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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MARVELOUS

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Astrology, 275:it widens your [275] horizon and indicates the marvelous scope of the divine plan and the synthesisAstrology, 401:the exalted Moon and the fallen Uranus gives a marvelous picture of man's history during the stageAtom, 41:things be so, surely we are face to face with a marvelous and far-reaching faculty, the faculty ofAtom, 44:through the system. Thus is demonstrated a marvelous and synthesized Whole. St. Paul may have hadAtom, 49:verge of wonderful discoveries: we are nearing a marvelous synthesis of the thought of the world;Atom, 155:in your body and Him. Here [155] you have a very marvelous vista opening up. Yet this is, inAutobiography, 3:efforts alone. I have always been blessed with marvelous friends and helpers who - down the years -Autobiography, 181:is a good place in which to point out what a marvelous stepfather he was to the children. He neverAutobiography, 222:for a number of weeks. This train trip was a marvelous thing to the girls but an exhausting journeyBethlehem, 45:of the divine Love, and experiences that marvelous change which makes him feel himself to be oneDestiny, 148:[148] the Light of the worlds, He inaugurated a marvelous period in which humanity has been widelyDiscipleship1, 35:disciple must not look upon his work as a marvelous opportunity for his own spiritual advancement.Discipleship2, 305:the sun in regular rhythmic bands and produce a marvelous blaze of color. The background of theFire, 495:(occultly understood) of a volcano are a truly marvelous thing. Every gradation of that note is toFire, 496:will come the possibility to produce marvelous results within that kingdom, and to stimulate theFire, 1116:forces pouring in from the Monad. Thus we have a marvelous aggregate of streams of energies, allInitiation, 123:purposes. At this sixth Initiation the most marvelous vision of the entire series is his. He seesMagic, 284:kingdom. The sympathetic nervous system, that marvelous apparatus of sensation, is closely relatedMagic, 381:people became ready for them until we have the marvelous Schools of the Mysteries of Chaldea,Psychology1, 251:which in its turn creates and uses that marvelous response apparatus we call the nervous system,Psychology1, 290:in the head of man himself is also to be found a marvelous symbolic happening. In that livingSoul, 39:of the organism which excite some of the most marvelous reactions known in physiology. In fact, itSoul, 62:Finally, incorporeal substance having the marvelous power of cohering and dissipating matter, of
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