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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MARY

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Astrology, 253:Three of these goddesses are Eve, Isis, and Mary. They are of peculiar and significant importanceAstrology, 253:for motherhood and as the guardian of the child. Mary carries the process down to the plane orAstrology, 254:of these three feminine aspects - Eve, Isis and Mary. She is the Virgin Mother, providing thatAstrology, 255:that "the Holy Spirit over-shadowed the Virgin Mary." The life of the third divine aspect playedAutobiography, 20:event was summed up in my words to my cousin, Mary Barttelot, "See, long black stockings andAutobiography, 91:by the fact [91] that in my work dozens of Mary Magdalenes and Julius Caesars, and other importantBethlehem, 57:name is frequently a variation of the name Mary), the similarity in detail of the birth story, allBethlehem, 59:of Europe may be seen pictures and statues of Mary, the "Queen of Heaven," standing on the crescentBethlehem, 59:Cadom was called Maya Maria, i.e. 'the Great Mary'; the mother of Adonis was Myrrha; the mother ofBethlehem, 59:whether Myrrha, Maia or Maria, are the same as Mary, the name of the mother of the ChristianBethlehem, 59:so likewise is it sacred to the Virgin Mary at the present day. She was also called Myrrha andBethlehem, 59:She was also called Myrrha and Maria, as well as Mary... " - Bible Myths, by T. W. Doane, p. 332.Bethlehem, 61:with illustrations of them. Isis of Egypt, like Mary of Bethlehem, was our Immaculate Lady, Star ofBethlehem, 65:We are told in the Gospel story that the Virgin Mary, with her husband Joseph and bearing withinBethlehem, 66:Bethlehem According to the concordance, the name Mary means "the exalted of the Lord." As one saysBethlehem, 66:constellation Virgo, upon which we might touch. Mary, the Virgin, in the symbolism of the ancientBethlehem, 67:great wheel of life has played its part, then Mary can come out of Galilee, from Nazareth, andBethlehem, 68:three people, Joseph, the infant Jesus, and Mary, we have the divine Triplicity symbolized andBethlehem, 68:and therefore typified for us in the Virgin Mary. Today the masses are on a journey. Today theBethlehem, 68:a place of darkness and of discomfort, was for Mary the place of pain and weariness. This cave orBethlehem, 69:are definitely associated with the story of Mary and her Child. Two asses are found mentioned inBethlehem, 69:story, one coming from the north and bearing Mary to Bethlehem, and the other taking her down intoBethlehem, 69:Virgo. We find the human kingdom represented in Mary and Joseph, with the human unity plus theBethlehem, 81:to be overcome and faced. The lower nature (the Mary aspect) draws back from the issue, and prefersBethlehem, 82:essential duality - soul and body, Christ and Mary, over-shadowed by the Holy Ghost, the materialBethlehem, 83:manifest. He is hidden and veiled by the form. Mary is seen, not the Christ. As the wheel of lifeBethlehem, 83:- is fused into one living whole. The Virgin Mary is ready to give birth to her Son. The longBethlehem, 83:and when the Son is born, every soul becomes Mary." - The Paddock Lectures, by W. R. Inge, p. 66.Bethlehem, 83:challenge of the Christ soul, and realize that "Mary is blessed, not because she bore ChristBethlehem, 106:stands for the natural lower man, the virgin Mary aspect, carrying within itself the promise of theBethlehem, 145:studying the Birth initiation, that the Virgin Mary (even when recognizing, as we do, theBethlehem, 146:divine, indwelling Christ. Matter, the Virgin Mary, reveals God. Form, the result of activeBethlehem, 146:We shall, each of us, regard them as the Virgin Mary regarded her body, as the repository of theBethlehem, 148:if we study the Christian concept of the Virgin Mary over-shadowed by the Holy Ghost. The HolyBethlehem, 163:being, at some time, play the part of the Virgin Mary to that indwelling reality. It is the ChristBethlehem, 168:prove such doctrines as the fact that the Virgin Mary was an immaculate virgin, and Christ wasBethlehem, 184:of the Virgin and the Birth of the Virgin Mary. One is celebrated on August 15th and the other onBethlehem, 218:of God, whose nature is love. As we have seen, Mary represents the third Person of the Trinity, theBethlehem, 218:latent the Christ child. Matter, or the virgin Mary, is glorified through her son. Therefore theBethlehem, 219:to the relation of the body nature, the Mary aspect, and the personality, in the person of St. JohnDestiny, 150:return the land (Mother-Earth, the true Virgin Mary) to the people. It can be seen in the constantDestiny, 150:symbolized in the Gospel story by the journey of Mary with the infant Jesus into Egypt. ThenDiscipleship2, 622:by the Christ of the body of the Virgin Mary, his Mother, into Heaven?" [623] Externalisation, 471:will be similar to that in the Biblical story. Mary, that woman of sorrow, of experience and ofExternalisation, 471:is not with them and they too must go forth, as Mary did, and seek Him anew. If they will do so,Fire, 617:or lesser Builders correspond to the Virgin Mary. The lunar Pitris, and lesser builders from theGlamour, 220:substance and the "Glorification of the Virgin Mary" - the Mother Aspect in relation to divinity.Healing, 155:the Bible expresses it), the Mother, the Virgin Mary. The para-thyroids are symbolic of Mary andHealing, 155:Virgin Mary. The para-thyroids are symbolic of Mary and Joseph and the relation they hold to theHealing, 181:and matter meet and where matter, the Virgin Mary - under the influence of the Holy Spirit, theHealing, 362:and in the Christian religion as the Virgin Mary. It is that substance which enables Deity toHealing, 403:bearing statues of the Christ, of the Virgin Mary and of the Apostles. Hercules, 35:is the nurturer of the infant Christ, the Virgin Mary gives birth to Jesus. In Pisces, at the closeHercules, 45:our churches, closely connected with the Virgin Mary. The consummation of the work that isHercules, 115:ages, be it Lilith or Isis, Eve or the Virgin Mary, all portray the mother of the world, but it isHercules, 115:all portray the mother of the world, but it is Mary who at length bears the Child in her arms. AndHercules, 118:too did not understand their true function, for Mary is pictured with the moon under her feet, andHercules, 121:with the fact that the Holy Spirit over-shadowed Mary.) On this cross the man reaches the stage ofIntellect, 135:intense waiting, have been called the Martha and Mary states, and the idea, through this metaphor,Magic, 192:aspect, reaches its apotheosis and the Virgin Mary - in the individual sense, which is a finiteRays, 355:in the one brief episode wherein He appeared to Mary, weeping outside the door of the sepulchre.
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