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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MASSES

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Astrology, 19:at the same time, are drawing forth from the masses and the little evolved people nothing butAstrology, 161:particularly active today in influencing the masses of men everywhere. A little [162] study ofAstrology, 233:tested under the Scorpio experience whilst the masses are in the Scales; the weight of mass desireAstrology, 239:for this constitutes the real problem for the masses of intelligent men at this time. As youAstrology, 261:stronger. This is the present situation for the masses. The passage or progress of the reorientedAstrology, 262:This will be the situation in the future for the masses. The astrologer of the future will have toAstrology, 273:All Nations - Taurus - Fixed Cross. He Whom the masses sense or He Whom they anticipate - Cancer -Astrology, 275:nature. The world of focused incarnation for the masses. Mass existence, as in Cancer. Of all theseAstrology, 463:It must be noted by the student that: The masses of men express downpouring energy from theAstrology, 484:not so easily discernible and which affect the masses of men, and those which are more specific inAstrology, 540:The initiation of the consciousness of the masses of men into the Aquarian Age, bringing them underAstrology, 541:are becoming clearer in the minds of the masses of the people; they can and will act with fullAstrology, 571:end. It was offered, under this test, to the masses, but was intended primarily for the use ofAstrology, 575:Invocation and with its distribution to the masses. If it is the will-to-good which influences andAstrology, 581:This type of effort is something which the masses can give and which they did give on both sides inAstrology, 642:Vol. I, 535) "The planets were not inanimate masses but acting and living bodies." "The planetsAtom, 41:by the conception that these very minute masses possess - as centers of force - a persistent soul,Autobiography, 7:all these things. The time has now come when the masses of men everywhere must know them too. SoAutobiography, 156:is a family inheritance and my three girls have masses of lovely hair. I shall never forget aAutobiography, 172:tenets of the T.S. teaching available to the masses of men in every country, is something that canAutobiography, 273:of truth. They do useful work among the masses, familiarizing them with the fact of the Masters andAutobiography, 291:in the spiritual development of mankind. The masses of men everywhere have an inherent belief inAutobiography, 293:divine Plan require money in order to reach the masses and it is for this that today humanityBethlehem, 23:The way of purification is being trodden by the masses, and we are in process of purging ourselvesBethlehem, 26:at Bethlehem. It is the stage towards which the masses of men are slowly but steadily working, andBethlehem, 68:typified for us in the Virgin Mary. Today the masses are on a journey. Today the teaching of theBethlehem, 142:and dominant personalities, they swing the masses to their will because they work with theBethlehem, 167:and unique way in which to speak and to meet the masses, as well as to teach privately andBethlehem, 176:Its implications and its results concern the masses of humanity, and do not concern specificallyBethlehem, 191:awareness - men have reached the point where the masses themselves, given proper encouragement, canBethlehem, 259:the next step, and made it available to the masses. Thus the continuity of revelation wasBethlehem, 261:Christ has evoked, nor was the intellect of the masses sufficiently developed to profit by theirBethlehem, 263:of the kingdom may account for the unrest of the masses, and the general sensitive response to theBethlehem, 265:on the part of those who can impress the masses and lead people forward. They seek to guide byBethlehem, 267:love correctly, and it is impossible for the masses of men, who are yet upon the path of becoming,Destiny, 17:makes itself felt is through the voice of the masses of the people throughout the world. This willDestiny, 24:sides the dead level of the people (the ignorant masses) is played upon by these energies and menDestiny, 26:are in many ways of more immediate moment to the masses and of a tremendous effectiveness. One isDestiny, 32:horizontal activity of the mind, embracing huge masses of the populace and sometimes entire nationsDestiny, 36:owing to the widespread education of the masses and the many means of worldwide propaganda, theseDestiny, 36:the many means of worldwide propaganda, these masses are themselves either thinking independentlyDestiny, 37:we find the susceptibility of the untrained masses to this mental imposition and the facility withDestiny, 44:expression of the seventh ray and is - for the masses - definitely a line of least resistance, and,Destiny, 44:to their evolutionary development. The masses of the people are today Atlantean in theirDestiny, 48:learning to serve. Psychic unfoldment in the masses parallels the spiritual unfoldment of advancedDestiny, 48:to the broader synthetic brotherly note, but the masses as yet understand nothing [49] of this.Destiny, 66:of the individual country, and so conditions the masses. Forget not that the soul of the people isDestiny, 68:it (its ascendant, one might say), whilst the masses are conditioned by the personality ray andDestiny, 70:are fluid and not properly integrated as are the masses of people everywhere; others are integratedDestiny, 78:Order or Ritual, via Uranus. This affects the masses as a whole, as it is the hierarchical rulerDestiny, 95:called the Axis powers, and the vision of the masses of people has not proved adequate to arrest,Destiny, 112:expression of living truth. Today, whole masses of people and entire nations are regimented toDestiny, 113:ever been ready to die for an idea; today, whole masses of men are equally ready and have done so,Destiny, 122:and is responsible for much deception of the masses and consequent mass delusion. White magic - asDiscipleship1, 20:truth along all possible lines, down among the masses of men. Just as in Atlantean days, spiritualDiscipleship1, 38:work is concerned with the education of the masses) is a direct intermediary between the higherDiscipleship1, 66:mental activity, the hitherto unconscious masses. The events which are happening in every countryDiscipleship1, 78:for time is a great factor in service. For the masses of humanity, time is not of very greatDiscipleship1, 150:You can, however, work with the intelligent masses, the aspirants and the probationers, throughDiscipleship1, 161:place through them will come the uplift of the masses. Your work must be largely selective and inDiscipleship1, 187:the ignorance and the lack of development of the masses whom you see around you. The psychicDiscipleship1, 188:is working with the illiterate and ignorant masses. It is one work but delegated to differentDiscipleship1, 668:have you remember also that the will of the masses of the people unless misled, is towards good andDiscipleship1, 770:reckon. It affects the least intelligent of the masses of men and does give them some general, evenDiscipleship2, 46:a great distinction between goodwill which the masses can and often do grasp, and the will-to-goodDiscipleship2, 48:by Krishna or by Buddha (and passed on to the masses by their disciples) has not yet been expressedDiscipleship2, 64:the invocative, though inchoate, [64] cry of the masses of those who are not yet even upon theDiscipleship2, 85:and shall dictate to none of you. You have masses of undigested material with which to work, andDiscipleship2, 149:make the launching of this Invocation among the masses of men a successful venture when the rightDiscipleship2, 150:esotericists... It can be so presented that the masses everywhere, the general public, will beDiscipleship2, 164:recognition of the Plan on the part of the masses. These three recognitions must be evidenced byDiscipleship2, 167:land, intermediate in the one case between the masses and the esotericists, and on the otherDiscipleship2, 169:relations will have become the ideal of the masses and will be rapidly taking form in all national,Discipleship2, 171:His Presence, however, is not recognized by the masses of men, and is only sensed and dimly hopedDiscipleship2, 173:and its meaning must be expressed by the masses in due time. Then Christ can again "return toDiscipleship2, 187:work and their presentation of the ideal to the masses of men everywhere does not concern theDiscipleship2, 187:pioneering thinker and not with the demanding masses. I would ask you to remember this. Therefore,Discipleship2, 190:Ponder on this statement. The goodwill of the masses is based on innate divine tendency; that ofDiscipleship2, 192:depths of human life in order to prepare the masses for the reappearance of the Christ and for theDiscipleship2, 197:unconscious appeal of the inchoate, voiceless masses, through many phases, until it attains thatDiscipleship2, 221:in organizing the mystical aspiration of the masses of men everywhere which is in itself a mostDiscipleship2, 225:of goodwill; millions are needed to educate the masses in the fact that he for whom all men wait isDiscipleship2, 233:[233] understanding, but he dealt with the masses from the angle of common sense and physical planeDiscipleship2, 233:the Plan is that the many needs of the varying masses of humanity (from [234] those of the advancedDiscipleship2, 234:agricultural areas? The need of these unthinking masses must be met by disciples of less spiritualDiscipleship2, 234:lesser disciples is to prove to the ignorant masses that - as the centuries slip away - spiritualDiscipleship2, 234:they can adapt the Plan to the widely differing masses and thus the hierarchical Plan can reachDiscipleship2, 236:and its use indicates the next step for the masses of men; the practice of mystical meditation isDiscipleship2, 238:the truth, and to this truth the docile masses render prompt allegiance. This is a basicDiscipleship2, 269:spite of the apparent unawakened attitude of the masses, a very real measure of monadic energy isDiscipleship2, 278:Have you realized that the uprisings of the masses and their determination to overcome handicapsDiscipleship2, 317:tension and potency. Its reflection among the masses is shewn in the constant demand for speed andDiscipleship2, 317:As time and speed increase in importance for the masses of men, the disciple (ready for initiation)Discipleship2, 320:will be more easily recognized by the masses than such phrases as Brotherhood, Relationship,Discipleship2, 320:familiar aspects of general livingness to the masses, and their starting point in all revelation isDiscipleship2, 325:is true, on a lower turn of the spiral, of the masses of men everywhere. The mind factor is todayDiscipleship2, 353:and by the lack of understanding amongst the masses of well-intentioned people. [354] These,Discipleship2, 379:must take - through one or other of its grouped masses. These revelations concern the use of theDiscipleship2, 391:and the "revealing voice" of the speechless masses; his suggestions as to the immediate mode ofDiscipleship2, 392:believes will make the best appeal to the masses of men with whom he may be working, and
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