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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MANNER

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Astrology, 32:in the lives of these great Entities to the manner in which an advanced individual can offset theAstrology, 57:in an inaccurate and definitely misleading manner and should be regarded as a mystery and thereforeAstrology, 60:We will take up these points in the following manner: From the standpoint of commencement in AriesAstrology, 70:affects the candidate in a totally different manner than earlier. Cyclically the energies from theAstrology, 91:He [91] expresses then in the highest possible manner the qualities of his soul ray as, in theAstrology, 114:as rulers of zodiacal signs in a hypothetical manner, and then start to prove the accuracy of theAstrology, 118:of which Pisces forms a part in the following manner: Pisces - Here the beginner upon the way ofAstrology, 124:have Pisces dominant in some powerful manner in their charts. Whether those mediums who areAstrology, 128:their significance in a practical and effective manner and to deal with the energies which theseAstrology, 133:is concerned and the wheel rotates in the normal manner for the ordinary average or undevelopedAstrology, 140:or form nature becomes magnetic in a different manner, and so attracts to itself energies of aAstrology, 161:into the conflict in a peculiar and pronounced manner, the forces of Cancer (involutionary inAstrology, 166:Pluto and Vulcan, is only felt in a positive manner upon the Path of Discipleship. This first rayAstrology, 168:around and around the zodiac in the ordinary manner, he continually and consciously enters intoAstrology, 174:human sign and is connected in a definite manner with the appearance of humanity upon our Earth.Astrology, 174:Aquarius. In one peculiar (but not yet provable) manner, they are related to the three aspects ofAstrology, 186:energy and ray energy in a more dynamic manner. In the case of Sagittarius these energies areAstrology, 193:heavens. We could express this truth in another manner: God the Father, the Will to manifest,Astrology, 196:only now beginning, in any definite and clear manner, to affect human response. Their effect hasAstrology, 197:and man is linked up in a new and creative manner to sources of divine supply. Astrologers will doAstrology, 199:energy": Sirius - working in a sevenfold manner through the seven rays and their seven groups asAstrology, 200:Pleiades and therefore to Taurus in an unusual manner. The key to this relation is to be found inAstrology, 204:special signs of the zodiac (which in a peculiar manner constitute the "zodiacal decanate") in eachAstrology, 208:memory aspect is evoked in a new and conscious manner and then every latent predisposition, everyAstrology, 217:through Neptune, but in a spiritual and esoteric manner. Neptune governs Cancer esoterically. TheAstrology, 219:to it. In this world period and in a peculiar manner, as far as the race (Aryan) to which theAstrology, 226:of peculiar interest, but in a most paradoxical manner, for much of its interest is based uponAstrology, 245:the consciousness of man is opened up in such a manner that it can register that which isAstrology, 247:dominate the new astrology in a most interesting manner and condition the charts of those whoseAstrology, 252:form is equipped and fitted to manifest it in a manner different to any other expression ofAstrology, 256:was lacking entirely except in such an embryonic manner that the whole process resembled the stageAstrology, 272:in a still more intimate and comprehensible manner in Scorpio, in which the note of theAstrology, 276:to the life of the form nature in a normal manner; the myriads of lives which constitute the formAstrology, 276:the signs of the zodiac proceeding in its normal manner - clockwise, due to the precession of theAstrology, 278:functions are interchangeable in a peculiar manner. In the revolution of the ordinary wheel, AriesAstrology, 282:the whole problem must be viewed in a large manner and not so specifically from the angle ofAstrology, 285:The true Leo type must react in a new and unique manner to the proffered opportunity, and when IAstrology, 286:indwelling Reality; it therefore marks - in this manner - a new cycle. When self-consciousness isAstrology, 286:(the eighth sign of the zodiac) in an effective manner and you have, therefore, the triangle ofAstrology, 292:even if only in an experimental and hypothetical manner. I am confining myself entirely to theAstrology, 346:sign and is governed by it in a most unusual manner. The format or exoteric symbolism of MasonryAstrology, 372:going forward in a simple and unobtrusive manner through the gradual fomentation of theAstrology, 375:which is going on at this time in a most potent manner. Vulcan controls the anvil-like processes ofAstrology, 400:anew and [400] motivated in a different manner and so is "raised up into Heaven" and thusAstrology, 400:by the Moon in a most mysterious yet powerful manner. Through desire translated into terms ofAstrology, 430:and individual horoscope. In some unusual manner (from the human angle), all that concerns theAstrology, 438:merging of the two triangles in a most potent manner and this partial synchronization (for closeAstrology, 479:with you and thus present this science in such a manner that it would prove of real interest. TheAstrology, 482:are dealing govern [482] humanity in a peculiar manner and the effect of their influence is toAstrology, 499:the Christ consciousness, will emerge in a manner undreamed of today by any of you - even the mostAstrology, 517:details fall into obvious position and in such a manner that the sumtotal will appear in a blindingAstrology, 525:the forces which play through him in such a manner that only constructive good can eventuate. HeAstrology, 529:ruling energies, revealing in a more universal manner and with a wider horizon the destiny ofAstrology, 529:Madras which are all subjectively related in a manner unforeseen by students at present. Under theAstrology, 539:will clarify the world issues in an amazing manner, plus an appreciation of the houses in whichAstrology, 541:the implications and the price involved in a manner not hitherto possible. Hence the meaning backAstrology, 544:of the massed selfishness of mankind. In like manner, the Forces of Light can be evoked inAstrology, 549:concern. These are expressed in a unique manner for humanity through Aries, Gemini, Virgo, andAstrology, 558:the Cardinal Cross rules and conditions (in a manner unknown to men) that great planetary center toAstrology, 587:upon how it should be employed and in what manner aspirants and disciples who are mentallyAstrology, 595:These three major energies in a mysterious manner express themselves through the seven rays just asAstrology, 600:as it expresses itself through humanity in a manner which is unique and peculiar. I would hereAstrology, 601:the necessity to manifest in an orderly rhythmic manner; the necessity to embrace "that which isAstrology, 686:our scheme, but our scheme gave, in a mysterious manner, more than was received, though the giftAtom, 65:be seen working out in a peculiarly interesting manner in this cycle in which we live. EverythingAtom, 81:of forms. This is brought out in an interesting manner in Proverbs viii. where Wisdom cries aloudAtom, 82:we have been considering in a most interesting manner, summing it up as follows: "Thus He (God)Atom, 85:and manifests through nature in this triple manner. The evolution of substance is a thing ofAutobiography, 22:be utilized in a most constructive, directional manner. The orientation of the life could beAutobiography, 40:the first time, though in a dim and uncertain manner, the unity of all manifestation and that allAutobiography, 69:it out. He looked at me in rather a peculiar manner but proceeded to do as I asked. When I came outAutobiography, 97:She did the whole thing in an absolutely open manner, keeping me informed of every step she tookAutobiography, 103:lovely jewelry, my cultured voice and my social manner, I launched myself unthinkingly and withoutAutobiography, 167:dictation. It was given word for word, in such a manner that I might claim that I definitely heardAutobiography, 232:helpful and with the effort to discover in what manner the horoscope of the soul can be cast soAutobiography, 252:to a sentimental urge to love all men in a manner which necessitated their taking no action orAutobiography, 286:great and many hundreds can be reached in this manner. Finally, this experiment in adult educationAutobiography, 301:to deal intelligently and in a common sense manner with world conditions. This she knew mustBethlehem, 12:basic truths, but phrases them in a different manner, which can help us nevertheless to a largerBethlehem, 14:civilizations, and that in a most significant manner They worked together for the eventual benefitBethlehem, 33:relationships of these different faiths, and the manner in which they prepare for and complementBethlehem, 90:divine nature had to be revealed and in such a manner that man could grasp it. It is thus thatBethlehem, 112:the "pairs of opposites," and surely it is the manner in which man handles these two aspects ofBethlehem, 117:reply each time should be viewed in this triple manner. "It is written," He says, and theBethlehem, 120:physical needs can be presented in such a manner that they may seem entirely right. Yet we do notBethlehem, 120:the meeting of a physical need, in a monetary manner, most definitely limits divinity to anBethlehem, 131:the gospel of the kingdom, and healing all manner of disease among the people." (St. Matt., IV,Bethlehem, 138:Personalities seem to function in a "split" manner; people are distraught because of this cleavage.Bethlehem, 167:understood? - and to utter it in so universal a manner, that is, so much in tune with the objectiveBethlehem, 214:Himself. We have always read the Bible in this manner, with the personal significance in our minds.Bethlehem, 225:capable of being applied in a most significant manner to this act of Christ, which linked Him upBethlehem, 238:the public consciousness in a new and arresting manner. There was scarcely a family in over twentyBethlehem, 245:we struggle, must somewhere, some time, in some manner, prove themselves worth while. Any otherDestiny, 11:many during the coming age will start in such a manner that the peoples of the earth can go forwardDestiny, 14:ray energy, as it expresses itself in a twofold manner, producing a twofold result, are as follows:Destiny, 20:modern humanity in a more intimate and close manner than ever before. The Directors of theDestiny, 46:themselves (as is ever the case) in a dual manner and have always a lower and a higher form ofDestiny, 56:This worked out in a most interesting manner in the Middle Ages, and the destinies of these threeDestiny, 61:and all this in a most pronounced and peculiar manner. Behind the closed borders of that mysteriousDestiny, 70:your thoughts and to clarify the issue. In this manner I can point the way for the future guidance
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