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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MANNER

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Meditation, 197:movement: The force that is tapped in this manner is directed (according to the rhythm) to some oneMeditation, 212:course, but interweave in a most curious manner, blending with each other, absorbing each other inMeditation, 280:possible... I have only touched in the briefest manner on a few of the things a Master has to doMeditation, 290:when the pupil can link up as easily in this manner with his Master as earlier he formed hisMeditation, 291:impresses itself upon His pupils in a specific manner. This method of contact is frequentlyMeditation, 295:of the times and modes of contact and in this manner much knowledge will accrue. I would inMeditation, 309:to recognize the Divine within each one. In this manner the true occult obedience, which is anMeditation, 311:the work will begin in an inconspicuous manner, and those pupils and advanced egos whose work it isMeditation, 311:find out for themselves the method, place and manner. All must be wrought out in the furnace ofMeditation, 334:he enters into the problems of the day in a manner more thorough than an Ego from an earlierPatanjali, 82:energy units moving or vibrating in a specific manner and these vibration-waves assume the forms wePatanjali, 148:direction of his affairs proceeds in a balanced manner. The quality of activity or mobility is thePatanjali, 163:seer is then able to use the mind in a reverse manner. Instead of turning his attention to thePatanjali, 263:is aware of the object in a most comprehensive manner. The sum of its qualities, aspects andPatanjali, 354:He will employ all six but in a different manner. The mind will be utilized as a transmitter to thePatanjali, 389:the law of karma in such a strictly oriental manner as to confuse the western student considerably.Patanjali, 394:his commentary in the following words: "In like manner, the same over-ruling selective power, whichPatanjali, 404:considerations establish, in an indirect manner, the existence of things as objects external to theProblems, 43:in another form but presented in a similar manner - a history of discovery, investigation andProblems, 46:fit into the general picture in a constructive manner and voluntarily; we have sought to have theProblems, 53:It is the power to apply knowledge in such a manner that sane living and an understanding point ofProblems, 59:human possibility. This will be done in such a manner that the content of the student's mind willProblems, 60:the possibilities of human living in such a manner that barriers will be broken down, prejudicesProblems, 92:hemisphere have not suffered in any acute manner, for their territories have been spared, and theirProblems, 92:the old ways, and few really wish to see the old manner of life restored; all the nations, greatProblems, 116:are to be found everywhere, working in such a manner that the "one humanity" emerges in the arenaProblems, 134:of the Kingdom of God; they represent Deity in a manner which the great ecclesiastics and thePsychology1, 52:or emotional and works in a more separative manner, particularly in this Piscean age which isPsychology1, 135:four kingdoms thus respond in some degree and manner. To the world of quality, or of desire intent.Psychology1, 211:and such a writer would think far more of the manner than of the matter in his work, but wouldPsychology1, 220:and they may be presented in the following manner: The human kingdom Brain Vocal organs The twoPsychology1, 235:to be integrated in the [235] sum total, in a manner different to that which can be seen whenPsychology1, See pa:it at such a crisis as individualization in a manner differing from any other ray; each ray findsPsychology1, 283:to interpret human relations in a satisfactory manner. Out of this universal interest andPsychology1, 295:but it is necessary for men to realize that the manner in which man today satisfies his sexualPsychology1, 296:need in a right and suitable and regulated manner. Today one party or other is usually sacrificed,Psychology1, 325:world need and the world demand in a practical manner and at any particular time. It is here thatPsychology1, 367:and may perform their undertakings in such a manner that delay may eventuate. They are permitted toPsychology1, 369:been present, but not always active in such a manner that we were able to detect it. It is underPsychology2, 39:through the various ray types in the following manner: Ray One Dynamic one-pointedness, DestructivePsychology2, I can:and our Earth constitute, in a curious esoteric manner, the [99] personality of a stupendous rayPsychology2, 125:perforce use upon the physical plane. It is the manner whereby the nature of that soul canPsychology2, 140:need in their own peculiar environment, in the manner that is, for them, the simplest and best way,Psychology2, 215:not centered upon the individual aspirant in any manner which could be interpreted as personalPsychology2, 215:focused upon men in an exceedingly one-pointed manner as They attempt to capitalize, for thePsychology2, 219:of the world attach to Them, and at the manner in which They are over-estimated. Can we not realizePsychology2, 274:has responded for the first time in such a manner that the "appropriation" by the soul of itsPsychology2, 277:produce the light. In a curious and esoteric manner, therefore, the Buddha embodied in Himself thePsychology2, 313:part of the tabulation was outlined in such a manner the many of the problems facing thePsychology2, 318:another psychological problem in the same manner. Much is being written today which is the resultPsychology2, 337:sense than hitherto, and in a more active manner, its vehicles of expression and of service. Psychology2, 344:[344] It is thus that we progress, and in this manner form and consciousness, appearance andPsychology2, 344:he senses his duality in an almost distressing manner, and begins to aspire towards unity. This isPsychology2, 379:that consciousness demonstrates in a two-fold manner as mental power and personality force. It isPsychology2, 392:to identify himself with it in an active capable manner. The result of meditation upon this themePsychology2, 464:which lie beyond. I am phrasing this in this manner so as to convey the ideas of expansion, ofPsychology2, 479:the man forced to occupy himself in some chosen manner. The three suggestions I would make to thePsychology2, 502:than register these thought forms in the same manner as one can register the contents of a shopPsychology2, 504:because they will indicate in an interesting manner, the spiritual status and hierarchicalPsychology2, 516:force of circumstances and in such a powerful manner that - if you could see the play of forces asPsychology2, 523:are active only in a sluggish and semi-dormant manner: the forces of [524] which they are formed,Psychology2, 524:to react, in a fluctuating and unintelligent manner to stimuli coming from the astral plane, viaPsychology2, 526:of the uprising (in a fresh and more potent manner) of the mystical instinct, plus, this time, anPsychology2, 536:The thymus gland, which controls in a peculiar manner the life aspect in man, is closely connectedPsychology2, 537:art, music or writing in any outstanding manner, and hence the prevalence of goiter and thyroidPsychology2, 554:energy deflected downwards in a focused selfish manner; the solar plexus can be so over-vitalizedPsychology2, 584:human frame which, if it is touched in a certain manner, will not react. So the sensitive willPsychology2, 637:a cause, attacks on individuals whose ideas or manner of living is deemed detrimental to mankind),Psychology2, 643:seek to do, and their plans are laid in such a manner that - without upsetting any existingPsychology2, 674:of every kind; they must be taught the manner by which these basic ideals of world unity, economicPsychology2, 694:thought, what they can sacrifice, and in what manner they can submerge their normally selfishPsychology2, 713:of the Hierarchy [713] do not know finally the manner in which humanity will react, or the qualityPsychology2, 718:must be foreseen and dealt with in such a manner that its catastrophic results will be offset, andPsychology2, 722:the Council is to balance these forces in such a manner that they do not upset world equilibriumPsychology2, 734:could carry forward their meditations in such a manner that an inner fusion can take place,Psychology2, 741:it also. What are the plans today, and in what manner can you aid in the task of saving the world?Rays, 121:foolish. There are many such functioning in this manner today. Others may refrain from all outerRays, 124:initiations, for these are given in a different manner and the teaching is imparted in the innerRays, 133:mass of human thinking in a far wider and deeper manner than perhaps the most optimistic suspect;Rays, 138:(which I seek to give) to be worded in such a manner that they become comprehensible. All that IRays, 140:is also related to the air in some mysterious manner, and also to fire. More anent this subject itRays, 172:even to think about it in any truly constructive manner. The complete fusion of the negative andRays, 193:consciousness of humanity in a new and direct manner, as the brain of man became involved throughRays, 193:Love) could be expressed in a more comprehensive manner. Another rending of the veil, and one ofRays, 208:a group of disciples can work together in such a manner that an inner fusion can be seen - by theRays, 228:can draw upon at this time in a new and dynamic manner in order to bring about the restorationRays, 229:carried forward. At this time and in a peculiar manner, the initiate-consciousness sees theRays, 230:accepted disciples learn to work in the same manner as does the Hierarchy. The Hierarchy worksRays, 238:hundred and fifty years, completely alter the manner of man's thinking; they will change theRays, 239:does not take place in a blind, acquiescing manner, but with understanding and "fortitude." ThisRays, 246:influence of the theological approach and in the manner inculcated by the Churches), no real lightRays, 254:in relation to religious and other fields in a manner different [255] to yours. Forget not, as anRays, 257:the group is a member of the Hierarchy. In this manner the three planetary centers arrive at theRays, 258:and comprehension of purpose, and this in such a manner that the consecrated personality - underRays, 268:They embody in Themselves in a most peculiar manner the wisdom aspect of the second ray, as itRays, 272:Aryan race (I do not use the word "Aryan" in the manner of the German race). In some peculiarRays, 272:the manner of the German race). In some peculiar manner, They represent in Shamballa the soul ofRays, 280:Transformation concerns in a most peculiar manner the three aspects of mind upon the mental plane:Rays, 283:had to be completely negated - negated in such a manner that it dropped below the level ofRays, 284:dynamic impulse of His spiritual will in such a manner that He succeeds in piercing the planetary
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