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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MASS

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Rays, 649:response to the new incoming potency. It is a mass reaction, and therefore the statistical returnsRays, 673:the emotional or astral body. Today the mass of men are swept by the emotions and by a sensitiveRays, 674:and for the cessation of anxiety controls the mass of human reactions and makes the astral planeRays, 676:of the compass (speaking esoterically). To the mass of humanity, the aspect of reality which wasRays, 742:I would like first of all to point out that: The mass of the people are sound, but ignorant of theReappearance, 18:about because of the high level of the human mass intelligence and the fact that science has madeReappearance, 48:- large or small - which will familiarize the mass of men with the reality of the need and the modeReappearance, 56:due to the intellectual development of the mass of men. This presents Him with stupendousReappearance, 56:inevitably face - the difficulty, above all, of mass intellectual wrong emphasis. He, theReappearance, 59:of the real" may be fundamentally true where the mass of humanity is concerned and that the purelyReappearance, 77:betterment. His activity is necessarily a mass activity, for He can only channel His energiesReappearance, 77:for He can only channel His energies through the mass consciousness or through a group consciousReappearance, 84:Piscean Age, there was unfolded in humanity a mass responsiveness to knowledge and to the principleReappearance, 84:of intelligence, so in the Aquarian Age, a mass response to right relations will equally be evoked,Reappearance, 84:(as its expression) will be distinctive of the mass consciousness. It may be difficult to realizeReappearance, 84:possibility but it was equally difficult for the mass of men in the first centuries of theReappearance, 91:by Them to humanity as a whole. This energy is a mass energy and is related to the stimulation ofReappearance, 91:energy and is related to the stimulation of the mass intelligence; it is not the energy which weReappearance, 105:and by so many intellectuals that - unless mass hysteria and mass deception is posited - theirReappearance, 105:intellectuals that - unless mass hysteria and mass deception is posited - their existence isReappearance, 127:the great expansions of consciousness, but the mass reflection will be that of the renunciationReappearance, 129:world effort will be on the same scale as the mass education of mankind in the Piscean Age.Reappearance, 129:of mankind in the Piscean Age. Materialism as a mass principle will be rejected and the majorReappearance, 129:meaning. Civilization is the reflection in the mass of men of some particular cyclic influence,Reappearance, 135:extent of the psychological area in which the mass of men now live, I cannot further enlarge. ThisReappearance, 140:laid itself wide open to attack, and the mass of thinking people are aware of this; unfortunately,Reappearance, 152:for help before God. This group, added to the mass of men, creates a huge body of invocativeReappearance, 153:the conviction of the knowers. In this way, the mass of men will be transformed and spiritualized,Reappearance, 159:behind unless they enter as a humble part of the mass of men. Nothing under heaven can arrest theReappearance, 162:seems too small and helpless. Nevertheless, the mass of straight goodness and vision in the worldReappearance, 174:the stimulation of right human relations, the mass of men everywhere would be responding to aReappearance, 176:order down in destruction, and, secondly, the mass of the good, kindly, people in all classes andReappearance, 177:when they come to the point of approaching in mass formation this question of money, canSoul, 25:of 1925, p. 223. Western psychology in the mass is clearly materialistic. It is mechanistic,Soul, 94:be scientific 'matter' - that is, that which has mass, weight, and inertia. Matter has beenSoul, 130:a method which may in time suffice, through the mass of direct available evidence, to give us aTelepathy, 3:emanating from some mind. With humanity in the mass, response is made unconsciously to the rulingsTelepathy, 3:time and age by a growing responsiveness to the mass ideas - called sometimes public opinion - ofTelepathy, 7:so to rule, and who will be recognized by the mass as eligible for that high office through theTelepathy, 13:group telepathic communication, of which herd or mass telepathy (so well known) is the lowest knownTelepathy, 14:on solar plexus reactions, can be seen in modern mass psychology and public opinion. It is, as youTelepathy, 24:trace the correspondences between them. What is "mass psychology" with its unreasoning quality andTelepathy, 24:so called, but vague mental reactions by the mass of men beginning to grope their way on the mentalTelepathy, 53:or lack of sensitivity which characterizes the mass of men. The Kingdom of God is present on EarthTelepathy, 69:for they refer to the quality and the mass of will energy which could be made available by theTelepathy, 70:that you here bear in mind that just as the mass of men do not know, recognize or respond to theTelepathy, 70:itself - you have a group analogous to this mass of men. There are many lesser members of theTelepathy, 80:choices made in defiance of known good, and mass movements and mass activities which areTelepathy, 80:defiance of known good, and mass movements and mass activities which are temporarily notTelepathy, 84:The sudden response of groups and nations to mass ideologies has been both unexpected and difficultTelepathy, 84:by either Shamballa or the Hierarchy that mass impression would develop more quickly than that ofTelepathy, 133:center into [133] the hierarchical center; the mass of men are responding to spiritual impression.Telepathy, 141:and outraged the intellectual perception of the mass of inquiring and intelligent men. The teachingTelepathy, 141:of utilizing the word "astral" to cover a mass of information anent the etheric as well as theTelepathy, 141:vehicle or the instrument of astral energy. The mass of men are still Atlantean or astral in theirTelepathy, 141:the astral body would continue to govern the mass of human reactions and their consequent dailyTelepathy, 148:There is only the ONE LIFE, pouring through the mass of forms which, in their sumtotal, constituteTelepathy, 151:each with each by larger channels than the mass of channels which constitute the etheric body as aTelepathy, 152:they near a center or a focal point. [152] The mass of the smaller channels or the channeling tubesTelepathy, 195:senior disciples and workers, and not upon the mass of human need.
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