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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MANKIND

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Rays, 388:on the physical plane and through the medium of mankind which will warrant the fusing of six firstRays, 403:glamor which no longer have the power to deceive mankind. They are not allowed to accumulate or toRays, 411:I have told you - the Masters know not which way mankind will go, nor may They interfere by actionRays, 412:certain earlier initiations no longer exist, and mankind has shown itself to possess theRays, 424:by the abnormally rapid development of mankind, with its consequent stepping up of the qualities ofRays, 424:forced these events of so far-reaching a nature; mankind has also forced revelations which it hadRays, 478:has gradually become the outstanding quality of mankind. In the other two races, and in the earlyRays, 526:close of many centuries, evokes the attention of mankind and conditions even yet the reactions ofRays, 526:aspects of the divine nature, deeply hidden in mankind - all related hitherto to consciousness andRays, 527:Krishna came and opened the door through which mankind could pass to the Second Initiation. TheRays, 550:entirely to the point in evolution attained by mankind; this attainment is only a secondary reasonRays, 566:The sevenfold energy which is today agitating mankind marks a turning point in human history andRays, 570:in connection with humanity, for it will enable mankind to pass through the door admitting them toRays, 579:of day the growing ideological tendencies of mankind. These world ideologies (of which there areRays, 579:above: The unfoldment of the mental principle in mankind during this Aryan Age has forced desireRays, 584:brought these subjective spiritual tendencies of mankind to the surface and made these twoRays, 590:Son of Mind Thought-forms This energy (as far as mankind is concerned) is the thought-form makingRays, 600:possible. This basic illusion constitutes for mankind a great hierarchical mystery and is basedRays, 603:of both these major events. The determination of mankind to fight out the issues involved in theRays, 604:prove to be, for it is the same process for mankind as a whole as it is for the individual. I wouldRays, 606:to function as a soul-infused personality, so mankind also has to do the same in mass formation.Rays, 612:- even when incorrectly presented - has awakened mankind to the fact of the One World; theRays, 614:in the life of nations and in the life of mankind as a whole, the issues are being clarified, andRays, 621:bring about the liberation into equilibrium of mankind. Until quite lately, the Principle ofRays, 621:coming into recognition. The activities of mankind, and particularly of governments, have beenRays, 622:established, and the immense subjective unity of mankind. This will not come about without anRays, 623:the evil or infringing the free will of mankind. Rays, 634:this good may come and a "point of emergence for mankind" be reached. The issue of aggression canRays, 637:and is conditioning the mass consciousness of mankind. Emotionally and physically, the masses inRays, 638:developing mind control which is conditioning mankind at this time. When a mental, an emotional andRays, 638:of the Christ into objective relation with mankind, and which will enable Him to set about His taskRays, 642:their general and momentous effect upon [642] mankind in this cycle, and upon the discipleRays, 642:those initiations which lie a long way ahead of mankind. They lie also a considerable distance onRays, 647:production of those conditions which will enable mankind to follow the good, the beautiful and theRays, 648:and unexpressed, is of no true service to mankind, except from a purely subjective standpoint;Rays, 650:distinguishes the initiate from the rest of mankind; there are of course many degrees of thisRays, 657:a consideration of certain crises in the life of mankind which are in the nature of minorRays, 665:can (and will) reveal the gradual entrance of mankind into ever-expanding "lighted areas" ofRays, 666:word. The way of science is as deeply needed by mankind as is the way of religion, for "God" isRays, 680:and are contrary to the lasting good of mankind. Rays, 680:- these are the rightful prerogatives of mankind. Any group of men or any form of government whichRays, 716:impact upon humanity; heretofore, it reached mankind in the three worlds after being stepped downRays, 716:first impact, owing to the spiritual growth of mankind. Each time this energy strikes into theRays, 719:three words. I do not wish you to infer that mankind is, in fact, undergoing these initiatoryRays, 722:what situation They should bring about so that mankind would be forced to recognize conditions andRays, 730:with effects and not with causes; for instance, mankind is concerned with war and with horrifiedRays, 733:and are a correspondence to the ajna center of mankind, only here it is the ajna center of theRays, 738:humanity today, and all living processes in mankind are bent towards preparing each individualRays, 743:basic goal is the freedom and the liberation of mankind, but the spiritual workers are handicappedRays, 746:bring it to power; towards that spiritual event, mankind is hastening. The battle of Democracy willRays, 747:Forces of Light do not triumph) they can drive mankind deeper into the pit or prison ofRays, 753:unavoidable and something that provides mankind with a needed opportunity and one which men areRays, 753:power (though not all of it, fortunately for mankind). The way to the door where evil dwells wasRays, 755:These are: An outpouring of love and light upon mankind, from Shamballa. An invocatory appeal toRays, 758:of science along the lines of the betterment of mankind, and not for its destruction as is so oftRays, 759:vague or nebulous. It voices the basic needs of mankind today - the need for light and love, forReappearance, 7:that prophecy and faith have ever held out to mankind the promise of Their coming again amongst usReappearance, 21:of this devastated, chaotic and unhappy world, mankind has a fresh opportunity to reject selfishReappearance, 22:Hierarchy is dependent upon the ability of mankind to use what light it already has in order toReappearance, 30:world will be the resurrection of the spirit in mankind; the emphasis will be upon the livingnessReappearance, 33:of today - which so distress and [33] trouble mankind - may be done away with and some vague sourceReappearance, 35:the divine Plan work out. [35] This Plan calls mankind to the expression of Love and challenges menReappearance, 35:this Plan of Love and Light, working through mankind, may "seal the door where evil dwells." TheReappearance, 35:of the Christ hold out the greatest hope for mankind today. If this is not so, then prayer is noReappearance, 36:and this belief will alter world affairs and mankind's entire attitude to life. The wonder of thatReappearance, 39:His part if the opportunity is offered to Him by mankind. Everything now depends upon the rightReappearance, 40:The religious livingness or spiritual history of mankind can be [41] summarized for us by a seriesReappearance, 41:to the divine life throughout the world and to mankind itself. It is this developing spiritualReappearance, 41:us, with His work unfinished and His vision for mankind not yet consummated. For two thousand yearsReappearance, 42:opportunity. The disaster which has overtaken mankind is universal and widespread; no one hasReappearance, 44:things, and one of the great recognitions of mankind in the near future is the recognition thatReappearance, 44:preceded a great world Figure into the arena of mankind's living. Their work and influence isReappearance, 46:of Their representative activities on behalf of mankind and of Their close relationship. ThisReappearance, 49:that He will come and that when He does, mankind will be ready. Let us summarize certain aspects ofReappearance, 53:of the Christ, was brought to the attention of mankind. Through the instrumentality of certainReappearance, 53:then in that quiet garden; Christ, representing mankind, anchored or established the Father's WillReappearance, 57:(Luke IX, 51.) He will reappear and guide mankind into a civilization and a state of consciousnessReappearance, 83:These are descriptive of His threefold duties to mankind, and of the work which will be distinctiveReappearance, 84:working disciples in the world are to prepare mankind adequately for His appearing. Much can beReappearance, 88:Love and Will - will be consciously developed in mankind; humanity, the spiritual Hierarchy and theReappearance, 95:under its Great Leader, the Christ, is closer to mankind than ever before in human history. The NewReappearance, 97:His place and carry on the work, connected with mankind. By the time this particular Master takesReappearance, 101:eyes the true resurrection - the emergence of mankind from the imprisoning cave of materialism.Reappearance, 102:become ideals to which eventually the life of mankind would later conform and bring about a betterReappearance, 105:rapidly growing, and the enquiring perception of mankind came into increasingly active use. TheReappearance, 114:of a divine over-shadowing will in the life of mankind today; both are preparatory to a recognitionReappearance, 114:human relations. At present, the submission of mankind to the divine will is a negative submission;Reappearance, 115:is a difficult lesson to learn; it is for mankind a totally new experience and Christ will have toReappearance, 129:be on the same scale as the mass education of mankind in the Piscean Age. Materialism as a massReappearance, 132:of love and right human relations for all mankind. If the lives of these two great Teachers can beReappearance, 142:of the religious spirit; theology has brought mankind to the very gates of despair; the delicateReappearance, 148:itself came nearer to [148] man. The history of mankind is, in reality, the history of man's demandReappearance, 148:affecting only a relatively small part of mankind - a nation or a group. Those Who come as theReappearance, 148:now possible. A new revelation is hovering over mankind and the One Who will bring it and implementReappearance, 149:us. What [149] this great approach will bring to mankind, we do not yet know. It will surely bringReappearance, 149:earlier demands. The World War has purified mankind. A new heaven and a new earth are on their way.Reappearance, 155:a day whereon the spiritual and divine nature of mankind will be recognized. On this Festival forReappearance, 157:by Love and manifested intelligently; for this mankind is ready, and for this the Earth waits. ToReappearance, 165:(which a little study quickly provides) that mankind has steadily moved onward in wisdom andReappearance, 170:His reappearance and that is the failure of mankind to prepare the world stage for that stupendous
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