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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MANKIND

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Healing, 176:remain a powerful center until two-thirds of mankind have taken initiation, for the generativeHealing, 220:of humanity and from the karmic liabilities of mankind. Here we shall enter the realm of occultHealing, 222:enlightened think, if the long, long history of mankind is considered. Sexual intercourse knows noHealing, 226:the hard-boiled scientist. The theories held by mankind as to the origin of diseases, and theHealing, 262:lead His forces and aid human beings to liberate mankind. What has really been happening,Healing, 263:Man in whom we live, humanity as a whole, mankind in groups as nations, and individual man - hasHealing, 263:present moment. Today, the harvest is ripe and mankind is reaping what it has sown, preparatory toHealing, 264:they are the "Eternal Pilgrim"; they are mankind, wandering through the mazes of the three worldsHealing, 296:of the many forms of ill health which ravage mankind. I seek mainly to lay the stress upon theHealing, 369:the revelation of one of the mysteries for which mankind is not yet ready, and at the same time theHealing, 380:in connection with the uncertain activities of mankind, the Masters can usually gauge what willHealing, 389:and thus give to that hitherto dreaded enemy of mankind a new and happier significance. You willHealing, 393:towards liberation. Another fear which induces mankind to regard death as a calamity is one whichHealing, 398:its phases, done so much to mislead and deceive mankind. Under this general term, I class also theHealing, 399:death, there is emerging in the consciousness of mankind the realization that there are many worseHealing, 532:his inheritance, wherein he shares with all mankind those tainted streams of energy which are ofHealing, 543:his inheritance, wherein he shares with all mankind those tainted streams of energy which are ofHealing, 544:His inheritance, wherein he shares with all mankind those tainted streams of energy which are ofHealing, 545:in the individual's life and in the life of mankind - the first being the sense of responsibility),Healing, 549:well-being of humanity. The economic ills of mankind closely correspond to disease in theHealing, 587:had been brought into conscious expression in mankind through the building and the utilization ofHealing, 598:need they feel to be completely identified with mankind; they therefore choose to share consciouslyHealing, 599:which is above." I have mentioned this phase of mankind's relation to the subject of health so asHealing, 627:the various healing systems of the world which mankind has evolved. This life principle isHealing, 664:progress in raising the consciousness of mankind, en masse, to much higher intellectual levels. ToHealing, 672:gave has been neglected by the churches and by mankind. You will note also that one temptationHealing, 684:part of this Law X has a simple application to mankind, as well as an abstract and abstruse meaningHercules, 65:mind aspect began to emerge, and the duality of mankind became a fact in nature. The Lemurian raceHercules, 130:Matters of great consequence in the history of mankind are determined by unusual approaches toHercules, 130:is one of the greatest weapons given to mankind in its perpetual fight against glamor. It is [131]Hercules, 145:three heads continues to challenge the powers of mankind thousands of years after HerculesHercules, 174:to do with sentimentality. We can love all mankind because we know the meaning of personal love,Hercules, 179:Let every man remember that the destiny of mankind is incomparable and that it depends greatly onHercules, 192:of humanity as a whole. As Browning says: "Mankind made up of all the single men In such a unityHercules, 205:The great Bible of God is ever open before mankind. - Albert Pike. The heavens declare the glory ofHercules, 208:dramatic stories have been told constantly to mankind down the ages: those of Hercules, the BuddhaInitiation, 99:of the sons of men, we must recognize that as mankind completes one unification after another, theIntellect, 12:since Carlyle wrote these words, we know that mankind did not fail to go forward. The electricalIntellect, 31:race live and move and have their being? Thus mankind will be raised out of the objective materialIntellect, 86:the life of every individual and that of mankind as a whole, ascends gradually and by a natural andIntellect, 124:revelation of a Life and of Deity, and in which mankind plays its part in the greater Whole. LudwigIntellect, 124:and making practicable the road for the rest of mankind. The advance into the unknown begins with aIntellect, 150:They are, as it were, among the illuminati of mankind. If 'by their fruits we shall know them,'Intellect, 150:the average as to make them spiritual leaders of mankind." - Overstreet, H. A. The Enduring Quest,Intellect, 192:brethren means turning away from the society of mankind and turning towards the society of God,Intellect, 202:tells us in that interesting symposium, Whither Mankind, "...that civilization which makes theIntellect, 202:nature and transform matter for the service of mankind, to liberate the human spirit fromIntellect, 202:and spiritual." - Beard, Charles A., Whither Mankind, page 41. Our idea as to what constitutesMagic, 16:the individual it is then also equally true of mankind as a whole. That unit in nature, which weMagic, 47:call it the mediating principle, for the soul of mankind is not only an entity linking spirit andMagic, 100:and spiritualization is the hope of the world. Mankind itself is the world Savior, of which allMagic, 117:to be apprehended by the rank and file of mankind. In the quick recognition of their truthfulnessMagic, 143:or unifying word which it is the function of mankind ultimately to utter. Wrong speech separates,Magic, 145:later separated, but still the life moved on. "Mankind, hiding the Son of God, the Word incarnate,Magic, 161:the peak of that desire has been passed; thus mankind has achieved and surmounted much. But theMagic, 314:- in a thousand years - will have welded all mankind into a perfect brotherhood. Its emotionalMagic, 339:in truth be cosmologists, for once the Word of Mankind is understood and grasped and theMagic, 405:unification, consciously and intelligently, of mankind, and so produce the manifestation of what IMagic, 406:contribution to the pageant of the progress of mankind stands out with clarity. I have not the timeMagic, 412:of the others. One group concerns itself with mankind, with the varying types of humanity, theMagic, 427:the rapid development of the consciousness of mankind and the initiation of humanity into theMagic, 439:in that you have the clue to its late discovery. Mankind is only on the verge of becoming mental.Magic, 482:Ageless Wisdom which is next to be revealed to mankind. This group is constituted of the unselfishMagic, 520:in human history [520] this activity embraces mankind on a large scale in the entire three aspectsMagic, 532:of pain. The devas do not suffer pain as does mankind. Their rate of rhythm is steadier although inMagic, 536:with us. What will the world manifest when all mankind is tending towards a concrete manifestationMagic, 538:the states of consciousness are possible to him. Mankind can work in all directions and lift theMagic, 614:of "I am God" and "I am form" which has plunged mankind into the great illusion. Yet it is thisMagic, 634:of this reaction is to be found in the fact that mankind as a whole and for the first time in theMeditation- those who emotionally and intellectually sway mankind, - can be seen working; then theMeditation, 198:passing it through His Aura - pours it out over mankind by means of the channel provided by theProblems, 5:restricted movements of the primitive races of mankind have given place to the speed and the rapidProblems, 7:of positive guilt. War is the dire penalty which mankind has had to pay for this great sin ofProblems, 9:is the outstanding eternal characteristic of mankind. In the earlier stages of racial history, thisProblems, 10:unit. Owing to the scientific achievements of mankind (as a result of the unfolding humanProblems, 12:national resources and their ability to serve mankind as the contributions which they must make toProblems, 12:expand them is a sign of adolescent immaturity. Mankind is now growing up; only now is humanityProblems, 13:the entire evolutionary process has prepared mankind. It was selfishness and self-interest whichProblems, 21:and group significance - a revelation for all mankind. It is the dimly sensed and somewhatProblems, 35:the ability to grasp ideas. The history of mankind is [36] fundamentally the history of the growthProblems, 65:and present, and its relation to the future of mankind; the keynote of the new religion must andProblems, 66:of the energy of the atom - the future of mankind and the type of the incoming civilization isProblems, 68:new world. Hence their opportunity to guide mankind at this time and their innate responsibility toProblems, 70:exploited the masses and used the labor of mankind for their selfish ends. From the feudal baronsProblems, 71:unbroken; they constitute the greatest menace mankind faces today; they control politics; they buyProblems, 77:international decisions, affecting the whole of mankind, is passing into the hands of the masses,Problems, 80:decency; it is the millstone around the neck of mankind. To own, to possess, and to compete withProblems, 82:or secret for the release of energy. Until mankind, however, has moved forward in its understandingProblems, 85:minorities. Minorities, along with the rest of mankind, are subject to the unerring forces ofProblems, 87:that unless something is fundamentally changed, mankind is practically [88] already destroyed. ButProblems, 88:bring it about? It is a state of affairs which mankind itself must face as a whole; and by meetingProblems, 88:a cruelty and a lack of proportion for which mankind is already paying a terrible price and whichProblems, 117:will not be the distinctive characteristic of mankind until men have themselves pulled down theProblems, 121:trust and understanding will be found in mankind. Men and women of goodwill exist in every nationProblems, 123:New World Religion. Today the immediate need of mankind is emerging with clarity, and the stepsProblems, 131:enable it to menace the future enlightenment of mankind under the cloak of paternalism and aProblems, 136:light and the opportunity of the new age? Mankind faces towards the Way of Resurrection. Who shallProblems, 138:infant humanity is today unsuitable for adult mankind. These are imperative changes. Nothing canProblems, 144:Hierarchy of our planet, the ability of mankind to contact its Members and to work in cooperationProblems, 149:any hitherto presented to the consciousness of mankind. It is larger because it is related to the
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