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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MANNER

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Rays, 294:(appearance) of the necessitous truths in such a manner that the recognition of humanity may be soRays, 323:the seven centers in a new and more arresting manner. This is a large order and one not easy toRays, 324:unfoldment and his history, and (in a briefer manner) upon the world in which he lives and upon theRays, 332:essentially are to the world and do it in such a manner that the creative art of today will be toRays, 334:the Hierarchy must move forward in such a manner that the effort must encompass the physical planeRays, 336:of this subject in a fully coordinated manner; students are warned against publishing a clearRays, 359:and directed by Shamballa. In a peculiar manner, and under the Law of Correspondences, the threeRays, 368:beginning to express itself in a recognizable manner through the New Group of World Servers. ThisRays, 370:Lord of the World upon the united Hierarchy in a manner incomprehensible to you; it also creates aRays, 390:choose any Path which makes its appeal in such a manner that complete rightness is registered inRays, 394:Paths a certain Initiate will choose. In this manner They become aware of how many senior disciplesRays, 402:will appreciate the opportunity to serve in this manner consciously. Rays, 416:energy which can permeate substance in a unique manner; this divine principle represents an aspectRays, 448:at will the lower attention in any desired manner. Thus all aspects of man, spiritual and natural,Rays, 451:the nature of this process in the following manner: I have stated here and elsewhere that the soulRays, 474:My problem is to present the process in such a manner that - towards the end of this century -Rays, 480:and then later supersede them in such a manner that personality and ego disappear and only theRays, 504:in view of relating (in a new and significant manner, factually and not just theoretically) theRays, 509:in the light. The mind still is held in this manner, but the mind (as the agent of the soul and theRays, 530:have endeavored to present the subject in such a manner that it becomes apparent that it fits intoRays, 532:consciousness aspect indicates in a mysterious manner the rate of expansion as the disciple hasRays, 533:adapt the present forms and formulas in such a manner that the spiritual possibilities,Rays, 542:mind and the higher mind are related in such a manner that the lower mind is not onlyRays, 543:time - he assimilates in a new and mysterious manner certain united hierarchical impressions. TheRays, 544:might here be pointed out that (in a mysterious manner) the seven centers in the etheric body areRays, 551:become the recipients (in a new and vital manner) of the redirected ray potencies. Among these, atRays, 573:To establish in a new and intelligible manner the ever-existent sense of relationship and thusRays, 575:head" of the lower and higher energies in such a manner that "the Christ is born." This latterRays, 588:of the Plan and a transmitter, in a progressive manner, of the Purpose underlying the Plan. TheRays, 598:the third initiation, the mind works in a new manner. Its transmuting work with the physical bodyRays, 601:are, all three of them, related in a mysterious manner to each other. Transfiguration leadsRays, 609:will aspect of divinity summarizes in a unique manner all past achievements of the two principlesRays, 616:point of hierarchical energy upon Earth in a manner not hitherto possible. He has never desertedRays, 620:attempt to see the picture whole in some such manner as the Agents of the divine Will see it,Rays, 620:potency since the year 1850. Just in the same manner as this principle of conflict controls theRays, 625:the German people will demonstrate in a unique manner the significance of harmony. The basic andRays, 645:is thrown upon the hierarchical Plan in such a manner that the purpose in the mind of the planetaryRays, 647:made possible. Shamballa having acted in this manner, it is nevertheless the Hierarchy which willRays, 657:the seven initiations and the nine. The only manner in which we can grasp even a small measure ofRays, 659:true description of the Hierarchy), then - in a manner unforeseen by humanity - Shamballa willRays, 664:successive initiation is in an exactly similar manner an entrance into light, involving theRays, 664:Each of these three races, in a mysterious manner, has a correspondence on a racial scale to theRays, 667:of living; it marks the commencement of a new manner of thinking and of conscious perception. TheRays, 708:on their face value or in the ordinary manner. They must be approached from the angle of the worldRays, 711:initiation, which enables the initiate - in a manner [712] incomprehensible to us - to "intuit" (inRays, 719:and with a formulated purpose. In the same manner, the sixth Initiation of Decision also becomesRays, 722:of cosmic evil; They had then to decide in what manner They should bring aid to humanity and whatRays, 723:of the third initiation, for instance; in like manner, even high initiates fail to comprehend thatRays, 732:indeed death, and he then knows this truth in a manner which my few short words cannot convey. FormRays, 732:point of living light; he knows in a manner indescribable that life is all that Is, and that it isRays, 743:or dictating groups. A realization of the manner in which the hierarchical forces are working and aRays, 759:and to relate them both in a new and dynamic manner to the "center where the Will of God is known."Reappearance, 6:deep mystery and was demonstrated in a peculiar manner and in relation to cosmic energy by theReappearance, 7:purpose, and affect the entire world in such a manner that Their names and Their influence areReappearance, 9:He also, in some mysterious and incomprehensible manner, embodied in Himself the divine PrincipleReappearance, 49:consciousness. How He will come and in what manner is not yet stated. The exact moment has not yetReappearance, 54:also present that He would come again in like manner. He ascended. The cloud received Him; todayReappearance, 57:Will of God (His Father's business) in such a manner that the eternal will-to-good will beReappearance, 63:today as having been born in an unnatural manner, as having taught and preached for three years andReappearance, 73:held for future use, and focused in such a manner or condition that its force can be directedReappearance, 74:today over-shadowing the Christ in much the same manner as Christ (two thousand years ago)Reappearance, 75:focused itself in the person of the Christ in a manner hitherto unknown. This is the potency,Reappearance, 85:loose (in the Aquarian Age) in a new and dynamic manner the new energies needed in order to bringReappearance, 126:This advance will become definite and clear in a manner not understood today, at some point duringReappearance, 167:for it in a gentle, futile and innocuous manner. He finds himself helpless before the task ofSoul, 23:responses the animal makes in much the same manner as would be used by the physicist or chemist inSoul, 29:which it uses in such a wise and significant manner that the best results may be achieved? CannotSoul, 76:the doctrine of the soul in the following manner: "He believed the soul to have three parts. One,Soul, 109:fully justified. But Brahma, considered in this manner as within man (and one might consider it inSoul, 109:as within man (and one might consider it in like manner in relation to every state of being) isTelepathy, 5:Let us voice these laws in the simplest manner possible. When [6] each member of the group canTelepathy, 34:of transmission. The method of transmission. The manner of reception. The mode of interrelatedTelepathy, 55:you at any given moment, and then in what manner it conditions you. [56] You will see, therefore,Telepathy, 92:lesson of adapting his environment in such a manner that he can impress others and the impressionTelepathy, 117:for their progress. No Master works in this manner, and the Masters have therefore to use certainTelepathy, 118:to work in a fresh and in an entirely new manner: The Plan IS substance. It is essentiallyTelepathy, 121:these concern consciousness in a most specific manner; they are the substantial energies ofTelepathy, 141:presented the occult [141] teaching in such a manner that it travestied the true teaching andTelepathy, 145:any plane, no matter how high, except in this manner. According to the focus of the consciousness,Telepathy, 164:their own triangles and yet, in a paradoxical manner, they are responsible for the "squares"Telepathy, 186:can therefore be depicted in the following manner: with the completed circle of the entire energyTelepathy, 191:"receptive and distributing agents" in an unique manner: The Ajna Center (the center between the
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