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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MARKED

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Astrology, 159:only ten signs, and - at that time - Capricorn marked the end of the zodiacal wheel, and not PiscesAstrology, 160:Sagittarius were evidenced. Aries to Capricorn marked the circle of experience. In Atlantean days,Astrology, 370:conditioned your experience, and the results are marked in the life of the advanced disciple. Astrology, 397:is a hard one for he embodies in himself, to a marked degree, outstanding limitations as regardsAstrology, 401:sharp division between body and soul which is so marked a characteristic of the Taurian subject. ItAstrology, 572:their place upon the ladder of evolution and marked a relatively useful point of service, but oneAutobiography, 111:so many of them enter the ministry. This period marked another phase in the expansion of myAutobiography, 133:hope to show, if I can, what it really is. This marked the opening of a new spiritual era in myAutobiography, 225:so gracious and so stately and her arrival marked the beginning of a very real friendship betweenAutobiography, 301:in the days to come. A.A.B. has succeeded to a marked degree in impregnating her School with theBethlehem, 40:new love replace the old. The Birth at Bethlehem marked the beginning of the long way of tragedy ofBethlehem, 40:LIII, 3.) It was the beginning of the end, and marked His initiation into higher states ofBethlehem, 52:- John Oxenham. [52] Again, every initiation is marked by the enunciation of a Word of Power. TheBethlehem, 63:south. This character has survived, and is in marked contrast to its nature amongst the LatinBethlehem, 100:on nothing will be the same. This initiation marked a tremendous change in the life of Jesus ofBethlehem, 143:likeness with the Divine Will, passes through a marked spiritual experience, in which the greatBethlehem, 180:has each such node or point of condensation been marked by the appearance of an actual and heroicBethlehem, 184:and apart from the keynote which He sounded, marked the closing of a great cosmic cycle, but itBethlehem, 184:the closing of a great cosmic cycle, but it marked also the opening of that door into the kingdomBethlehem, 193:the Creator, producing in humanity that strongly marked inferiority complex with which todayBethlehem, 243:in all [243] realms of human thought which marked the early part of the last century, and that weBethlehem, 257:that which is subjective and real. His coming marked the line of demarcation between the world ofBethlehem, 259:work was unique in its time and place, for it marked a consummation of the past, and an entranceDestiny, 76:a whole, came to [76] the world via France. It marked a climax and high point in the evolution ofDestiny, 91:Venus. This confers the intelligence which is so marked in the American people and will eventuallyDestiny, 137:development of the intellectual faculty and a marked increase of creative work during this time.Discipleship1, 129:versatile, advanced second ray type. You have a marked ability to do many things well and a decidedDiscipleship1, 136:is this second ray quality of yours - strongly marked and the product of a long series ofDiscipleship1, 137:world selfishness and a tendency (strongly marked in you, my brother) to feel the futility ofDiscipleship1, 326:to cultivate. This you have attempted to do with marked success. The practice of these qualitiesDiscipleship1, 514:was notably augmented. The past six months have marked an interlude wherein there has been a greatDiscipleship1, 515:a soul on the subtler planes. There has been no marked gain. Such interludes are inevitable; thereDiscipleship1, 750:inevitable happening that every step forward is marked by disturbances, by points of crisis andDiscipleship2, 173:not my will but thine be done." Those words marked the relinquishing of the vehicles through whichDiscipleship2, 173:waited to bring that mission to fruition; it has marked also for him the entrance into a new cycleDiscipleship2, 292:could focus and direct his course by sight, it marked a stupendous unfoldment and his first realDiscipleship2, 316:the separating curtain in Atlantean times, it marked the beginning of an interlude of darkness, ofDiscipleship2, 450:by which you must and will abide, because they marked a certain high water mark of your soul'sDiscipleship2, 748:do, and along with all disciples are, therefore, marked "for protection," as it is esotericallyExternalisation, 4:vibratory activity increased. [4] The world war marked a climax in the history of mankind, and itsExternalisation, 190:intelligence, vision and experience, plus a marked goodwill, should indicate leadership. TheExternalisation, 218:It is of ancient lineage. The issues are clearly marked between right and wrong, between crueltyExternalisation, 316:the ocean of the two world disciples and leaders marked a crisis in world affairs. The Eight PointsExternalisation, 448:of Christianity), or in the phraseology of a marked pacifism or a dominating, religious, temporalFire, 12:the sphere within the greater circle which marked the goal for man. *** "AUM," said the Mighty One,Fire, 18:which had waited all the Triads, the hour that marked the solemn point of juncture, arrived withinFire, 47:of the three essential fires of the cosmos marked the point of logoic attainment, so, in theFire, 57:system. Just as initiation and liberation are marked in this solar system by the blending of theFire, 57:Spirit, so in an earlier cycle attainment was marked by the blending of the latent fires of matterFire, 102:of some one ray aspect, and its quality marked predominantly on all its evolution. Prana,Fire, 144:has for one of its branches a subsidiary Law of marked development called the Law of Repulsion. TheFire, 190:plane of densest manifestation, and of the most marked effects of sound, regarding it as a creatingFire, 415:is approximately midway through. This will be marked by the disappearance or absorption of certainFire, 426:source in the seventh round. This will be marked by obscuration and the destruction of the form.Fire, 532:of evolution, the result within the center is a marked increase of vibration. The permanent atomsFire, 579:nebulosity of a pronouncedly volatile condition, marked the first round and race. Movement, and theFire, 785:all entities, macrocosmic and microcosmic. It is marked by the active cooperation of another groupFire, 789:primarily of group force. It is predominantly marked by an act of an exterior force, and is lost inGlamour, 71:and the desire life of the family unit becomes marked and emphasized, constituting then inheritedGlamour, 71:characteristics and they are so persistent and marked that they are usually recognized as embodyingHealing, 61:this latter inhibition and have a tradition or a marked tendency to greater emotional control inHealing, 61:have women. Men do not require or acquire so marked a sex control. The general field of theirHealing, 305:materialism. In these so distant aeons that marked attainment, whereas in this solar system itHealing, 432:years' time - the new attitude will begin to be marked and the fear of death will begin to die outHealing, 463:and of disposition. These become increasingly marked until the twenty-first year, when theyHealing, 666:to the war than has yet been realized. It marked a world turning point; it reoriented humanityHealing, 671:of the will-to-power (forcing evil to leave Him) marked a most important crisis in the life of theHercules, 58:an apple in his hand, "The Way to us is always marked by service. Deeds of love are signposts onHercules, 76:Love-Wisdom, and she gives to Hercules an apple marked with the golden word Service. Hesperis, theHercules, 95:and warriors, and as he stood the watching gods marked his firm step, his eager eye, his readyHercules, 127:Libra presents us with many paradoxes, and marked extremes, depending on whether one is on theHercules, 215:ecliptic and about eighteen degrees apart, which marked out the path of the sun either in itsHercules, 215:or in its diurnal course, when the divisions marked the hours of the day and night." Astrology, theInitiation, 209:not all form but one completed ladder of clearly marked proportions? Always a gap appeareth to theInitiation, 210:are freed but to be held. Only the empty nail-marked hands can keep the chain complete. Where endsIntellect, 23:upper classes, and to the man who showed a marked aptitude for spiritual culture. Under theIntellect, 40:peculiar genius and manifestations, but also its marked defects. The premises upon which theMeditation, 55:of the synthetic ray into manifestation. It marked duality or reflex love. Subtone three of theMeditation, 55:is the basic note of the five lower planes. It marked activity or adaptability. Subtone four of theMeditation, 290:[290] experience, with longer periods will it be marked, until there comes a time when the pupilMeditation, 339:of transition from one subplane to another is marked by certain tests applied at night, what onePatanjali, 244:The stages in concentration are themselves well marked and can be stated as follows: The choice ofPatanjali, x:effort. This period, in our Aryan race, marked a climax for the East. Since then the tide ofProblemsthat the nature of the problems has changed to a marked degree. For example, problems relating toProblems, 96:within a nation, though this has been less marked in Great Britain, Holland, France and Italy thanPsychology1, 165:the seventh subray influence, still going on, is marked by the steady increase of ritualism andPsychology1, 165:in France and elsewhere, may have also marked the [166] progress of the same period, during whichPsychology1, 243:will be so powerful that there will be a marked pouring in of ray one, with its stimulation of thePsychology1, 244:child and the adolescent. They work out today as marked stages in the development of all disciplesPsychology1, 402:ray. The differentiation becomes clearly marked, and the sense of duality becomes more definitelyPsychology2, 145:in the Great Invocation which has been used with marked effect. It should continue to be used, forPsychology2, 196:out in every nation and in every group as a marked tendency to good will. In 1942, there will comePsychology2, 582:has an integrating effect and temporarily is marked by a complete and necessary cessation of theRays, 5:materialized a very high stage of advancement is marked, but the earlier stages can beRays, 385:initiation as the first major initiation; it marked a point of complete soul-personalityRays, 385:years; but when this fusion first occurred, it marked a great hierarchical event. It was a crisisRays, 480:primarily of group force. It is predominantly marked by an act of an exterior force, and is lost inRays, 621:has been an ideal. The world war (1914-1945) marked a culminating point in the work of theRays, 766:In the bloodstained feet and the nail-marked hands lies hid the secret. Seek you them. Then doorReappearance, 28:and of poised, quiescent will." This statement marked a point of crisis and of determination in the
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