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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MANTRAM

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Astrology, 570:points in time - two stanzas of a great occult mantram. The first stanza, used in 1936, referred toDiscipleship1, 140:I would like to give you a special formula or mantram and I have chosen the following phrases to beDiscipleship1, 158:in bliss. For you, too, today I have a mantram which may be of service: "Joy settles as a birdDiscipleship1, 223:health. Will you say each day the following mantram: "Within the circle of the will of God, IDiscipleship1, 224:standing, see." Three words stand out in this mantram and to them I will call your attention; theDiscipleship1, 265:yet equal to the power latent within you. The mantram which I have chosen for you is intended toDiscipleship1, 305:all the power of your soul behind them. Add the mantram I earlier gave you: "I am the Way myself,Discipleship1, 306:reach them and the group life can flow. Say the mantram of the Disciples Degree: "May the energy ofDiscipleship1, 475:meditation form to follow and I include in it a mantram which you can use daily or when swept byDiscipleship2, 118:with solemn, voiced intent the formula or Mantram of Unification, beginning "The sons of men areDiscipleship2, 123:you were asked to say as a soul the great Mantram of Unification. Discipleship2, 123:the head and the heart. Repeat thoughtfully the mantram which eventually leads to the realizationDiscipleship2, 124:the ray of the soul. 7. Then again repeat the Mantram of Unification, beginning "The sons of menDiscipleship2, 146:renew your pledge to your Master and say the Mantram of Unification I gave you some years ago: TheDiscipleship2, 148:service. Pledge yourself to the Master. Say the mantram: "The sons of men are one... VI. IntensiveDiscipleship2, 173:without reciprocal action by humanity. This mantram is peculiarly and essentially Christ's ownDiscipleship2, 173:is peculiarly and essentially Christ's own mantram and its "sound has gone forth" to the entireDiscipleship2, Here t:I am going to give you today a very ancient mantram which is called the Affirmation of a Disciple.Discipleship2, 175:your whole heart as a soul the following ancient mantram: "I am a point of light within a greaterDiscipleship2, 175:to approach this most important and significant mantram from the highest possible point of yourDiscipleship2, 258:void of darkness" and chanted aloud the occult mantram "My God, My God, why hast thou forsaken me,"Discipleship2, 303:through the conscious and constant use of a mantram. [304] If this outline for thinking isExternalisation, 141:3. Endeavor to use the following formula or mantram every day. It is a modernized and mysticallyExternalisation, 142:the present is an effect. For many of you this mantram will be in the nature of a recovery of anExternalisation, 154:you use the Great Invocation and its subsidiary mantram. The keynote of the first aspect isExternalisation, 160:still higher Forces. He is invoked by a special mantram and transmits the appeal to the One WhoseExternalisation, 249:adequate translation or paraphrase of this power-mantram, nor is it easy to step it downExternalisation, 321:with whom I am in touch: The use of the great mantram or invocation - in two parts (see Pages 144,Externalisation, 338:of time - two Stanzas or parts of a great occult mantram, the first one to help focus the aspirantsExternalisation, 438:appearance, through the use of a great first ray mantram. This can be used only by someone of HisExternalisation, 440:Moon, the Buddha [440] will sound out a great mantram and become the "absorbing Agent" of the firstExternalisation, 659:is due to the fact that humanity is using this mantram in steadily increasing numbers, and this -Fire, 756:date from a certain Wesak festival at which a mantram (known only to those attaining the seventhFire, 771:to sound a WORD. This sound expands into a mantram and the solar angels vibrate in response. ThereFire, 771:As the solar Angels continue sounding out the mantram, which is the basis of their work, the lunarFire, 772:Pitris respond [772] to certain sounds in that mantram (not to all by any means at first) andFire, 772:must proceed. So the Word is the basis of the mantram, and the mantram is the basis of the formula.Fire, 772:So the Word is the basis of the mantram, and the mantram is the basis of the formula. At eachFire, 772:be constructed; the Master then sounds the mantram for Himself, and builds without formulas in theFire, 772:The solar Angels direct the vibration, and the mantram for that particular [773] type of Ego isFire, 774:is emitted. This dual sound is the basis of the mantram upon which the Ego's cycle of incarnationFire, 776:is revolving more rapidly. (2.) Pronouncing the mantram which will make possible the 777Fire, 776:based on these figures, and through the mantram (which grows in volume, depth and number of soundsFire, 779:atoms. In the dual sounding of the egoic mantram by the lowest of the three groups changes areFire, 783:work entirely under the influence of the egoic mantram. If these differentiations are studied aFire, 785:a certain note and vibration will respond to the mantram and to the subsequent vibrations issuingFire, 786:His scheme. A man speaks, and a very diversified mantram is the result. The energy thus generatedFire, 928:of the physical vehicle. 85 Mantric Sounds. A mantram is a combination of sounds, of words and ofFire, 928:or destructive upon the planes. The potency of a mantram depends upon the point in evolution of theFire, 928:Phrase - Fifth plane - The plane of the logoic mantram of 35 stanzas. The gaseous body. The gaseousFire, 928:in. The lesser builders respond to the logoic mantram chanted anew at each manvantara, and theFire, 1006:form is ready to receive its astral sheath. The mantram deals with the forces which impel activityFire, 1026:solar Angel. He accomplishes this by means of a mantram. No clue can be given to this, owing to theFire, 1264:Sensa characters; these characters embody the mantram, whereby the adept insulates himself from theFire, 1264:Sphere is formed of a serpent inscribed with the mantram of insulation. Quality - Cosmic stabilityHealing, 103:between the eyes. Then say the following group mantram: "With purity of motive, inspired by aHealing, 359:the sheik which was, in its turn, released by a mantram. This is definitely not spiritual healing.Healing, 361:the name of the Blessed One will appear. But the mantram for His coming age is not yet for use. TheHealing, 361:it would release. Today, is there a more potent mantram than the oft spoken word: "For Christ'sHealing, 542:an act of the will and the use of an invocative mantram - the healer will seek to implement thisHealing, 651:He is making no affirmation and uses no healing mantram. The process outlined here is that of theInitiation, 105:of the Silent Watcher, and - employing the great mantram whereby the Buddha can be reached - calledInitiation, 144:physical planet. By the use of a particular mantram the Initiator then focuses the energy in hisInitiation, 221:Verses from the Vedas. In the esoteric sense a mantram (or that psychic faculty or power thatInitiation, 221:of the Brahmanas. In esoteric phraseology mantram is the word made flesh, or rendered objectiveMeditation, 164:attention drawn in any specific direction. A mantram, when rightly sounded forth, creates a vacuumMeditation, 164:is afforded the pupil of being custodian of a mantram whereby he may call his Master. There areMeditation, 164:the Words are sounded forth, until we reach the mantram of our planet, which is based on the key ofMeditation, 164:a year the entire Hierarchy employs a composite mantram that creates a vacuum between the highestMeditation, 165:may participate at times in the chanting of the mantram under the Master's direction. Mantrams, orMeditation, 166:will start his meditation by the use of his ray mantram, thereby adjusting his position in theMeditation, 166:in the scheme; he will follow this with the mantram that calls his Master, and which puts him enMeditation, 178:Secondly, the average man, even if he knows the mantram, will probably fail in calling a deva, forMeditation, 186:be for these three types of mantrams another mantram which will bring about their union andMeditation, 193:in unison, and sound together the same note or mantram. They must also be animated by pure love,Meditation, 198:employed. By the chanting of a certain mantram by means of the slow, measured movements thatMeditation, 355:Verses from the Vedas. In the esoteric sense a mantram (or that psychic faculty or power thatMeditation, 355:of the Brahmanas. In esoteric phraseology mantram is the word made flesh, or rendered objectivePsychology1, 79:familiar and the best known of the rays. The mantram which defines its purpose is unlike the othersPsychology1, 80:story of man's cruelty to man. In the above mantram. you will find the clue to the sixth rayPsychology2, 145:continue to be used, for it is the inaugurating mantram of the incoming seventh ray. This is thePsychology2, 145:seventh ray. This is the first time such a mantram has been brought to the attention of humanity. Rays, 175:by the aspirant to initiation, is nevertheless a mantram definitely appropriate to the thirdRays, 427:Sphere is formed of a serpent inscribed with the mantram of insulation Quality gained CosmicRays, 769: The Rays and the Initiations - Appendix A Fire Mantram The point of light within the glowing arc,Telepathy, 197:of humanity's load. There is a certain esoteric Mantram which embodies this attitude - the attitudeTelepathy, 197:also to choose the Way of that approach. The Mantram bears the name, "The Affirmation of the
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