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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MANNER

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Destiny, 100:the forces which play through him in such a manner that only constructive good can eventuate. HeDestiny, 103:ruling energies, revealing in a more universal manner and with a wider horizon the destiny ofDestiny, 104:Madras which are all subjectively related in a manner unforeseen by students at present. Under theDestiny, 121:between the sixth and the seventh rays and the manner in which the potency of the sixth ray hasDiscipleship1, 18:may be, possible to prepare the ground in such a manner that the coming effort of the Masters mayDiscipleship1, 45:free to render it or not as they like and in the manner which may seem best to them. I am yourDiscipleship1, 62:to link up with the other groups in the same manner in which they linked up with the members ofDiscipleship1, 67:of disciples to work in a definite and specific manner. The fact, however, that one group will workDiscipleship1, 70:Other groups are associated in a peculiar manner with the number four, and they are occupied withDiscipleship1, 89:"directed process" goes on in a more focused manner and in the area directly around the pinealDiscipleship1, 91:in some planned and definitely constructive manner. Discipleship1, 91:with deliberation and slowly to work in this manner and to use the above information constructivelyDiscipleship1, 93:worked out in its rightful place and manner by the disciple. The old rule ever remains anDiscipleship1, 123:to others and sensitive to them in a very real manner. Next, the realization that "both eyes areDiscipleship1, 125:relate two energies and three forces in such a manner that you become, in fact, a divineDiscipleship1, 131:and usually know why you act in a particular manner, for you seldom act without some preparatoryDiscipleship1, 157:be carried forward in a rapid and definite manner and the rest of the meditation period should beDiscipleship1, 197:of the word, light? [197] 2nd month - In what manner can my life be illumined? 3rd month - What isDiscipleship1, 197:I in touch with other Light-bearers, and in what manner? Let your replise to these questions beDiscipleship1, 199:worry which should enlighten my way? In what manner is the light reflected in my life? Do IDiscipleship1, 199:I am the redeemer of the lower nature. In what manner does light aid this redemption? Has thereDiscipleship1, 200:the main hindrance to my enlightenment? In what manner can I use the light in order to help myDiscipleship1, 245:too. You might rightly ask me how and in what manner you can offset these tendencies. I can butDiscipleship1, 254:[254] of life relationships in a spiritual manner. Should you be able to see life's circumstancesDiscipleship1, 271:and that they also indicate in a most amazing manner the work and the achievement of the New GroupDiscipleship1, 299:yourself into the group in a true and selfless manner. This particular group of my disciples hasDiscipleship1, 311:relationships with your group brothers. In what manner that extension of service must demonstrateDiscipleship1, 376:Take six more long breaths in a similar manner and then say: Let this divine intelligent WillDiscipleship1, 379:Path, your soul planned this procedure in this manner so as to bring to the surface as many of theDiscipleship1, 402:of your environment, in a curiously symbolic manner. Ponder on this. You will be able to enlargeDiscipleship1, 415:like to see you rearrange your life in such a manner that you can demonstrate that leisured calmDiscipleship1, 435:due composure and a clearing of the mind in any manner which may be to you familiar and adequateDiscipleship1, 465:years of life live, think and act in such a manner that the soul withdraws its attention. Thus onlyDiscipleship1, 471:youth - caused you to protect yourself in this manner. Another reason for your failure to get allDiscipleship1, 474:the medium of that which has been gained in this manner. See that your friendships are with men andDiscipleship1, 513:the future deal with the problem in a practical manner. For a while it will be an hour by hour andDiscipleship1, 517:take hold of your personality in a new and vital manner. I can but give you a word and one hint:Discipleship1, 544:faculty which will indicate to you the manner, the time and the mode of your service. I give you noDiscipleship1, 545:to suggest. I give hints in the ancient occult manner, leaving it to you to interpret and to act asDiscipleship1, 552:can project your thought consciously in such a manner that healing can take place where and whenDiscipleship1, 628:you have to give, but needs it in a different manner. I commend this to you as your theme for studyDiscipleship1, 669:approach the scene in a far more detached manner than if your rays were purely mental or along theDiscipleship1, 705:formulate the desired thought-effect in such a manner that it will reach the mind or the soul ofDiscipleship1, 711:years to be your fixed life tendency and by the manner in which you react at moments of crisis orDiscipleship1, 711:you will discover for yourselves how and in what manner the Master is seeking to impress you andDiscipleship1, 731:to the vision in what I might call a second hand manner; they are occupied with the Plan and withDiscipleship1, 750:to exteriorize the consciousness in such a manner that individual events and happenings areDiscipleship1, 760:in a general and universal but not in a specific manner. Discipleship1, 763:to the throat center, again in the same manner, via the five knowledge petals. Discipleship1, 784:to a sentimental urge to love all men in a manner which necessitated their taking no action orDiscipleship2, 7:is to go forward in a reorganized and more vital manner. If this New Seed Group measures up toDiscipleship2, 15:you. It is not often that I speak to you in this manner, but in the process of freeing you forDiscipleship2, 39:with you in a purely esoteric and subjective manner, and this is a point upon which few of you, ifDiscipleship2, 63:escape, but - in a mysterious and peculiar [63] manner - the planetary Logos directs them orDiscipleship2, 68:this is expressed in a negative, unconstructive manner. To this many disciples are today prone;Discipleship2, 96:the opportunity to learn in a new and subjective manner, of which I may not speak, until you haveDiscipleship2, 142:must be oriented to humanity in a more definite manner; the purpose of such orientation is that theDiscipleship2, 157:same time, they provide, in an almost singular manner, the next developing stage in the series ofDiscipleship2, 157:planned for you; they should also (in a peculiar manner) enable you to move forward in yourDiscipleship2, 161:this complete interdependence in an unique manner. Discipleship2, 163:They brought pure evil to the surface in such a manner that the issues between good and evil becameDiscipleship2, 172:when he can again move among men in a public manner; he can be publicly recognized and thus do hisDiscipleship2, 178:within your consciousness in the following manner: This Cross concerns your VERTICAL life ThisDiscipleship2, 185:to humanity of the basic divine ideas; in this manner they mould human ideals and consequently inDiscipleship2, 189:intention - his own cross, and in this manner do away with his idea (again unrealized) that theDiscipleship2, 217:meditate deeply in an invocative and evocative manner; their meditation, therefore, falls into twoDiscipleship2, 256:in the minds of men in the future in such a manner that the old truths will condition and controlDiscipleship2, 282:and to relate cause and effect in a practical manner. The initiate of higher degree utilizes theDiscipleship2, 290:consciously to direct force in the correct manner through the needed organ, doing so as the soulDiscipleship2, 301:I have been working with all of you in this manner for more than ten years now; I have sought toDiscipleship2, 304:to convey the truth, but which in a mysterious manner conditions the creative work, are certainDiscipleship2, 322:and Effect, demonstrated in a most illustrative manner. As the Law of Karma makes its presence feltDiscipleship2, 328:ashramic force in their work in a destructive manner, and in the three worlds. This is not easy toDiscipleship2, 363:sum up what has been given in a threefold manner and provide a closely integrated yet widely usefulDiscipleship2, 410:The Masters are all working in a similar manner, where groups in preparation for initiation areDiscipleship2, 420:consciousness and the form - each in a different manner; the difference is brought about by theDiscipleship2, 424:points of revelation can be phrased in such a manner that awareness of basic and fundamental law isDiscipleship2, 436:process when the initiate becomes aware - in a manner which I cannot or may not explain to you - ofDiscipleship2, 443:brother of mine, to be truly effective in the manner desired, you must cultivate the attitude ofDiscipleship2, 480:aloud, you will dedicate yourself in a threefold manner to an increased conscious activity as anDiscipleship2, 481:work and thus to serve humanity in a particular manner. He knows also that it is his duty to bringDiscipleship2, 498:you to do so at first in a definitely personal manner, writing friendly and personal letters andDiscipleship2, 513:of opposites in a very pronounced and definite manner - as does A.A.B. The point of balance and ofDiscipleship2, 521:in, for motive underlies will in a most curious manner, and motive "substands" purpose. Therefore,Discipleship2, 527:oft wield the weapon of speech in a destructive manner and not constructively; you know that - deepDiscipleship2, 539:in your life, and gauge these results in such a manner that you come to a realization as to whetherDiscipleship2, 549:self-government. Let me illustrate in a manner which I believe will convey to you a much neededDiscipleship2, 558:or the transaction ends in an entirely correct manner by the cessation for all time of theDiscipleship2, 559:Forgive my twisting the old phraseology in this manner. The link between you and A.A.B. growsDiscipleship2, 569:way impinges upon your consciousness in such a manner that it curtails or hinders your pledgedDiscipleship2, 580:for this is that we work in a peculiarly close manner at all times and you are very active in theDiscipleship2, 594:often, but you are apt to despise (behind a kind manner) those who appear satisfied with what theyDiscipleship2, 611:of Compensation comes into play in a peculiar manner and along special lines where acceptedDiscipleship2, 618:more than half of those chosen reacted in such a manner that they threw themselves out of theDiscipleship2, 619:I realize this, I find myself wondering in what manner I can bring you to a knowledge of thisDiscipleship2, 676:which will next life orient you in such a manner that, when you face the Initiation of Decision,Discipleship2, 713:- must be approached by you now in a different manner to the past. You stand alone. You stand,Discipleship2, 728:discoveries, future world orders, and the manner whereby they can be instituted. The moment yourDiscipleship2, 744:your attention is to grasp in a new and dynamic manner the dual life of discipleship. Your field ofDiscipleship2, 746:is going on, though as yet only in an embryonic manner; more difficult and specific training should
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