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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MANKIND

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Externalisation, 175:and that two world orders are presented to mankind. Between these man must choose, and his choiceExternalisation, 175:masses to the uniqueness of this moment. What mankind decides during the next twelve months willExternalisation, 175:decision has ever before done in the history of mankind. There have been points of crisis before inExternalisation, 186:is a part of the general spirituality of mankind. Everything is spiritual which tends [187] towardsExternalisation, 188:all world glory, and as the ruthless savior of mankind; the beauties of war, of struggle and ofExternalisation, 193:- psychological, spiritual and physical - of mankind must constitute a primary responsibility. TheExternalisation, 197:to the health, security and happiness of mankind must be made available. Third, that the entireExternalisation, 213:before been possible, because never before has mankind been at the stage where it could grasp theExternalisation, 219:its civilization - begin to think in terms of mankind, then public opinion will become so potentExternalisation, 222:has no true substance or place in the life of mankind, but wish that it had. They forget that whenExternalisation, 225:the Hierarchy is a witness to a great reality or mankind has developed a mentality which is anExternalisation, 240:forth a response and, at the same time, deprive mankind of its right to settle its own affairs,Externalisation, 242:This will be made possible because the whole of mankind will be recognized as the essential unitExternalisation, 255:Heaven and into the new age will take place when mankind is truly loved and selflessly served, andExternalisation, 260:to the constructive forces which have guided mankind into the increasing light of knowledge andExternalisation, 267:brought (on a large scale) to the attention of mankind. Her action, under the influence of theExternalisation, 270:the history of the race. Owing to the fact that mankind is so weakened by pain, strain andExternalisation, 271:humanity can grasp [271] what is being done. Mankind will then see the Love which animates the WillExternalisation, 273:handled, that what is needed in order to release mankind assuredly must appear, for such is theExternalisation, 286:All this is tied up with the undying belief of mankind in the loving Heart of God, Who ever meetsExternalisation, 287:spiritual potency has to be stepped down if mankind is to bear the pressure of the impact of theExternalisation, 288:and a major turning point in the life of mankind if every spiritually minded person can bringExternalisation, 288:of Deity Itself and have become apparent to mankind through revelation, as evolution has proceededExternalisation, 290:this is sure and proved. There is that in [290] mankind which is akin to God and which recognizesExternalisation, 291:activity, the culture and the civilization of mankind. The response or reaction of humanity to theExternalisation, 292:understand; because They are of like nature to mankind, "flesh of our flesh and spirit of ourExternalisation, 292:like to point out that (from the standpoint of mankind at his present point in evolution) AvatarsExternalisation, 293:is known within the human heart. God is known by mankind. This recognition of divinity in itsExternalisation, 294:embodiments of evil and of the lower nature of mankind. And, my brother, They do appear from age toExternalisation, 295:streams through the body of humanity, and mankind emerges into a more spacious life, conditioned byExternalisation, 295:land there is a growing recognition that when mankind reaches the psychological point where, havingExternalisation, 296:added power and fixed purpose which will enable mankind to surmount this crisis. From the side ofExternalisation, 297:all of Them, in one stupendous effort to aid mankind at this time to surmount the Dweller on theExternalisation, 300:and lived a life of love and service and gave mankind the new commandment to love, there had beenExternalisation, 304:ending the separative, isolating tendencies of mankind. His note and vibration can only be sensedExternalisation, 311:human soul with every weapon in the armory of mankind. They would hold back the forces ofExternalisation, 321:but undeveloped potency is still locked up in mankind which, if evoked by man himself, will proveExternalisation, 322:levels and in making clear the divine Plan for mankind. In them also the task immediately ahead atExternalisation, 341:Thus on all three levels of human living, mankind will be conditioned by a tendency towards theExternalisation, 344:Shamballa energy: Group Use and Understanding. Mankind has had much difficulty in comprehending theExternalisation, 346:is that during the last two thousand years mankind has advanced to a point where it can also beExternalisation, 355:upon the indestructible nature of the soul of mankind. This inevitably brings in the concept of theExternalisation, 362:in the last analysis, will be determined by mankind itself. You may feel, though wrongly, that notExternalisation, 364:leaders of the race could not judge what line mankind would take or whether there were enoughExternalisation, 367:to realize the full horror of what lay ahead for mankind. The selfishness of humanity was even moreExternalisation, 369:revenge can have time to die down, the agony of mankind can be assuaged, and time be gained forExternalisation, 373:heritage of the nations, belong to the whole of mankind and to no one nation exclusively. No nationExternalisation, 374:territorial goals color all the past history of mankind in both hemispheres, and have laid theExternalisation, 389:confer together upon the steps needed to guide mankind along the path of light, the path to God. ToExternalisation, 389:that spiritual guidance is accorded to mankind and that behind the veil which separates the visibleExternalisation, 390:strife and warfare to an end and so release mankind from an evil past and open the door to a betterExternalisation, 392:for the demand for succor as it rises from mankind. Certain great Energies of extra-planetaryExternalisation, 392:a united demand, focusing the "massed intent" of mankind will suffice to evoke an extra-planetaryExternalisation, 392:world servers. With the work of the first group, mankind has little to do, for They can be dependedExternalisation, 395:good and will help the needed reorientation of mankind towards God and good. Putting it veryExternalisation, 395:dominant demand of the spiritual aspiration of mankind, plus [396] the demand of the Hierarchy forExternalisation, 396:will also bring about a closer relation between mankind and the Hierarchy. At the time of the JuneExternalisation, 396:Nations who are fighting for the liberation of mankind and through the New Group of World Servers,Externalisation, 396:Let the Forces of Light bring illumination to mankind. Let the Spirit of Peace be spread abroad.Externalisation, 401:of the Great Approaches - approaches between mankind and the great spiritual Centers which operateExternalisation, 401:liberation of humanity and the stimulation of mankind through the distribution and the transferenceExternalisation, 401:steps can be taken in any given period, leading mankind cut of darkness into light, from death toExternalisation, 404:Together, the two great Sons of God present to mankind - the One in the East and the Other in theExternalisation, 406:affecting only a relatively small part of mankind - a nation or a group. Those Who come as theExternalisation, 408:embody divine intention. The response of mankind to Their messages is dependent upon the point inExternalisation, 411:(by the power of collective thought) has flooded mankind with light. Through the message of theExternalisation, 414:spiritual Hierarchy has been drawing nearer to mankind, and this is responsible for the greatExternalisation, 416:Hierarchy of the planet, the ability of mankind to contact its Members and to work in cooperationExternalisation, 421:a day whereon the spiritual and divine nature of mankind will be recognized. On this festival, forExternalisation, 422:divine characteristics and their development in mankind. Thus the twelve festivals will constituteExternalisation, 422:by Love and manifested intelligently; for this mankind is ready, and for this the Earth waits.Externalisation, 424:that the Hierarchy is coming steadily closer to mankind. These basic events, these subjectiveExternalisation, 424:as good can stimulate the latent goodness in mankind into expression, so evil can evoke greaterExternalisation, 429:the Hierarchy. Freedom is the birthright of mankind, and free will is the highest of the divineExternalisation, 430:mighty fortress, dominated by the arch enemy of mankind, sitting on his mountain-top. There,Externalisation, 433:concern, except in so far as you and the rest of mankind react to lies or to truth. Two streams ofExternalisation, 435:strong enough; the sword appeared on earth and mankind was plunged into war. Since then the work ofExternalisation, 435:the minds of diplomats, thinkers and lovers of mankind to work out now certain postwar plans whichExternalisation, 439:not through the first aspect, the will-to-power. Mankind has had to be shown that it is not yetExternalisation, 441:of world servers and the responsive goodwill of mankind. I have expressed in these few simple termsExternalisation, 445:Master of all Masters and the undying Friend of Mankind shed His light upon your way and evoke yourExternalisation, 446:and planning will be directed. The masses of mankind everywhere have only one desire - tranquility.Externalisation, 454:Potencies awaiting the invocative cry of mankind. When that cry arises, these divine energies willExternalisation, 454:to be held in the near future demonstrate that mankind is truly striving to bring about right humanExternalisation, 456:They will pave the way for the true freedom of mankind - a freedom which is as yet a dream and aExternalisation, 456:or supplementary to the self-initiated effort of mankind - will make that effort successful. WhatExternalisation, 457:physical and psychological strain under which mankind has labored for so many years. Great dangerExternalisation, 458:a planetary scale, and not just in reference to mankind, this Spirit of Resurrection is theExternalisation, 458:during the last 150 years; psychologically, mankind has been ruled by selfishness, and selfishnessExternalisation, 463:as it views the crumbling, devastated world, mankind has a fresh opportunity to reject selfish,Externalisation, 466:planned is dependent upon the ability of mankind to use the light they already have, in order toExternalisation, 469:of Christendom, if they are to meet the need of mankind and so aid in the work of reconstructionExternalisation, 470:Earth was resurrection, but so morbid has been mankind and so enveloped in glamor and illusion,Externalisation, 470:this change and thus altering the approach of mankind to the world of the unseen and to theExternalisation, 471:the sepulchre which has too long [471] entombed mankind. Then will follow those steps which willExternalisation, 472:of Those who know are being mobilized to aid mankind, and that nothing can now arrest or preventExternalisation, 474:whom they could mould and obsess, and thus hurry mankind towards disaster. They found mindsExternalisation, 475:Should it stand superior to the deeds of mankind and await the decision of the battle to be fought?Externalisation, 476:have remained outside the conflict and left mankind to fight a conclusive victory on the merits ofExternalisation, 479:- which has sought to gain dominance over mankind. Had the Hierarchy not taken sides with the
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