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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MANNER

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Healing, 233:dramatized for them in some definitely objective manner, for as yet the masses did not respond toHealing, 270:where the healer is willing to work in an occult manner. I have attempted to make clear to you thatHealing, 272:all that is possible at this time. In the same manner, the old religious presentation suffices toHealing, 334:it is that they, as individuals, need, in what manner their bodily requirements can best be met,Healing, 390:be easy and it must not be done in a precipitate manner, but it is a subject which cannot and mustHealing, 414:form so that it disintegrates in a similar manner and the life is centralized elsewhere. It hasHealing, 472:intention, exerts its attractive power in such a manner that it offsets the attractive powerHealing, 474:stream becomes affected in a peculiarly occult manner. The "blood is the life," we are told; it isHealing, 489:the soul, though still only in a somewhat feeble manner. This process is relatively quick and isHealing, 492:the future". These three seeds are in a peculiar manner related to the permanent physical andHealing, 494:plane, but he is also conscious in the same manner of the surrounding states of consciousness. HeHealing, 494:of manasic life developed) in a far more potent manner than when he had to work through the mediumHealing, 541:a fuller supply of life to the heart. In this manner, the patient's own "livingness" will bringHealing, 586:be recognized in a new and almost formidable manner. It should be remembered that the soul is aHealing, 587:the human kingdom in a new [587] and more potent manner, and this in its turn will become theHealing, 597:"secret" referred to is the revelation of the manner in which good health may be preserved. It isHealing, 616:deep mystery. It was demonstrated in a peculiar manner, and in relation to cosmic energy, by theHealing, 616:plane of our planet, and also in a peculiar manner to the fourth kingdom in nature, the human. ThisHealing, 630:to arrive at a true diagnosis in an occult manner. He therefore falls back on the generalHealing, 649:with the left hand which works in the same manner. Both hands, you will note, are now being usedHealing, 651:must be linked in such a "lighted" manner that a true clairvoyant would see a brilliant triangle inHealing, 658:This teaching has been given in such a manner that the student will have to hunt through its pagesHealing, 659:be to formulate the teaching in such a concise manner that vast themes may be briefly handled, andHealing, 663:Perfection, even though they do so in a muddled manner and their teaching is tainted with theHealing, 671:would have been altered, and in a dire and awful manner. But the dynamic harmlessness, theHealing, 684:in this Law X cannot be interpreted in this same manner nor applied in this way; it concerns onlyHealing, 709:ear of him who must go forth. He knows the manner of the sound which brings the healing touch; andHercules, 6:and require to be utilized in a divine manner and in line with divine purpose, intelligentlyHercules, 29:and of consummation. This will be in the reverse manner to that of the apparent path of the sunHercules, 50:has been discussed, seemingly in the most futile manner, down the ages? Here it is pertinent toHercules, 97:first, with questioning later, as they saw the manner of his travel; no arms, small knowledge ofHercules, 115:form is equipped and fitted to manifest it in a manner different from any other expression ofHercules, 202:humanity could so notably affect the time and manner of the reappearance of the Christ by a changeHercules, 227:and demonstrates it in an amusing and symbolic manner. He proves that poise and equilibrium are nowInitiation, 23:type of force, demonstrated in a triple manner, producing thus universally the three aspects inInitiation, 91:makes available in a vastly more extensive manner the force of the higher self or Ego, and bringsInitiation, 109:the Hierophant, yet in a [109] very esoteric manner it is the Planetary Logos himself whoInitiation, 115:shine forth before the initiate in a triple manner: As a radiant angelic existence. This is seen byInitiation, 128:following of the Rod as it moves in a specified manner. There is a definite occult reason, underInitiation, 138:the Rod is applied to the petals in a scientific manner, and regulated according to ray andInitiation, 155:significance of the Words of Power in a brief manner. We might now sum up certain of the inferredInitiation, 169:unimportant and he wastes not energy in this manner. The workers with the involutionary forces, theInitiation, 169:law of correspondences in a new and illuminating manner. Similarly, through this revelationInitiation, 178:activity, and learn to work in a coordinated manner with other units. These are the main thingsInitiation, 178:is applied to a Heavenly Man, in much the same manner as the lesser rods are applied to man, isInitiation, 188:mathematics, and an ability to geometric in a manner incomprehensible to our three-dimensionalIntellect, 5:upon western thought chiefly because of its manner. But there is every reason to believe that asIntellect, 5:- is felt in the East, a new philosophic manner will be adopted, and the profound spirituality ofIntellect, 112:of the meditation, but reacting in a unified manner the physical or form nature has been studied,Intellect, 120:apprehension of the world in its complexity. The manner in which this is brought about depends onIntellect, 130:on the phenomenal world. We shall consider the manner how he could carry his focused thought higherIntellect, 131:nor is any form of sensation the aim. All manner of feeling must be, for the time, shut off. PettyIntellect, 139:the will, and to operate in these after a divine manner. This is His true abode, His field ofIntellect, 140:brain is active in practically a subconscious manner towards the instincts and habits which guideIntellect, 150:But he says "these men do not act after the manner of men suffering from an aberration. Out of themIntellect, 162:terms: "Intuition - defined in a quite general manner - is the direct assimilation of a knowingIntellect, 170:Dr. Jung refers to it in the following manner: "...the light-vision, is an experience common toIntellect, 182:Himself that he receives inwardly, and in a manner that greatly surpasses all the savor, all theIntellect, 207:and become focused and one-pointed in his manner of living. This is possible to all who care enoughIntellect, 217:the soul, we shall live the day in a different manner. If this becomes a habit, we shall soon findIntellect, 247:his pride and self-satisfaction fed in this manner, then they may reveal to him the work that heIntellect, 249:of those who are sensitive in a more mental manner, and can tune in telepathically with the mentalMagic, 30:life principle in man manifests ill a triple manner: As the directional will, purpose, basicMagic, 42:these many subdivisions function in a unified manner and the body is a correlated whole. Each ofMagic, 70:reveals not the way ambition can be fed, nor the manner in which desire for selfish advancement canMagic, 97:He begins to learn a triple activity in this manner. This the Old Commentary expresses as follows:Magic, 127:students accustom themselves to work in this manner, sounding the word audibly and with muchMagic, 131:and indications are also granted of the manner in which these possibilities may become facts, butMagic, 163:and works through into manifestation in such a manner that it produces those physical planeMagic, 225:as we understand the term, in a most peculiar manner are the result of the interplay of the pairsMagic, 262:two above, physical plane purity as to food and manner of life, and in seven years time the man hasMagic, 284:for its welfare and demonstrates in a manner not yet truly comprehended the fact that the "blood isMagic, 315:body of humanity responds in an unrealized manner to all the four above types of astral energy andMagic, 344:of inspiration will increase in a wonderful manner. So many close the sources of informationMagic, 345:with pure white light. Proceed in the following manner: You are, we will say, in a state of panic;Magic, 352:His disciples on and up with Him in a similar manner. The matter is abstruse and largely one of theMagic, 360:three kingdoms in nature forming, in a peculiar manner, correspondences to the three higher centersMagic, 396:esoteric schools and have to be guided in such a manner that the soul nature enfolds, overpowersMagic, 425:you prefer to work in the old exoteric ambitious manner, building and vitalizing an organization,Magic, 452:This life principle in man manifests in a triple manner: As the directional will, purpose, basicMagic, 513:performed during this world period. With the manner in which this One Life of the solar systemMagic, 522:are drawn together, manipulated in a rhythmic manner and held together in form. Through this modeMagic, 527:seized by the active creating agent in some such manner as the aspirant has to learn to seize hisMagic, 541:at this time who can work in a truly creative manner and profit by the information given in thisMagic, 543:mental substance or mind stuff in such a manner that it can achieve objectivity on the physicalMagic, 571:to work with these energies in an intelligent manner in order to bring about three happenings: AnMagic, 574:if he is using third ray force, in a personal manner, he will be devious in his propositions,Magic, 606:have, for they work in a more truly esoteric manner. They are in touch with each other, and withMeditation, 39:depends upon the work being done in an occult manner and under law. The group significance ofMeditation, 77:the path from center to center in the correct manner, and when this is accomplished in the orderMeditation, 100:plane. Macrocosmic evolution proceeds in like manner to the microcosmic. The internal fires of theMeditation, 107:Let us look at the matter first in a large manner, for oft in the just apprehension of big outlinesMeditation, 116:whom he assists. He has to serve in a threefold manner before he is permitted to change his line ofMeditation, 120:of entities can be differentiated in a threefold manner: Groups of discarnate beings on either theMeditation, 147:it to the needs of the indwelling life. In this manner the occultist arrives at those IntelligencesMeditation, 163:by the sounding of certain words in a specific manner, and in a specific tone. When so sounded, theMeditation, 176:the devas and reach them, but not in the same manner nor for the same reason that you can theMeditation, 186:principle - meet and blend in proper geometrical manner, each center is adequately vitalized, everyMeditation, 186:affect kundalini, and arouse it in the right manner. By the power of the vibration they send itMeditation, 186:concrete, - and which work there in a twofold manner, producing an increased capacity to think,
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