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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MANTRAMS

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Autobiography, 275:Posture, the use of ancient formulas, words and mantrams, breathing exercises, mysterious hints asDiscipleship1, 303:meditation, though refraining from any use of mantrams and from visualization exercises other thanExternalisation, 144:innocuous and futile. Words of Power, ancient mantrams (such as the Lord's Prayer) and the GreatExternalisation, 149:to impart certain of these Words of Power and mantrams and to institute that new and potentFire, 366:be brought about through knowledge of certain mantrams and formulae. On this we may not enlarge asFire, 366:formulae. On this we may not enlarge as these mantrams are esoteric and the use of them is fraughtFire, 449:called Yoga, in which the recitation of certain mantrams, or verses of Sanskrit, is prescribed.Fire, 449:psychic potentiality of the Sanskrit charms, or mantrams is only drawn out by the adoption of aFire, 449:are concerned, very largely fall into a group of mantrams, hidden in the consciousness of the LordsFire, 450:pointed out - of the knowledge of these mantrams and the need to safeguard them from interferenceFire, 451:Logos, which fall naturally into five groups: Mantrams which deal with etheric matter, and controlFire, 451:matter, and control the devas of the ethers. Mantrams which deal with dense physical matter andFire, 452:In dealing very briefly with the question of mantrams, it is to be recognized that "The time is notFire, 452:is somewhat developed, this knowledge of mantrams remains practically useless and may be even aFire, 463:Owing to the recognition by man of the value of mantrams, and his gradual comprehension of the trueFire, 481:to give out the transmutative formulas, or the mantrams that manipulate the matter of space. OnlyFire, 772:lunar Pitris respond no more to the sounds or mantrams chanted on the mental plane. This isFire, 772:man begins to tread the Probationary Path, the mantrams of the solar Angels begin to die down, andFire, 772:is revealed. Then the Word is fully known, and mantrams and formulas have no further use. Thus isFire, 772:sounded on cosmic levels is being resolved into mantrams on the cosmic etheric planes, for He is inFire, 795:and knowledge of the necessary sounds and mantrams, and thus much evil will be offset. The ethericFire, 882:the astral plane? Guyha vidya - The science of mantrams. The secret knowledge of mystic mantrams.Fire, 882:of mantrams. The secret knowledge of mystic mantrams. The occult potency of sound, of the Word.Fire, 928:from them. The most sacred of all the Eastern mantrams given out as yet to the public is the oneFire, 928:for good are infinite and far-reaching. Mantrams are of many kinds, and generally speaking might beFire, 928:be enumerated as follows: Some very esoteric mantrams, existing in the original Sensa, in theFire, 928:custody of the Great White Lodge. Some Sanskrit mantrams employed by initiates and adepts. MantramsFire, 928:mantrams employed by initiates and adepts. Mantrams connected with the different rays. MantramsFire, 928:Mantrams connected with the different rays. Mantrams used in healing. Mantrams used in theFire, 928:the different rays. Mantrams used in healing. Mantrams used in the departments of either the Manu,Fire, 928:the Manu, the Bodhisattva, or the Mahachohan. Mantrams used in connection with the devas and theFire, 928:the devas and the elemental kingdoms. Special mantrams connected with fire. All these mantramsFire, 928:Special mantrams connected with fire. All these mantrams depend for their potency upon the soundFire, 950:work in mental matter. (3) By the use of certain mantrams and words which bring in interplanetaryFire, 981:in the form of Words of Power and of those mantrams and formulae which set in motion the hiddenFire, 981:will be theirs and the new expressions, words, mantrams and formulas will be entrusted to theirFire, 1003:through a parrot-like capacity to repeat mantrams. These are, at times, hidden in the subconsciousFire, 1015:of certain formulas, and until these sounds and mantrams are imparted and known, it is not safe forFire, 1021:should he not be cognizant of the forms and mantrams by which the new group of builders can beHealing, 166:above requirements the use of certain Words and Mantrams, then the academic knowledge would indeedHealing, 361:soon perhaps) that healing groups will employ mantrams of a definite kind, and that in thoseHealing, 361:mantrams of a definite kind, and that in those mantrams the name of the Blessed One will appear.Healing, 693:more at this time would not be wise; so many mantrams and Words of Power have been communicated,Initiation, 143:as follows: First: The chanting of certain mantrams sets loose energy from a particular planetaryInitiation, 145:are brought about by the use of chanted mantrams and the sacred ceremonial pacing and interweavingInitiation, 221:abstract mind, and lower or concrete mind. [221] Mantrams Verses from the Vedas. In the esotericMagic, 318:shell", or by "insulation" through the power of mantrams and visualization. These two methods areMeditation, 89:not be possible to impart forms, invocations and mantrams of a specific character; it will not beMeditation, 113:he needs to master, he learns by the wise use of mantrams, by retiring into seclusion, by isolationMeditation, 113:the use of collective forms and not individual mantrams; he does not work so much in isolation asMeditation, 113:the same. Forms may be individual or collective, mantrams may be chanted by units or by groups,Meditation, 121:that, in attempting to use certain forms and mantrams without the permission of the Teacher,Meditation, 127:of cure will be definite exorcism by the aid of mantrams and ceremonial (such as religious ritual).Meditation, 127:ritual). Qualified persons will use these mantrams at night when the obsessing entity may beMeditation, 127:to be absent during the hours of sleep. These mantrams will call the real owner back, will build aMeditation, 128:can be brought about through specific forms and mantrams and that in this contact lies peril forMeditation, 130:and to learn the forms and ceremonies, the mantrams and the keywords, that will bring those forcesMeditation, 154:on certain rays. [154] Forms used in healing. Mantrams. Forms used in one of the three Departments:Meditation, 162:suffice it to indicate somewhat the types of mantrams there will be in use, or are now in use amongMeditation, 162:either objective or subjective. These forms or mantrams are much more in use among orientals and inMeditation, 162:understood and its effect studied, these mantrams will be adopted in the occident. Some of them areMeditation, 163:for initiation. There are a few very esoteric mantrams that exist in the original Sensa, and thatMeditation, 163:of that plane and of all contained therein. Mantrams in any tongue are founded on them, even thoughMeditation, 163:practically useless. Certain of these original mantrams are chanted in unison by the Brotherhood onMeditation, 163:races. Again there are, as You know, certain mantrams in Sanskrit that are employed by students inMeditation, 163:to call the attention of some one Master. These mantrams are communicated to Their disciples, andMeditation, 164:he may call his Master. There are also seven mantrams that are known to the three Great Lords andMeditation, 164:are called in the Christian Bible. One of these mantrams, which causes contact with the Logos ofMeditation, 165:and links us up with our cosmic center. Ray mantrams. Each ray has its own formulas and soundsMeditation, 165:composite whole, vibrating to one note. These mantrams are one of the secrets of the last threeMeditation, 165:of the mantram under the Master's direction. Mantrams, or formulas of words, sung by the pupil,Meditation, 165:direct effect on one of the three bodies. These mantrams are largely already in use - though in aMeditation, 165:valueless now - are based on the use of mantrams and some day when there is an Initiate Head to allMeditation, 165:societies, and religious bodies) the old mantrams will be given back in pure form to the peoples.Meditation, 166:pure form to the peoples. [166] There are also mantrams for use in healing, and for the developmentMeditation, 166:development of certain psychic faculties. Some mantrams have a direct effect on the centers of theMeditation, 166:complete vivification of the center. Still other mantrams act upon the hidden fire, but I will dealMeditation, 166:the higher mind holds greater sway, these occult mantrams - rightly imparted and rightly enunciatedMeditation, 173:shall be able to deal with them as one, for the mantrams and forms used in contacting the devas,Meditation, 177:- Letter VI - The Use of Form in Meditation Mantrams of Power The mantrams that hold the secret ofMeditation, 177:Use of Form in Meditation Mantrams of Power The mantrams that hold the secret of power are, as youMeditation, 177:four: Of prime importance are the protective mantrams. The mantrams that call the elementals andMeditation, 177:importance are the protective mantrams. The mantrams that call the elementals and lesser devas, andMeditation, 177:the magnetic radius of the one who calls. The mantrams that impose upon the elementals and lesserMeditation, 177:and lesser devas the will of the one who calls. Mantrams that break the charm, if I may put it so,Meditation, 177:radius of the caller. These four groups of mantrams refer especially to the calling and contactingMeditation, 178:Deva Lords. This brings me to another group of mantrams used in connection with the devasMeditation, 178:connection with the devas themselves. Rhythmic mantrams, that put the one who uses them in contactMeditation, 178:in contact with the deva group he seeks. These mantrams are, of course, forms of Ray Mantrams, forMeditation, 178:These mantrams are, of course, forms of Ray Mantrams, for they call the devas on some one ray.Meditation, 178:for they call the devas on some one ray. These mantrams again will vary if the man himself is onMeditation, 178:as the group he calls. You ask why protective mantrams are not used first as in the case of callingMeditation, 178:Principally for the following reason. The mantrams calling elementals are more easily found andMeditation, 178:the elementary lives it works the other way. Mantrams that permit of intercourse with the devasMeditation, 179:forms open the avenues of mutual comprehension. Mantrams that influence groups, and others thatMeditation, 179:until you contact devas of a very high order. Mantrams that directly call the attention of one ofMeditation, 180:or formless; it is the medium through which the mantrams work, from those that touch the elementalMeditation, 180:to some specific point, and the chanting of mantrams but put the one who is thus working into theMeditation, 181:utilize them wisely when called, [181] hence the mantrams we have enumerated above are only putMeditation, 181:to contact the devas, and, through the use of mantrams gather them to him, he would find that the
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