar system, toPatanjali, 51:son of God, the second aspect monadic, as He manifests through the medium of a human being. This isPatanjali, 70:planetary scheme in a solar system just as a man manifests through his bodies. By the study ofPatanjali, 146:itself through the soul, and to the Father as He manifests through the Son. Evil relates to thePatanjali, 159:of taking incarnation or form, as we know it, manifests forth as the specific and the unspecific.Patanjali, 322:to be seen: The Father, or spirit, the one who manifests, who creates, who indwells, The Son whoPatanjali, 332:control of samana the AUM (the Word of Glory) manifests." Out of the heart are the issues of life,Patanjali, 334:activity. On all these planes, consciousness manifests and the senses, exoteric and esoteric,Psychology1, 22:life-quality-form, the central Life evokes and manifests consciousness, or awareness of response toPsychology1, 25:Mars is, or is not, the planet through which He manifests. You must remember that only a few of thePsychology1, 127:love or blue aspect. This - as the synthesis - manifests as indigo. This matter of the rays andPsychology1, 131:speaking, the unevolved man emits or manifests no light. The light in the head is invisible, thoughPsychology1, 191:phenomenal appearance through which the One Life manifests. It is the quality in time and spacePsychology1, 249:than does the preceding kingdom. Each manifests a fuller revelation of the inner and hidden glory.Psychology1, 289:the organ of the Word, expresses the life and manifests the glory and the reality behind. Such isPsychology2, 42:and absorbed by the solar angel; it [42] manifests eventually as all that can be evoked and evolvedPsychology2, 223:Plan and skill in action. On the form side, it manifests as the tendency to separate, divide and toPsychology2, 287:here being drawn, of the divine life as it manifests through the consciousness of humanity. I amPsychology2, 383:second and third rays. Life, the One Life, manifests through these three major qualities, whichRays, 4:in Hindu philosophy are but the qualities He manifests through these types of entities. SuperhumanRays, 92:relation to His work as the Word of God, which manifests as the Word made flesh. This refersRays, 220:point has been attained, then the third quality manifests with power to work as a miniatureRays, 309:them, as endowments, later in time and space and manifests anew through the medium of more adequateRays, 375:Shamballa) are related to the second ray as it manifests through our planetary Logos. Nevertheless,Soul, 10:the inner, or psychic force that thus manifests [11] itself. Hitherto we have taken that assumptionTelepathy, 18:and the beginning of mental telepathy. This manifests, however, very seldom, and then only in theTelepathy, 67:considering the effect of life-reason as it manifests in relation to the available and suitableTelepathy, 188:of this first ray center and the one which manifests first, because its work must be accomplished
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