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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MARRIAGE

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Astrology, 42:with extraneous aid. They achieve through a "marriage" with the order next to them, the fifth. TheyAstrology, 42:of Buddhi, is the esoteric cause of the cosmic marriage of spirit and matter, based on the love andAstrology, 213:emphasis upon [213] the inviolable nature of the marriage bond when endorsed by the Church. ThisAstrology, 321:is between the two planets. In this esoteric marriage, you have pictured for humanity a majorAstrology, 385:elevated into its rightful plane as the divine marriage, carried out and consummated upon theAutobiography, 28:as a portrait of her, painted at the time of her marriage early in the 19th century, proves. TheAutobiography, 29:He was not a blood relation but a connection by marriage and to all of us just "Uncle Billie." HeAutobiography, 33:teas and dinners and being definitely in the marriage market. I was, at that time, deeply religiousAutobiography, 34:There was no future ahead of me, except marriage and the humdrum life of my caste and set. I hatedAutobiography, 88:were) that the possibility or the probability of marriage between them and the soldiers was simplyAutobiography, 101:my back were over, arrangements were made for my marriage. What little money I had was legallyAutobiography, 102:north of England. A connection [102] of mine by marriage who was at the wedding and who is relatedAutobiography, 104:both tried at this time to make a success of our marriage, but it was a failure. I think I wouldAutobiography, 105:feeling, except that I did not believe in marriage between the colored races and the white for itAutobiography, 112:who had made what seemed to be an unfortunate marriage, that I had forgotten to be Alice Evans, aAutobiography, 177:had some elderly friend live with me. After marriage my husband and the children themselves haveAutobiography, 180:license bureau to recommend a clergyman for the marriage ceremony and [181] getting married atAutobiography, 201:The church fulminates against the modern view of marriage and its disillusion but offers noAutobiography, 201:the view that if a divorce is procured any later marriage is adultery. I remember so well in thisAutobiography, 206:more than anything else in the world except my marriage to Foster Bailey. This friend wasAutobiography, 227:Meredith Pugh which was a most unfortunate marriage, though the indications were that it should notDiscipleship1, 32:foremost pioneering members. This is the true "marriage in the Heavens" of which mysticalDiscipleship2, 454:both in your personality life through your marriage and in the world through the order which youEducation, 139:that all will be well. The motives leading to marriage will undergo profound changes during theExternalisation, 77:down the ages and has governed the rules of marriage and the preparation of food instead of beingExternalisation, 170:are thereby related within the human being; the "marriage in the heavens" takes place and the taskExternalisation, 699:divinely; They will express the highest ideal of marriage (I would here remind you that many of theFire, 227:by the union of the two poles, or by the occult marriage of male and female, of Spirit (father) andFire, 236:the periphery of His cosmic opposite, and the marriage of the Son is effected. The two cosmic unitsFire, 240:or the basic will. He is the child born of their marriage or at-one-ment. He assumes objectivity inFire, 241:fire" drops into matter. This is the systemic marriage of the Father and the Mother. The result isFire, 258:with that polar opposite. This is the cosmic marriage of the Logos. g. A solar Logos isFire, 280:human, planetary, spiritual, solar and cosmic marriage. This idea is comparatively simple inFire, 475:attitude of men and women to the sex question, marriage and the work of procreation will resultFire, 513:out after the Not-Self, producing the cosmic Marriage; it is the logoic demonstration of the sexFire, 554:This is a deep mystery and concerns the cosmic marriage of the Logos. It will be apparent,Fire, 672:the point." Herein lies the key to the mystic marriage, and to the student of occultism much may beFire, 672:Consequently, the correspondence of the mystic marriage of Spirit and matter can be seen workingFire, 829:it from the aspect of polarity and of the mystic marriage, from [830] the comprehension of the realFire, 908:is responsible for the reaction against physical marriage, and for the desire evinced by highlyFire, 908:by highly evolved men everywhere to evade the marriage relation, and confine themselves to creationFire, 908:be controlled, will be withheld. Laxness in the marriage relation, due to this particular cause, isFire, 909:The ceremonial ray has been often called "the marriage ritual of the Son," because upon this rayFire, 909:years, for they will see great changes in the marriage laws. The present laxity will inevitablyFire, 909:not be along the line of making escape from the marriage relation more difficult, but will takeFire, 909:taught and guarded, and indiscriminate, hasty marriage will not be permitted, nor will juveniles beFire, 909:juveniles be allowed rashly to enter into the marriage obligation. There is no need to enlargeFire, 916:divine Aspirant to the mysteries of the cosmic marriage, was (in a previous system) the dominantFire, 1044:learn somewhat concerning "polar affinity," the "Marriage in the Heavens," the transference of theFire, 1168:aspect in the mineral kingdom. It concerns the marriage of the atoms, and the romance of theFire, 1169:is again androgynous. It is [1169] the law of marriage, and finds some aspects of its manifestationFire, 1169:some aspects of its manifestation not only in marriage of men and animals in the physical sense,Fire, 1169:in the physical sense, but in the "occult marriage" of The Soul and the Spirit. The Son with hisFire, 1169:positive ones earlier pointed out. The systemic marriage, or the merging of the two final planetaryFire, 1169:their absorption of the other forces. The cosmic marriage, or the merging of our solar system withFire, 1169:cosmic pole, another constellation. The cosmic marriage of stars and Systems is the cause of theFire, 1172:the planets with each other and their eventual marriage. As we know, the planetary schemes (theFire, 1200:extraneous aid. This they achieve through a "marriage" with the order next to them, the fifth. TheyFire, 1200:of Buddhi, is the esoteric cause of the cosmic marriage of spirit and matter, based on the love andFire, 1209:hierarchy on to self expression and forcing the "marriage of the poles." The whole subject is veryFire, 1216:law is sometimes called "The first step towards marriage," for it results in an eventual unionFire, 1283:the comprehension of the highest Chohan - the marriage song of the Heavenly Man. Healing, 229:time there also arose the first tendencies to marriage, as differentiated from promiscuity; theHealing, 230:until it has culminated in our present system of marriage and our stress in the Occident uponHealing, 230:- owing to the more modern views concerning marriage and divorce. Secondly, definite and rapidHealing, 303:of the Sixth Ray opened the door to an erroneous marriage between the poles." Hercules, 21:disciples. The next episode in his career is his marriage and the birth of three children, aHercules, 49:of Heaven. The other attitude, which makes marriage and all expression of the sex life a sin for aHercules, 51:of any of the sex perversions and who hold that marriage is not for the disciple, have mentalHercules, 52:given to the word is, to refrain from the marriage relation. Many young men and women, driven byHercules, 52:identify itself with the form? May not the real marriage relation, of which the physical planeInitiation, 4:Then will be known the mystery of "the marriage song of the heavens." The reader is also asked toInitiation, 173:Logos and his relation to the Solar Logos. "The Marriage of the Lamb" and the problem of theInitiation, 204:when duly and wisely participating in the marriage relation. An initiate cultivates a peculiarIntellect, 156:the Lord," the "vision of the Beloved," and "the marriage in the Heavens," the pouring out of theIntellect, 258:and idle speech. There is nothing sinful in marriage and it is probably the way out for many whoIntellect, 260:thinker and purely mental type evading marriage and as he frequently does leading a purely celibateMagic, 112:rare things a perfect friendship, a successful marriage, an unbreakable link between two. This isMagic, 287:Mother know the Father'. It has relation to the marriage in the Heavens. To Dare. These words giveMagic, 628:as it expresses itself through physical plane marriage, but as it finds its consummation (for man)Magic, 628:finds its consummation (for man) in the sublime marriage carried forward with conscious intentPsychology1, 40:is therefore the son of God, the product of the marriage of spirit and matter. The soul is anPsychology1, 267:the relation of the polar opposites, and of the marriage relation, whether that of men and women orPsychology1, 271:and psychological reactions, the many forms of marriage, and the many perversions of a naturalPsychology1, 271:book to enter into a detailed analysis of the marriage customs of the ages, past and present. It isPsychology1, 271:vice of promiscuity or the vice of an unhappy marriage. I can best serve you at this time byPsychology1, 275:carried on within or without the legalized marriage relation, have produced not only the world ofPsychology1, 275:part of, homes which are sanctified by legal marriage, and find (on a large scale) nothing butPsychology1, 275:of those who have avoided the responsibility of marriage, and find naught but discontent,Psychology1, 283:to a reorganization of the racial ideas on marriage and on sexual relations. This is due to thePsychology1, 283:to the general recognition of the varied marriage customs of the nations in the East and in thePsychology1, 286:of the sex problem and the restitution of the marriage relation to its intended position in thePsychology1, 286:position in the Mind of God. Today it is the marriage of two physical bodies. Sometimes it is thePsychology1, 286:of two physical bodies. Sometimes it is the marriage also of the emotional natures of the twoPsychology1, 286:the two people concerned. Rarely indeed is it a marriage of minds as well. Sometimes it is thePsychology1, 286:indeed found, then you have a true union, a real marriage, and a blending of the two in one. It isPsychology1, 286:has crept into their presentation of truth that marriage of this kind is essential for spiritualPsychology1, 286:remains in prison. They teach that through the marriage act, at-one-ment with [287] the soul isPsychology1, 287:there is no spiritual deliverance without this marriage. At-one-ment with the soul is an individualPsychology1, 287:however, lies truth. Where this true marriage and these ideal sexual relations on all three planes
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