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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MANKIND

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Astrology, 62:He descends into the world of men to save mankind and to further the plan. He is then "the fish whoAstrology, 135:the universal. Man, alone and separate, becomes mankind in his reactions and awareness and yet, atAstrology, 149:gifts that Shamballa is planning to confer upon mankind during the Aquarian Age, if man will butAstrology, 198:being. For the first time in the history of both mankind and disciples the energy of Sirius,Astrology, 198:sensitivity in the mechanism of response which mankind and disciples are at present utilizing.Astrology, 236:preservation of a "nursery regime" for men. But mankind is reaching maturity and a differentAstrology, 383:stage of evolutionary unfoldment at which mankind now finds itself. All is in a state of flux andAstrology, 430:angle), all that concerns the development of mankind has been - down the ages - expressed by him inAstrology, 440:the Hierarchy and - apart from that Hierarchy - mankind cannot today surmount or properly handleAstrology, 447:bring about those conditions which will enable mankind, under the steady influence of theAstrology, 448:of an expanded consciousness throughout all mankind - the consciousness of group responsibility. ItAstrology, 472:years, Piscean influence has been playing upon mankind; it has brought about the demand for worldAstrology, 487:a third crisis in the long, long history of mankind - a crisis of initiation, and the possibilityAstrology, 495:you well know, the most important of these for mankind is the triangle of Cancer, Leo and Aquarius.Astrology, 499:been heavily overlaid by the material desires of mankind. A thick crust (if I may use such a word)Astrology, 518:the Axis powers. But the spiritual intent of mankind is slowly growing and the great Law ofAstrology, 522:of Light triumph because of the cooperation of mankind, the energy expressing itself through thisAstrology, 539:owing to the greatly increased sensitivity of mankind, compared to the two other times in which (inAstrology, 544:and the potency of the massed selfishness of mankind. In like manner, the Forces of Light can beAstrology, 549:about the next great revolution which will lead mankind on to new experience, and to the revelationAstrology, 550:therefore, it brings to the manifestation of mankind and to the various hierarchies involved, aAstrology, 570:present today in a general and potent sense in mankind. It was the recognition of these two stagesAstrology, 570:Let the Forces of Light bring illumination to mankind. Let the Spirit of Peace be spread abroad.Astrology, 581:Shamballa energy: Group Use and Understanding. Mankind has had much difficulty in comprehending theAstrology, 585:is that during the last two thousand years mankind has advanced to a point where it can also beAstrology, 591:to the higher reaches of divine expression. Mankind's so-called acquiescence in the will of God isAstrology, 593:for which our evolutionary process prepares mankind. I am indicating what is the goal of allAstrology, 593:what is the goal of all hierarchical endeavor. Mankind is so preoccupied with the attitude andAstrology, 623:and demonstrated the innate possibilities of mankind, radiating the light of wisdom in relation toAstrology, 636:connection between the heavenly bodies and mankind and is one of the great secrets of InitiationAstrology, 636:with the tatter, why not with nations, races and mankind as a whole? This again is a claim made onAstrology, 659:or Buddha, called the "Great Instructor of mankind." (S.D. Vol. II, 391) "The sun, Sirius, is theAtomand the enlarged life toward which all mankind is travelling. They thus were intended to serve asAtom, 91:is what Browning had in his mind when he said: "Mankind, made up of all the single men; in such aAtom, 93:perfected alike As man, that is; all tended to mankind, And, man produced, all has its end thusAutobiography, 1:of humanity, and for the task of leading mankind out of darkness into Light, from the unreal to theAutobiography, 4:the world today which are definitely influencing mankind and raising the human consciousness. IAutobiography, 42:His only Son in some illogical scheme to save mankind and Who was not as truly kind as the averageAutobiography, 60:my eternal salvation and the salvation of all mankind. I know that Christ lives and that we live inAutobiography, 139:Who, step by step and stage by stage, have led mankind on down the centuries. I made the amazingAutobiography, 234:of the spiritual purpose. They can familiarize mankind with the need for right human relationsAutobiography, 239:were millions of years ago during the infancy of mankind. Then They left us for a while andAutobiography, 291:of many grades in the spiritual development of mankind. The masses of men everywhere have anBethlehem, ix:from hand to hand In token of my love for all mankind Within the land. When, at Gethsemane, IBethlehem, 14:certain divine potencies poured through and upon mankind. The work done by the Buddha, and theBethlehem, 15:the evolutionary process would do its work. Let mankind therefore drift as a whole with the tide,Bethlehem, 28:humanity concerns man's conscious unfoldment. As mankind grows in wisdom and knowledge, and as theBethlehem, 28:expansion of consciousness which will make of mankind the Great Initiate. Just as soon as humanBethlehem, 29:life and excluding no group, indicates that mankind as a whole is being prepared for initiation.Bethlehem, 30:crises through which Christ passed. Then will mankind enter into the world of causes and ofBethlehem, 36:[36] race with an expanded understanding. Today mankind is being prepared for just such aBethlehem, 39:perfected alike As man, that is; all tended to mankind, And, man produced, all has its end thusBethlehem, 47:holding the doors wide open, and through them mankind will be obliged to pass, rapidly if it willBethlehem, 60:Savior. They brought light and revelation to mankind and were sacrificed, in the majority of cases,Bethlehem, 90:one such Messenger, had called the attention of mankind to the fact of the two basic principles toBethlehem, 111:which haunt the imaginations of civilized mankind are scenes of solitariness: Prometheus chained toBethlehem, 113:in a multiplicity of detail." - Religions of Mankind, by Otto Karrer, pp. 121, 122. To this theBethlehem, 140:aspects of divinity, is the glorious heritage of mankind today. This is what was revealed at theBethlehem, 142:humanity could aspire. The dualities, of which mankind is so distressingly the expression, met inBethlehem, 152:emerging. At the present hour a large number of mankind are engaged in the activities of the sixBethlehem, 177:witness." (Acts, XIV, 17.) And the salvation of mankind has always been close to the heart of theBethlehem, 178:Underground Chamber. They led a life of toil for Mankind. And were called by the names ofBethlehem, 178:again from the dead, and became the pioneers of mankind to the Heavenly world. They foundedBethlehem, 178:in some way or other in their efforts to save mankind) is so great as to be difficult to keepBethlehem, 178:born of the virgin Semele to be the Liberator of mankind (Dionysus Eleutherios as he was called)Bethlehem, 180:today in terms of Christ. Therefore, mankind being more evolved and intelligent, thatBethlehem, 180:out of the aeonian grasp of God's consciousness, mankind is only today beginning to see a world andBethlehem, 180:that in each case the myth-making tendency of mankind created a legendary and inspiring figure andBethlehem, 181:being that the prophetic and creative spirit of mankind has from time to time evolved those figuresBethlehem, 189:of this period of crucifixion is close upon us. Mankind can descend from the cross as Christ did,Bethlehem, 194:Christ had to die in order that once and for all mankind might learn the lesson that by theBethlehem, 195:life, and it affords such a sublime example to mankind that meditation upon it may be said toBethlehem, 196:states that the Devil was lawful lord of [196] mankind owing to Adam's fall, and that God, beingBethlehem, 199:again to God so that He too would not hurt mankind. Thus little by little [200] the idea grewBethlehem, 209:was His mission to found. Christ came that all mankind might have "life... more abundantly." (St.Bethlehem, 236:unconfined Make kingdoms thicken and increase mankind. Thy daring art shall animate the dead, AndBethlehem, 254:express itself through the transfiguration of mankind. That which is of value is coming to theBethlehem, 262:held before us. They remain objectives for all mankind, and are generally so recognized, even whenBethlehem, 264:and a will for ethical good in the mass of mankind." (The Decay and Restoration of Civilization, byBethlehem, 271:is collective and universal, that is to say, mankind as a whole or a world-church. For it is onlyBethlehem, 282:more than Christ was), the time has come, and mankind has evolved sufficiently, for the divine lifeDestiny, 13:causes. Only twice before in the history of mankind has this Shamballa energy made its appearanceDestiny, 19:it has been too dangerous an energy to apply to mankind, for the results have worked outDestiny, 25:It is what is happening behind the scenes to mankind as a whole which is of moment; it is theDestiny, 29:affecting powerfully the [29] destiny of mankind. These are the sixth Ray of Abstract Devotion orDestiny, 34:to hold before the Orient the divine nature of mankind as a whole, for all are equally divine andDestiny, 57:imposing order and a new rhythm of life upon mankind. The effect of these incoming energies and ofDestiny, 58:has given much of music and philosophy to mankind. That soul is not at present expressing itself; aDestiny, 95:of this vision. But the spiritual intent of mankind is slowly growing and the great Law ofDestiny, 97:of Light triumph because of the cooperation of mankind, the energy expressing itself through thisDiscipleship1, XII:realities and in the essential divinity of mankind. This belief necessarily involves a heart fullDiscipleship1, 13:be along the line of healing the various ills of mankind - physical, mental, psychological andDiscipleship1, 36:of glamor, thus bringing in illumination to mankind. Thus another type of energy is brought intoDiscipleship1, 62:"Let the Forces of Light bring illumination to mankind. Let the Spirit of Peace be spread abroad.Discipleship1, 74:It is wise for human beings to realize that mankind is free. Even the Hierarchy Itself does notDiscipleship1, 84:as well as to develop that deep love of mankind which is the distinguishing mark of the initiateDiscipleship1, 101:This means as much in the life of mankind as it means in the life of the individual disciple. ThatDiscipleship1, 340:into places where (in the competitive life of mankind) your lower mind must perforce function andDiscipleship1, 400:as it seeks strenuously, at this time, to lift mankind out of the morass in which it finds itself.Discipleship1, 451:reason, or dies, so it can be equally true of mankind as a whole. Bear this in mind. It is to this
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