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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MASS

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Healing, 679:by disciples and thus proven to be true to the mass of men, and above all, to the scientific world.Healing, 679:and above all, to the scientific world. In the mass of testimony and in the type of death (calledHealing, 697:the mental body or the emotional body. With the mass of men being centered in the astral nature,Herculesof those who serve and save. From out the mass of men, one man stood forth in ancient days andHercules, 33:the prison house of the soul. This reaches its mass form in Cancer, and its human form in Leo; theHercules, 81:in Cancer, into the human kingdom. Cancer is a mass sign, and the influences which pour from it areHercules, 82:sense which is the higher aspect of the mass consciousness. Equipped, therefore, with a controlledHercules, 82:Self-conscious individual, emerging out of the mass in Cancer, knows himself to be the individualHercules, 85:spiritual life; one opening the door into the mass form of the human family, and the other into theHercules, 88:of the reasons why this is always regarded as a mass sign. In the mass, instinct rules; therefore,Hercules, 88:this is always regarded as a mass sign. In the mass, instinct rules; therefore, Cancer is the signHercules, 88:Cancer is the sign of instinct, of herd life, of mass reaction. It represents the subconsciousHercules, 88:The unevolved Cancer native is immersed in the mass; he is an unconscious part of the great whole,Hercules, 88:to the urge to lift himself up out of the mass to which he is held, by his instinct, and to developHercules, 89:self-conscious and potent. Cancer represents the mass form, the collective animal soul; CapricornHercules, 91:we have held before us the thought of the mass or group, which is the significant influence of theHercules, 91:when our sun was in Cancer. The thought of a mass of animals, of set boundaries within which theseHercules, 92:aspirant is no longer identified and lost in the mass; he is no longer one of the sheep, safelyHercules, 92:herd of emigrants, but he has emerged out of the mass and has started on the lonely way of allHercules, 92:Christ life, he again merges himself with the mass and becomes identified with the group. He thenHercules, 101:and of the identification of the unit with the mass, the work of incarnation was completed and theHercules, 108:of his personality. Having emerged out of the mass, and developed individuality, he then has toHercules, 158:In Cancer he passed on to a certain amount of mass consciousness; he took form. That is a stage ofHercules, 211:Virgo and Capricorn). Quality: Desire, for the mass of men; will or directed purpose for theHercules, 212:sign (as are also Scorpio and Pisces). Quality: Mass sensitivity; for the average man, massHercules, 212:Quality: Mass sensitivity; for the average man, mass identification with form; for the disciple,Initiation, 87:not be (as is the case with those created by the mass of men) disjointed, unconnected, andIntellect, 21:members of the human family. Today we have mass education. In approaching any understanding of theIntellect, 21:synthesis of these two methods - individual and mass education - religious and scientific - thatIntellect, 23:this our modern Occidental world has substituted mass education. For the first time, men in theirIntellect, 24:to do their own thinking. But it is largely mass thinking, and haphazard public opinion now mouldsIntellect, 24:reversion which will not involve a discarding of mass education. In this way, we may ultimatelyIntellect, 24:usually to an unwilling student, who receives a mass of information that does not interest him inIntellect, 27:and growth is the law of life and while the mass of men must be lifted by a system of education,Intellect, 28:should be held down to the dead level of the mass standard of the educated class. It is right hereIntellect, 30:not the mind standardized and held down by our mass [31] system and by the method of cramming theIntellect, 40:and just as the human type is the product of mass training and instinct and has been tremendouslyIntellect, 40:out the human being and raising him to a mass standard, and of producing the emergence of the newIntellect, 40:without any education. In the West we have mass education, but the individual is left, speakingIntellect, 43:as Asia has produced, but we have evolved a mass system of education, and we have developed groupsIntellect, 44:Mystical Development Standardization Uniqueness Mass Education Specialized Training ScienceIntellect, 61:advanced human being must find its place in our mass education. This is the plea of this book andIntellect, 165:not be confounded with mediumship, or with the mass of so-called inspirational writings, which areIntellect, 249:can tune in - again on psychic levels - with the mass of aspirations, longings and ideas of theIntellect, 251:can communicate. I am not referring here to the mass of automatic writings which are so popularIntellect, 251:inspired writings of the true knower, and this mass of literature which is flooding the minds ofMagic, 17:ignorant nor intuitively wise. They are the mass of the educated people who have knowledge but notMagic, 19:of the body-nature proper, back of the mass of the flesh and bone and muscle. It in its turn, isMagic, 20:three, the life, the nervous system and the body mass we find the reflection and the symbol of theMagic, 39:energy), his nervous system and the body mass, so the soul can also be known as a triplicity, theMagic, 134:concerns the point of evolution reached by the mass of men in the Occident. Remember that thisMagic, 240:of so-called miracles, through hypnotism and mass suggestion he draws a veil over the world andMagic, 241:work through religious agencies, through mass psychology, and the misuse and misapplication ofMagic, 303:present time has brought about a condition of mass terror, and the more sensitive the individualMagic, 304:beyond the mental grasp of the majority! c. A mass of individual distress and fear can be taken onMagic, 307:the meditation work. Psychological factors and mass inhibitions due undoubtedly to forces externalMagic, 308:to his many emotional reactions and to waves of mass feeling of any kind. This is the cause of hisMagic, 308:to him false sources of amusement, or the mass hilarity - owing to his sensitivity - sweeps himMagic, 314:the occult books of the Great Ones. 5. Another mass emanation which sweeps the astral body of manMagic, 315:response. It is in this fact that the roots of mass psychology and of mob rule lie. Also the rootsMagic, 353:work assigned. Some souls can work only in mass [354] formation, banded together and unified by aMagic, 464:All thoughts are part of a divine stream. The mass of people think not, and so do not generateMagic, 464:conscious development where they are swayed by mass ideas, molded unthinkingly by tradition andMagic, 465:spirit mounts on the shoulder of matter. The mass interplay of spirit and matter is now so potentMagic, 466:those who have worked with them in the earlier mass stage, so that they work in close Magic, 472:differentiates his thought increasingly from mass thought, he inevitably builds thought substanceMagic, 472:they are largely innocuous, or so in line with mass thought that they are negligible in theirMagic, 527:are learning the nature of responsiveness. The mass of men are like the millions of unused brainMagic, 528:the more rapidly will the present inert mass of human cells be brought into activity. The occultMagic, 541:that every human thought, whether the potent mass thoughts or individual dynamic ideas, mustMagic, 541:of human thought at this time is primarily of mass description, for few there are who can thinkMagic, 541:are who can think creatively. Public opinion, mass ideas, the tendencies of [542] human desire andMagic, 630:standard until it conforms to their immediate mass psychology, or their chosen counselors. The trueMagic, 632:by the spirit of separation. They include the mass of [633] world workers in all the variousMagic, 633:reaching through their united undertakings the mass of people and fulfiling thus their dharma. OneMeditation, 24:as yeast causes a movement and a rising in a mass of dough. The man is conscious of vague desiresMeditation, 298:to the knowledge of the Great Ones Themselves a mass of information that may serve as a guide toMeditation, 326:with the object in view of systematizing the mass of information, of perfecting his comprehensionPatanjali, 346:part. Gravity - garima. This concerns weight and mass and deals with the law of gravity which is anProblems, 12:themselves. A few, a very few in relation to the mass of men, are internationally minded andProblems, 15:handful of powerful groups. Ancient habits of mass thinking and of mass reaction are difficult toProblems, 15:groups. Ancient habits of mass thinking and of mass reaction are difficult to overcome. It is hereProblems, 50:such as the United States, Australia and Canada, mass education was instituted and was largelyProblems, 50:attainment became much lower; the level of mass information and competency considerably higher. TheProblems, 53:of then learning to infer and gather from this mass of information, gradually accumulated, thatProblems, 62:capable of being civilized. This refers to the mass of men. Those capable of being carried forwardProblems, 63:organizations which are trying to bring to the mass of human beings a sense of responsibility forProblems, 69:paternalistic and feudal system; the mass of the people, speaking through the voice of labor, willProblems, 72:between the selfish monied interests and the mass of humanity who demand fair play and a rightProblems, 75:themselves against the demands of the awakening mass of men and precipitated a condition whichProblems, 77:the position of dictators and are exploiting the mass of workers whom they earlier served. Labor isProblems, 83:ahead of humanity will bring into expression mass creative powers, spiritual potencies and psychicProblems, 112:consistently outrage the good intentions of the mass of American people by perpetuating these evilProblems, 123:has, however, laid itself open to attack and the mass of thinking people know this; unfortunately,Problems, 124:unless they enter as an humble part of the mass of men. Pompous prelates and executiveProblems, 126:of [126] the Scriptures and of God upon the mass of men. They have taken the Bibles of the worldProblems, 128:These are not the points about which the mass of commentators have written. They have discussed adProblems, 130:they are presented. A planned policy whereby the mass of the people are kept in intellectualProblems, 153:divinity as surely as does the salvation of the mass of men. This is for the church a hard saying.Problems, 159:for help before God. This group, added to the mass of men, creates a huge body of invocative
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