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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MARES

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Hercules, 27:- Labor I LABOR I The Capture of the Man-eating Mares (Aries, March 21st - April 20th) The Myth TheHercules, 27:the Gate, and there he raised the horses and the mares of war, upon the marshes of his land. WildHercules, 27:his land. Wild were these horses and fierce the mares and all men trembled at their sound, for theyHercules, 27:most wild and evil horses. "Capture these mares, and stop these evil deeds," was the command whichHercules, 27:of that land. Finally, he cornered these wild mares within a field [28] wherein there was noHercules, 28:that he deemed it 'neath his dignity to hold the mares or drive them on the Way to Diomedes. HeHercules, 28:weak and feared the task. He could not hold the mares, or harness them or drive them through theHercules, 28:Hercules returned unto his task. He sought the mares again from place to place, leaving his friend,Hercules, 30:god of war, possesses a large number of brood mares. These were running wild, devastating theHercules, 30:on the neighborhood. Besides this, these brood mares were breeding great numbers of war horses, andHercules, 30:attempts had been made to do so, but always the mares had escaped after killing the horses and menHercules, 30:Before he could take steps to prevent it, the mares turned on Abderis and trampled him to death,Hercules, 31:efforts he again succeeded in capturing the mares. This first labor, therefore, starts with aHercules, 35:false ideas and erring human concepts. The brood mares, such as we meet in this first labor,Hercules, 35:sign is the pioneering, militant spirit. The mares were in the possession of Diomedes, the son ofHercules, 36:as he started upon the capture of the man-eating mares, he discovered in himself the guarantee ofHercules, 37:to gain mental control. For ages the brood mares of thought had been breeding war horses and,Hercules, 37:neighborhood and environment through the brood mares of his mind. He has, therefore, to learn theHercules, 37:prove that he possesses these devastating brood mares, if for one entire day he pays closeHercules, 37:part of his thought content and that the brood mares of his mind are constantly being fertilized byHercules, 37:selfishness and illusion. Instead of these brood mares giving birth to ideas and concepts whichHercules, 37:Hercules realized the harm that the brood mares were doing. He rushed gallantly to the rescue ofHercules, 37:neighborhood. He determined to capture the brood mares, but he over-estimated himself. He didHercules, 61:the wild lands, up and down which the man-eating mares ravaged; nor was he confined to the littleHercules, 116:In Aries the conquering of the man-eating mares so inflated his ego that he stalked on ahead inHercules, 116:that he stalked on ahead in pride and left the mares to Abderis, his personality, with the resultHercules, 158:mind in his endeavor to capture the man-eating mares, and met with failure because he dealt withHercules, 225:through the capture of the Man-Eating Mares, we see him make his start, react to thought impulse,Hercules, 228:of thought. In Aries he captured the Man-Eating Mares and bent them to his use. Now he slays the
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