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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MARRIED

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Autobiography, 2:this apparently blind moving forward (as when I married and came to the U.S.A.) was extendedAutobiography, 2:tremendously interested in everything. Later, I married Walter Evans and found myself functioningAutobiography, 10:lay for her around the corner was the man she married, to whom she became engaged within a week andAutobiography, 15:I believe, regarded as standard text books. She married my first cousin, Laurence Parsons, who is aAutobiography, 17:large family. His eldest daughter, my aunt Dora, married Brian Barttelot, brother of Sir WalterAutobiography, 17:one of the loveliest women one can imagine. She married the "Younger [18] of Cardoness" (as theAutobiography, 18:Parsons. There were two others; Gertrude, who married a Mr. Gurney Leatham, and my father'sAutobiography, 24:current curate; a hopeless love, for she never married any of them. We had an immense schoolroom atAutobiography, 43:things were not so easy. My sister and I had not married in spite of opportunity, a good stageAutobiography, 68:killed and his only daughter had run away with a married man. He had no one left. He wanted nothingAutobiography, 95:she saw no real reason why, if I wanted to get married, I should not get married, provided theAutobiography, 95:if I wanted to get married, I should not get married, provided the whole matter was handled withAutobiography, 97:fact she had always understood me. She had never married but she knew life and she loved people. IAutobiography, 98:the army and (when eventually I left India to be married) it was understood that I was returning toAutobiography, 101:with my aunt, Mrs. Maxwell, of Castramont. I was married in a private chapel of a friend's house byAutobiography, 102:I said good bye and said, "Now, Alice, you've married this man and you are going from here to visitAutobiography, 104:therefore, that I had fallen in love and married him. All the indications were good except hisAutobiography, 104:I found when it came down to the details of married life that I had absolutely nothing in commonAutobiography, 106:visit. One of my daughters asked him if he was married. I well remember his turning to her andAutobiography, 106:mental companionship I wanted. No, I have never married." He has since died and I regret it much; IAutobiography, 109:it though they asked no questions. My sister was married whilst I was there to my cousin, LaurenceAutobiography, 143:shows no sign of needing me now. She is happily married, lives in India and has two children. I amAutobiography, 143:entirely free. Even though she has been twice married, we have always been together under the mostAutobiography, 153:by the appetites of the flesh, they can be married or not married, they can eat meat or not eatAutobiography, 153:of the flesh, they can be married or not married, they can eat meat or not eat meat as seems bestAutobiography, 156:been granted my divorce, we became engaged to be married. Divorce proceedings had been institutedAutobiography, 160:the children were well; we were planning to get married as soon as things straightened outAutobiography, 161:Foster and I were already planning to get married. I now come to a happening in my life about whichAutobiography, 177:raw. This was a most difficult time. We were not married and Foster was living in a tent on theAutobiography, 178:or the gas, light or milk bill. As we were not married none of these were Foster's responsibilityAutobiography, 180:Perhaps this was because she had been four times married and had a vast experience of men andAutobiography, 180:far from the lodgings in which he was living. We married very shortly afterwards, going to the CityAutobiography, 181:for the marriage ceremony and [181] getting married at once. We returned to the office immediatelyAutobiography, 185:and as to the hundreds of girls they married and deserted. One of the most interesting things to meAutobiography, 204:and visit us at times though they are both married and have their families. They drop in now atAutobiography, 204:like to take this opportunity, now they are all married and living their own lives, to say how niceAutobiography, 215:been in love with me except the two men I had married. My experience, of course, was that of everyAutobiography, 226:student. During these years all the three girls married. As related, Dorothy married a CaptainAutobiography, 226:all the three girls married. As related, Dorothy married a Captain Morton, six months her seniorAutobiography, 226:and devoted to her husband. Later, Ellison married a fellow-officer of Terence's, Arthur Leahy.Autobiography, 227:came back with us to the States and there married Meredith Pugh which was a most unfortunateAutobiography, 227:that within four months Mildred was engaged, married and divorced and her little son was on theBethlehem, 78:a different environment or setting. Had they married differently, or had they more money or moreExternalisation, 699:here remind you that many of the Masters are married and have raised families) and demonstrate theHercules, 49:that some of the greatest of the world initiates married; that the Buddha married and had a son,Hercules, 49:of the world initiates married; that the Buddha married and had a son, and must have been anHercules, 49:initiate of high degree when he entered into the married state. [50] They forget that Moses, DavidHercules, 50:the world of mysticism in both hemispheres, were married and raised families. Disciples belong toIntellect, 259:can be expressed in all human relations. If a married man or woman cannot attain illumination andMagic, 420:as freely and as effectively when in the married state as in the celibate; he will however brook noPsychology1, 296:A man and a woman, to be truly and happily married, must be complements to each other in all the
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