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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MARRIAGE

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Psychology1, 287:manifest on earth. According to the scope of the marriage contact (if so unusual a form of wordsPsychology1, 287:a dissatisfaction with the present views on marriage, preparatory to the enunciation of certainPsychology1, 293:man towards sex, and in the readjustment of the marriage relationship. This new attitude willPsychology1, 294:appreciation of the true significance of marriage. The above applies to the intelligent,Psychology1, 294:difficult subject of sex I cannot say; what the marriage laws will be it is no part of my purposePsychology1, 295:thought of the future on the subject of sex and marriage. These premises are three in number; whenPsychology1, 295:relation of the sexes and their approach to the marriage relation will be regarded as a part of thePsychology1, 295:this will not be the result of laws regulating marriage, but a result of education in groupPsychology1, 296:This rule might be expressed as follows: True marriage and right sexual relation should involve thePsychology1, 296:and right sexual relation should involve the marriage of all three aspects of man's nature; therePsychology1, 296:only those will meet each other in the sacred marriage ritual who have reached the same point inPsychology1, 296:transmuting the lower into the higher centers; a marriage will be regarded as undesirable and thePsychology1, 297:see a restoration of the spiritual aspect of marriage. We shall see the coming in of that era whenPsychology1, 300:will do much to solve the problems of sex and marriage. Why will this be so? Because when this lawPsychology1, 304:and misunderstood; and it will be long before marriage and children assume their rightful place asPsychology1, 306:disappeared, and the beauty and consecration of marriage and of the manifestation of souls in formPsychology1, 306:no better training ground therefore than the marriage relation, rightly used and rightlyPsychology1, 314:body, and thus have consummated the "mystical marriage." The aggregate of these individualPsychology1, 337:opposites, leading to an eventual synthesis or marriage; it is relationship between the basicPsychology2, 48:the mystic endeavors to express in terms of the "marriage in the heavens", and which has beenPsychology2, 111:opposites, the fusion of the dualities, and the marriage of souls, I have uttered meaninglessPsychology2, 292:lower and higher selves. This eventuates in the "marriage in the Heavens." The power to createPsychology2, 448:and of the need for their fusion which has made marriage, and the consummating act of marriage, thePsychology2, 448:has made marriage, and the consummating act of marriage, the great mystical symbol of the greaterPsychology2, 531:such expressions as the "bride of Christ", the "marriage in the Heavens", the picture of Christ asPsychology2, 536:conditions are such that people refrain from marriage and there is consequently [537] the lack ofPsychology2, 543:the attainment of union - a union of which the marriage relation remains still the best symbol andPsychology2, 601:desire and longing in the same symbolic forms - marriage with the Beloved, life in the Holy City,Rays, 172:of the negative and the positive aspects in marriage, at the moment that life is transmitted andRays, 552:every country and the apparent breakdown of the marriage relation. This indicates the emergenceRays, 571:of all forms; it is the potency underlying the marriage relation, and hence as this ray comes intoRays, 572:sex [572] problems - license, disturbance in the marriage relation, divorce and the setting inRays, 574:in connection with the sex relation and marriage. To intensify human creativity and thus bring inSoul, 157:idea of spiritual demands, reject the normal marriage state, and pledge themselves to a life of
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