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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MARS

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Astrology, 35:Fires (C.F. 378) 6. Sagittarius Planet - Mars Color - Red Kundalinishakti Energy of matter FormAstrology, 50:Cross: 4. The seven solar systems Taurus Scorpio Mars Third Creative Hierarchy (the 10th) UnknownAstrology, 53:The Moon (veiling a planet) The Earth itself Mars Pluto Man - speaking symbolically - is theAstrology, 66:Man Constellation Ruler Ray Related to 1. Aries Mars 6th Scorpio Same ruler 2. Taurus Venus 5thAstrology, 66:7. Libra Venus 5th Taurus Same ruler 8. Scorpio Mars 6th Aries Same ruler 9. Sagittarius JupiterAstrology, 66:Same ray 7. Libra Uranus 7th none 8. Scorpio Mars 6th Cancer Same ray 9. Sagittarius The Earth 3rdAstrology, 67:Christ Cancer and Scorpio, through Neptune and Mars, are related to Ray 6. Transformation of theAstrology, 68:Orthodox Disciple Hierarchies 1. Aries Mars Mercury Uranus 2. Taurus Venus Vulcan Vulcan 3. GeminiAstrology, 68:Jupiter 7. Libra Venus Uranus Saturn 8. Scorpio Mars Mars Mercury 9. Sagittarius Jupiter The EarthAstrology, 68:7. Libra Venus Uranus Saturn 8. Scorpio Mars Mars Mercury 9. Sagittarius Jupiter The Earth Mars 10.Astrology, 68:Mars Mercury 9. Sagittarius Jupiter The Earth Mars 10. Capricorn Saturn Saturn Venus 11. AquariusAstrology, 68:Mercury 4th Aquarius Same ray 9. Sagittarius Mars 6th Cancer Same ray 10. Capricorn Venus 5th noneAstrology, 68:6 - Cancer and Sagittarius, through Neptune and Mars. Astrology, 70:the Moon (veiling a hidden planet) and Mars bring about a fearful conflict, [71] but at the end theAstrology, 78:center. Two of the other non-sacred planets - Mars and Pluto - function in connection with theAstrology, 78:- function in connection with the sacral center (Mars) and the solar plexus (Pluto). This latterAstrology, 86:Aries, the Ram Leo, the Lion Capricorn, the Goat Mars Sun Saturn Mercury Sun Saturn II. Love-WisdomAstrology, 86:the Scorpion Sagittarius, the Archer Venus Mars Jupiter Vulcan Mars Earth V. Concrete Science Leo,Astrology, 86:the Archer Venus Mars Jupiter Vulcan Mars Earth V. Concrete Science Leo, the Lion Sagittarius, theAstrology, 86:the Ram Cancer, the Crab Capricorn, the Goat Mars Moon Saturn Mercury Neptune Saturn It will beAstrology, 96:the influence of the planetary [96] ruler, Mars, the God of War, a needed purification takes place.Astrology, 98:to note also that through the ruling planet, Mars, the average man born in this sign is related toAstrology, 99:under the guidance of the three ruling planets - Mars, Mercury and Uranus. Mars embodies sixth rayAstrology, 99:three ruling planets - Mars, Mercury and Uranus. Mars embodies sixth ray force which leads toAstrology, 100:plans and make them his own. In every case, Mars leads to the battle ground of Scorpio. Mercury,Astrology, 102:souls brought into incarnation and controlled by Mars until they reach the point of reorientationAstrology, 106:Common Cross he will come under the influence of Mars, the Sun and Jupiter, according to Sepharial.Astrology, 106:under the influence of Jupiter, the Sun and Mars, for the initiate and the disciple culminates hisAstrology, 106:significance of the decanates when he assigned Mars, the Sun and Venus to the three decanates. HeAstrology, 114:in human history, they had to accept the fact of Mars and Mercury as rulers of zodiacal signs in aAstrology, 132:decanates are governed by Saturn - Jupiter - Mars, presenting opportunity to work off karma and toAstrology, 132:and of war. Leo gives us Jupiter, the Moon and Mars. He indicates, therefore, the success which isAstrology, 133:which is the mode of attainment governed by Mars. The keywords of this sign are obvious in theirAstrology, 166:Planets Constellations Evolution 6th and 4th Mars - Mercury Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, ScorpioAstrology, 170:symbolism underlying the astrological fact that Mars is exalted in Capricorn, whilst the power ofAstrology, 170:is significantly beautiful and instructive. Mars is the God of War, the Producer of conflicts, andAstrology, 170:Producer of conflicts, and in this earthly sign Mars triumphs in the early stages of the evolutionAstrology, 173:Mercury. According to Sepharial we have Jupiter, Mars and the Sun. Of these two, the first is theAstrology, 177:one's course towards it. This is the work of Mars, the expression of the sixth ray. A study of theAstrology, 184:the path of discipleship it is the Earth itself. Mars governs this sign from the standpoint of theAstrology, 186:- In this particular case, this planet is Mars, ruling the sixth Creative Hierarchy, the lunarAstrology, 187:- 1st Ray - Destructive aspect. Hierarchical Mars - 6th Ray - Devotion. War to the death of theAstrology, 187:the forceful and dynamic energy of the planet Mars. This brings the entire human family, as well asAstrology, 192:and the Sun, whilst Alan Leo gives us Jupiter, Mars and the Sun, emphasizing as he always does theAstrology, 192:if only a temporary one. The Moon gives place to Mars, which confers the quality of devotion andAstrology, 199:agency to the various kingdoms in nature. Mars and Saturn - Both these planets are exceedinglyAstrology, 199:with initiation into the life of the Hierarchy; Mars is potent in relation to Scorpio and Saturn inAstrology, 203:the influence of Scorpio and of the planet Mars is so strongly felt in world affairs that trueAstrology, 209:of the Piscean age which is just passing. Mars and Mercury control and Mars is particularly active,Astrology, 209:is just passing. Mars and Mercury control and Mars is particularly active, owing to the fact thatAstrology, 209:is particularly active, owing to the fact that Mars is both the orthodox planet controlling theAstrology, 209:conditioning the unfoldment of the disciple. Mars is the dominating factor in the tests and trialsAstrology, 210:and this for the following reasons: [210] First, Mars is definitely the planet which rules andAstrology, 210:which rules and controls the physical vehicle. Mars appears first of all as the orthodox ruler inAstrology, 210:a point of climax, again through the activity of Mars which has not appeared actively in theAstrology, 210:his long pilgrimage. He started in Aries with Mars ruling, and the great war between the dualitiesAstrology, 210:interior life, the war is on and in this case Mars rules not only the physical body but the entireAstrology, 210:lower nature are involved in this crisis, for Mars is the esoteric ruler in Scorpio and the testsAstrology, 210:- gross and subtle, integrated and potent. Mars, therefore, rules Aries from the orthodox angle andAstrology, 210:responds to mass vibration in Sagittarius, where Mars appears as ruling the sixth CreativeAstrology, 210:the control of the solar Angel. The effect of Mars is, therefore, largely mass effect and groupAstrology, 211:It must consequently never be forgotten that Mars establishes relations between the opposites andAstrology, 211:of Deity are revealed, but it is through Mars and the Martian activity that the revelation comesAstrology, 211:that the revelation comes about. Secondly, Mars is closely related to sex, which is an aspect ofAstrology, 211:how the tests in Scorpio and the activity of Mars are potent to arouse the entire lower nature andAstrology, 211:of the personality against the soul. It is Mars who brings the world Arjuna into the active fight.Astrology, 212:controlling factor. The color assigned to Mars is, as you know, red and this is a correspondence toAstrology, 212:blood stream and hence also the of Mars with passion, with anger and a sense of generalAstrology, 212:connection with the symbolic connection between Mars and the blood, producing the resultantAstrology, 212:to note that Christianity is governed by Mars. One is apt to recognize with ease that the sixthAstrology, 212:with ease that the sixth ray, working through Mars, rules Christianity. It is a religion ofAstrology, 213:has been laid nevertheless upon the influence of Mars upon Christianity, making it a definitelyAstrology, 213:the Hierarchy. It was he who gave the Scorpio-Mars slant to the interpretation and exposition ofAstrology, 214:the combined influences of Scorpio and of [214] Mars which have ruled Christianity for so long andAstrology, 214:of Pluto and death through the influences of Mars are widely different. Death in Pisces through theAstrology, 215:It is not Christ's expression but the Scorpio-Mars presentation of St. Paul. Mars has ruledAstrology, 215:but the Scorpio-Mars presentation of St. Paul. Mars has ruled Christianity because St. PaulAstrology, 215:emphasized by Scorpio and conditioned by Mars which ever rules the path of the individual disciple,Astrology, 215:Effects of the Zodiacal Constellations Thirdly, Mars governs the senses which are five in number.Astrology, 215:tangible and objective is concerned or inferred. Mars, therefore, rules science and hence theAstrology, 216:- a materiality which is rapidly lessening as Mars nears the end of its present cycle of influence.Astrology, 216:will supersede the physical senses over which Mars has so long had a successful control, and henceAstrology, 216:is inevitable as the influence of Scorpio and of Mars begins to lessen, as is the case today. TheAstrology, 217:important are the functions [217] of Scorpio and Mars upon our planet at this time, and you willAstrology, 217:speaking esoterically - the sixth ray energy of Mars is transmuted into the sixth ray energy ofAstrology, 218:- and hence involving both Neptune and Mars - predisposes the race and individual man as well toAstrology, 218:This latter constellation is ruled by Mars, bringing the man into control or closer touch with theAstrology, 220:a close relation to Scorpio through Neptune and Mars, both of whom are expressions of the sixth rayAstrology, 220:begin to appear and then Neptune and Mars begin to play their part. A close study of all the aboveAstrology, 221:Esoteric 3. The Sun Leo 2nd All three 4. Mars Scorpio 6th Orthodox and Esoteric 5. Mercury ScorpioAstrology, 226:by various astrologers. One group posits Mars, the Sun and Venus as ruling the decanates of ScorpioAstrology, 226:the decanates of Scorpio whilst another regards Mars, Jupiter and the Moon as the three rulers.Astrology, 248:Cross of which Libra is one of the points: Mars - 6th Ray - Idealism, Devotion, Struggle. Mercury -Astrology, 250:can properly play its part. The power of Mars is lessened in Libra; this is the sign of interludeAstrology, 250:in Libra; this is the sign of interlude and Mars is temporarily quiescent, prior to gathering hisAstrology, 304:The Sun; Neptune; Uranus; Jupiter; Venus; Mars. All of these are potent in expression in this sign,Astrology, 311:by him as being ruled by Saturn, Jupiter and Mars. Alan Leo is, however, nearer the truth when heAstrology, 311:the truth when he gives us the Sun, Jupiter and Mars. Self-rule through initial conflict, carriedAstrology, 323:or influenced by five other planets, which are Mars, Mercury, Uranus, Venus and Saturn. TheAstrology, 323:becomes responsive to the uses of conflict (Mars), to the functioning of the light of intuition
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