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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MARS

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Hercules, 35:were in the possession of Diomedes, the son of Mars. (But the esoteric ruler is Mercury, whichHercules, From n:daily worshipped and there they sacrificed to Mars, the god of war. [113] Back from their annualHercules, 118:the Amazons worshipped the moon (the form), and Mars, the god of war; they too did not understandHercules, 135:must be made, is Aries whose exoteric ruler is Mars, while the ruler of Libra is Venus.Hercules, 142:of opposites and the double rulership of Mars, has its special place, the over-emphasis of this oneHercules, 211:Libra. An air sign (balance). Rulers: Exoteric, Mars; Esoteric, Mercury. Keywords: From the angleHercules, 213:light). Rulers: Exoteric and Esoteric, the same, Mars. Keywords: From the angle of form, "Let MayaInitiation, 129:round, and the triangle formed by the Earth, Mars, and Mercury. Psychology1, 25:Advanced esotericists debate as to whether Mars is, or is not, the planet through which HePsychology1, 62:(Veiling Vulcan) Jupiter Saturn Mercury Venus Mars The Moon The energies of these seven LivesPsychology1, 163:Devotion. Bhakti Yoga. Necessity for an object. Mars. Rose. Blue. VII Ceremonial order. CeremonialPsychology1, 245:and Jupiter. The animal kingdom - The Moon and Mars. The human kingdom - Mercury and Saturn. ThePsychology1, 246:broken up. At the third initiation, the Moon and Mars struggle to assume ascendancy, and there isPsychology1, 246:the path of discipleship, and hence Saturn and Mars are active. The influence of the latter planetPsychology1, 335:- 6th ray. Uranus - 7th ray. Non-Sacred - Ray Mars - 6th ray. Earth - 3rd ray. Pluto - 1st ray. ThePsychology1, 336:Ray IV - Mercury - The Moon. Ray VI - Neptune - Mars. These relationships will provide a somewhatPsychology1, 420:Ray VI - Abstract Idealism, Devotion Planet: Mars. Day: Tuesday. Exoteric Color: Red. EsotericPsychology2, I can:and difficulty are found also on the planet Mars and on the planet Saturn. They are not found onPsychology2, I can:Earth is not a sacred planet. However, Saturn, Mars and our Earth constitute, in a curious esotericPsychology2, 99:astral body expresses itself through the planet Mars. The physical body expresses itself throughPsychology2, 100:be called, symbolically the "Earth, Saturn and Mars" state of consciousness. Psychology2, 102:can it be eliminated on the planets Saturn and Mars. It is relatively unknown in the other schemes.Psychology2, 585:of the evolution proceeding at this time on Mars. It is spiritual telepathy and knowledge. Sight -Psychology2, 721:Much emphasis has been laid upon Saturn and Mars in the charts now considered. In the future, equalPsychology2, 721:Venus, which in the Aquarian age will supersede Mars as a basic influence. The forces of theRays, 97:Life, to humanity as a whole, to Saturn and Mars, and to the physical Sun through its pranic
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