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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MANIFOLD

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Astrology, 12:his thought into the consciousness of those manifold Lives Whose "energetic movements" he mustBethlehem, 147:for thy instruction, as an enumeration of My manifold forms. Whatever being is glorious, graciousBethlehem, 147:of my fire. But what need hast thou of this manifold wisdom, O Arjuna? With one part of My being IEducation, ix:be corrected? By geodesies in the space-time manifold of relativity theory? This would be coldExternalisation, 545:upon ignorance is as important; that the manifold divisions of the Protestant churches be bridgedFire, 196:selection and synthesizing the discreet manifold of the senses, are those belonging to that aspectFire, 711:pilgrimage, and through the "assimilation of manifold existences." 37 The Solar Lord, the DivineFire, 1195:all the Seeds of Form. The Hierarchies are the manifold groups of lives, at all stages ofFire, 1237:Beings Who - having worked their way through the manifold web of life - know Themselves indeed andHealing, 619:out of the one Source, as Representatives of the manifold Creator. Within the solar system, as youMagic, 284:the entire man and make the seven of his manifold objective existence. 5. Self-conscious UpperPatanjali, 173:investigations which the soul carries on in its manifold lifecycles is to cause a great longing forRays, 623:diversified sects and religious groups, in her manifold languages and in her ancient antagonisms;Telepathy, 143:has many centers of force, responsive to the manifold energies of our planetary Life, but we shall
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