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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MANNER

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Discipleship2, 754:when humanity can begin en masse to work in this manner, they will enter upon a cycle wherein evilDiscipleship2, 762:I would have you note the change in the manner in which I am addressing you. It has significanceEducation, 6:We can also express this idea in an equally true manner by saying that the vehicle which seems ofEducation, 18:in time and space - limited itself in a similar manner. On the physical plane and in the physicalEducation, 30:at will the lower attention in any desired manner. Thus all aspects of man, spiritual and natural,Education, 30:elsewhere: We might generalize in the following manner as to the stages of growth and consequentEducation, 45:in another form but presented in a similar manner - a history of discovery, investigation andEducation, 48:should teach the youth of the world in such a manner that he will begin to fuse the world ofEducation, 51:and intuitive training of the race in such a manner that the whole twenty-eight years of trainingEducation, 74:fit into the general picture in a constructive manner and voluntarily; I have noted the imminenceEducation, 79:difficulties can be handled in an enlightened manner, and those basic tendencies which areEducation, 82:It is the power to apply knowledge in such a manner that sane living and an understanding point ofEducation, 86:human possibility. This will be done in such a manner that the content of the student's mind willEducation, 87:the possibilities of human living in such a manner that barriers will be broken down, prejudicesEducation, 89:he will then stabilize himself in the particular manner in which destiny ordains that he shallEducation, 93:or the sense of awareness in the child in such a manner that he realizes from infancy that all thatEducation, 109:to thought training with this in view. Note the manner in which I have worded this request: first,Education, 132:coming age lead the race into new ways and a new manner of thought. For the esotericist, there isEducation, 136:this is being done in a tentative and embryonic manner; but the real change in human consciousnessExternalisation, 35:Let me endeavor to indicate to you in what manner these groups can measure up to the threefoldExternalisation, 73:relate the abstract and the concrete in such a manner that, in your own lives, a working idealismExternalisation, 76:we call money. They constitute, in a strange manner, a unique and distinctly separated world centerExternalisation, 86:can form its larger plans and know in what manner individual nations will react to stimulation andExternalisation, 87:it has been resolved in a humanitarian and sound manner, then the energy of the planetary solarExternalisation, 90:the growth of the Kingdom of God in such a manner that this fifth kingdom in nature may be aExternalisation, 145:that they must be used by the soul in a dynamic manner, involving the serious recognition of theExternalisation, 146:spiritually potent and fully understanding manner? The merest handful. How many sent forth theExternalisation, 147:it to be comprehensive though in an unrealizable manner, or considered it must be occultlyExternalisation, 148:They must learn to breathe it forth in the manner I have indicated above when speaking of the GreatExternalisation, 156:responsive to Their influence in any conscious manner and then only when that influence has beenExternalisation, 157:with Shamballa and use the Great Invocation in a manner totally different to that in which you useExternalisation, 160:planetary centers can be related in a similar manner. The Lord of Civilization, the Master R -,Externalisation, 162:of the World and the Prince of Peace. In this manner, Shamballa and the Hierarchy were brought intoExternalisation, 166:Picture And, is not this in a faint and dim manner, the present keynote of human effort? In spiteExternalisation, 208:go forward as an initial move, but in such a manner that the question of unemployment is not undulyExternalisation, 254:the materialistic forces of the planet in a manner utterly new in expression. Free will involves aExternalisation, 261:and directed towards these Lives in such a manner that They can be attracted and led to respond toExternalisation, 265:are integrated personalities can work in this manner, and herein lies a difficulty. Those peopleExternalisation, 270:Him to carry out the will of God in such a manner that humanity can grasp [271] what is being done.Externalisation, 281:Hierarchy; they will be en rapport in a manner new in history. The defeat of the oppressing nationsExternalisation, 325:service can be wisely rendered, to discover the manner in which world need (not your group need)Externalisation, 327:be trusted to take the needed action. In this manner the desired conditions will take form upon theExternalisation, 334:into the new group of world servers in such a manner that the destructive aspect of the ray willExternalisation, 354:glamor (illusion, glamor and maya) in an amazing manner, and their powerful assault upon the [355]Externalisation, 376:has to be wrought out in a practical, realistic manner, divorced from visionary, mystical andExternalisation, 431:is the Hierarchy working at this time? In what manner are the Masters aiding the work of the ForcesExternalisation, 435:and turning them - each in his own place and manner - into a more religious channel. The growth ofExternalisation, 466:today this can be made possible in a manner never known before. The success of the effort now beingExternalisation, 467:the Forces of Enlightenment in a new and potent manner. Concentration upon the work to be done isExternalisation, 474:man, the Forces of Evil were in a most potent manner emerging from their ancient lair; they wereExternalisation, 481:He can use these Words of Power in their proper manner, connotation and emphasis; only anExternalisation, 494:to withdraw was averted. I may not say in what manner, beyond telling you that the Lords ofExternalisation, 531:to "demonstrate light in dissipating fog" in a manner for which there has hitherto been no call.Externalisation, 538:out the Love principle in a new and dynamic manner is being carried out by all the Masters and byExternalisation, 539:as innate and as present in a living, creative manner. The demonstration has been good; humanityExternalisation, 541:this Ashram would also be related in a peculiar manner to the Buddha. It had to be formed at thisExternalisation, 541:regard to its immediate objectives) in such a manner that the entire Hierarchy can be informed andExternalisation, 543:the theologians interpreted His words in such a manner that they served to bridge the gap betweenExternalisation, 544:it is for this also that (in a weak and feeble manner) Christian people, those of the other worldExternalisation, 565:aspect of divinity, the first Ray, in such a manner that it is in fact a creative factor and oneExternalisation, 588:Hierarchy. Much of it has been done in such a manner as to bring the whole subject into disrepute,Externalisation, 589:The subject will be presented in a manner acceptable and reasonable. It will not be a slowerExternalisation, 602:human consciousness. How He will come, in what manner, I may not and should not say. The exactExternalisation, 607:also present that He would come again in like manner. He ascended. The clouds received Him andExternalisation, 609:Will of God (His Father's business) in such a manner that the eternal will-to-good will beExternalisation, 620:for it in a gentle, futile and innocuous manner. He finds himself helpless before the task ofExternalisation, 634:came to announce, in a new and more emphatic manner, what all the world religions have proclaimed,Externalisation, 636:have cleared the way in a most extraordinary manner for the appearance of the Christ. Externalisation, 643:Man's free will must be preserved. In an unique manner, men are today facing a period of theExternalisation, 652:on behalf of humanity come to an end? In what manner will the effective and needed changes be made?Externalisation, 653:plane organization. How, where, when and in what manner the Masters will make Their appearance isExternalisation, 673:I dealt will be used in a new and more vital manner. These energies are ever present and everExternalisation, 685:bringing the mysterious Law of Karma in an easy manner to public attention. The present can also beExternalisation, 685:Themselves - in an entirely new and directed manner - to the fourth kingdom in nature. At the sameExternalisation, 691:of directing the needed energy of love in such a manner that the stream of projected love not onlyExternalisation, 693:growth. [693] I have worded all this in such a manner that it will be evident that the work to beFire, 41:and vitalize shew themselves in a twofold manner: [42/43] First as latent heat. This is the basisFire, 44:the mental plane also demonstrate in a twofold manner: First, as the Fire of Mind, the basis of allFire, 45:frame and demonstrates also in the twofold manner: First, as latent heat which is the basis of lifeFire, 46:macrocosm this fire also manifests in a twofold manner. It shows as that intelligent will whichFire, 63:Fire; each manifests as fire in a threefold manner. In point of time the cosmic Lord of activeFire, 80:play upon the dense physical body in the same manner as the pranic emanations of the sun play uponFire, 100:has necessarily to be handled in a superficial manner, and only outlines and scattered hints can beFire, 104:different results, and react in a different manner both outwardly and inwardly. Viewed from theFire, 125:great work of liberation proceeds in an ordered manner. The three first initiations see theseFire, 126:through the driving of the force in an uneven manner upwards, or in forcing its radiation toFire, 146:and we know it as that which in some occult manner links the system up with its cosmic center. In aFire, 146:links the system up with its cosmic center. In a manner inconceivable to us the first Logos bringsFire, 147:his astral body, or in his second aspect in like manner as the undifferentiated Logos is polarizedFire, 193:the exercise of manas or mind in a threefold manner: As recognition. As memory. As anticipation.Fire, 197:feels with, fully comprehends, and realizes the manner in which to heal and correct theFire, 203:quaternary separated from the Triad in a similar manner, and this analogy will bear pondering upon.Fire, 210:the action of the Rod as it moves in a specified manner. There is a definite occult reason, underFire, 212:has never yet been employed in this particular manner, though twice it was nearly thus used, - onceFire, 234:principle of the fundamental one. In like manner He Himself has six subsidiary principles, as hasFire, 255:Man in His planetary scheme creates in a similar manner. See S. D., II, 626. Fire, 259:and even to them in a carefully guarded manner. Third, the revelation of the close connectionFire, 270:of the human and deva evolutions in the same manner (only on a higher turn of the spiral) as theFire, 283:system. Finally, both work, therefore, in a dual manner and each demonstrates both attraction andFire, 286:past events, and to learn from experience in the manner which a man does. The [287] animal uses the
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