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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MASSES

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Externalisation, 415:will reveal that the majority of the unthinking masses (an immense majority) do accept themExternalisation, 416:of the ancient habits of prayer as used by the masses, and the practice of meditation as developedExternalisation, 418:parts. There will be the invocative work of the masses of the people, trained by the spirituallyExternalisation, 418:consciously, focusing the invocative cry of the masses and at the same time using certain greatExternalisation, 418:through this response, the belief of the masses will gradually be changed into the conviction ofExternalisation, 419:aspect. The unified invocative thought of the masses and the focused, directed thought of the NewExternalisation, 431:discussion - which will clarify the minds of the masses. Into these agelong causes I cannot hereExternalisation, 435:bring about the new. Arousing the minds of the masses and turning them - each in his own place andExternalisation, 440:will become an outstanding characteristic of the masses. Knowledge is the first step towardsExternalisation, 446:thinking and planning will be directed. The masses of mankind everywhere have only one desire -Externalisation, 451:China's ancient glory will again distinguish the masses of her people. The great continent ofExternalisation, 460:the war involved the people of all lands and masses of population, so must the reconstruction ofExternalisation, 466:of the unthinking, undeveloped and suffering masses. This is a major point to bear in mind. If theExternalisation, 473:whilst the plight of the unthinking but helpless masses has reached an inconceivable height ofExternalisation, 480:can come into being, the education of the masses in cooperative statesmanship, in economicExternalisation, 483:and the "massed intent" of the inarticulate masses. It is essential that we try to grasp the unityExternalisation, 484:in their application, and they will affect the masses of men through the work of the men and womenExternalisation, 488:make the launching of this Invocation among the masses of men a successful venture when the rightExternalisation, 490:esotericists...It can be so presented that the masses everywhere, the general public will beExternalisation, 499:of this illimitable power into the hands of the masses, to whom it rightly belongs. The selfishExternalisation, 502:but the grip of the Churches on the minds of the masses. The old forms of thought and ofExternalisation, 503:misinterpreted. It is surely easier to swing the masses into step and give them the newer light ofExternalisation, 503:minds, the enquiring minds, and the reactionary masses may have opportunity proffered them, to theExternalisation, 504:is the Christ principle) and of lifting the masses in their consciousness to the pitch where theyExternalisation, 506:The Master Jesus works especially with the masses of the Christian people who inhabit theExternalisation, 507:who work for the liberation of the submerged masses, provided their methods are constructive andExternalisation, 510:familiar. The church is intended to serve the masses and is not intended to be of use (except as aExternalisation, 512:by the people, it can touch the great masses of seeking souls. By means of the educational work ofExternalisation, 512:and ritual, as in the Church. It touches the masses and those in whom the intelligence aspectExternalisation, 521:recognize Reality, of the invocative cry of the masses everywhere, plus the directed invocation ofExternalisation, 526:work of all nations, so that the undeveloped masses can become - in due turn - the intelligentExternalisation, 545:its political scheming, its exploitation of the masses and its emphasis upon ignorance is asExternalisation, 546:with its acute and immediate appeal to the masses; it is this that the masses want essentially, andExternalisation, 546:appeal to the masses; it is this that the masses want essentially, and is oft what lies behind theExternalisation, 550:when the Hierarchy seeks to meet the need of the masses for better conditions, and to aid in theExternalisation, 553:and - as time goes on and the instruction of the masses proceeds - the meeting held at the time ofExternalisation, 590:increasingly difficult to induce the intelligent masses of people to accept the impossible DeityExternalisation, 600:up the inchoate and unexpressed demands of those masses who seek a new and better way of life. TheyExternalisation, 600:world affairs, and through action taken by the masses of the people from the depths of their ownExternalisation, 615:many national units, plus the dull apathy of the masses, and in particular, the growing suspicionExternalisation, 620:or who is conscious of the awakening of the masses - slow though it may be - to the higherExternalisation, 638:and - because of a low opinion of the human masses - everywhere standardizing her interpretation ofExternalisation, 649:impression. The line of least resistance for the masses is the selfish impulse, and there lies theExternalisation, 650:is that which is hoped for, it will be the masses everywhere who will slowly unite to bring aboutExternalisation, 651:whose hands lies the responsibility for what the masses below the mental level know and believe.Externalisation, 655:which is latent in and hitherto unused by the masses of men everywhere. It can be described asExternalisation, 664:successful attempts in all history to awaken the masses of men (in the brackets called middle classExternalisation, 664:the labor movement arose from within the masses and the working classes; it was a spontaneousExternalisation, 664:the intelligence of the then totally uneducated masses composing labor. This Master works primarilyExternalisation, 665:in preparing the intellectual principle of the masses for eventual right recognition of the Christ.Externalisation, 668:consistently with the awakening and the arising masses. Every October and every March, the MasterExternalisation, 677:which has served to awaken the mentality of the masses to possibilities and to horizons hithertoFire, 525:and form part of the ordinary thought of the masses. This again will eventuate in a cleavageFire, 908:of the race. Similar laxness amongst the masses, and the low types of humanity, is based upon aFire, 953:First. The gradual dissipation of the indefinite masses of kama-manasic matter which surroundFire, 954:vital thought forms, runs counter to that of the masses of men, awakens opposition, and producesFire, 1212:regarding the laws governing all bodies, and masses. Our planetary Logos has been given the name ofGlamour, 30:the etheric plane, we have on the mental plane masses of sharply indicated thought-forms of aGlamour, 32:miasmas and unhealthy emanations for which the masses of men, for millions of years, areGlamour, 32:lower personality life and desire nature of the masses of men. It is interesting to remember alsoGlamour, 33:thought-forms upon the mental bodies of the masses. This constitutes one of the major problems withGlamour, 47:the Road itself. He is, therefore, ahead of the masses but he is not alone, even if he thinks thatGlamour, 96:we see happening in the world at this time. The masses are awakening to the realization that theyGlamour, 99:It might be pointed out that: 1. The masses in all lands are wrestling with the first pair ofGlamour, 99:plane. When "resolution" has taken place, these masses will step on to the Path of Purification.Glamour, 112:at all stages of unfoldment, and find the masses recapitulating the different steps upon theGlamour, 134:misunderstood and over-emphasized goal of the masses, under the guidance of some pronouncedGlamour, 149:Many people, particularly the unintelligent masses, are solely inspired by desire - material,Glamour, 167:true meaning of these Four Noble Truths by the masses. Disillusioned and deglamored (if I may useGlamour, 178:activity of the lower mind. The masses are just beginning to use that lower mind and illusion is,Glamour, 178:in mind. It is essential consequently that the masses are taught the significance of illusion andGlamour, 240:where it constitutes the glamor to which the masses of men succumb; we shall now consider the worldHealing, 25:emotional sentient nature is all-powerful in the masses. This leads to a relatively negativeHealing, 25:the sweep of epidemics of any kind through the masses are founded in some condition in the ethericHealing, 25:also like to point out that the diseases for the masses, for the average citizen, for theHealing, 34:his expression upon the physical plane. With the masses of people throughout the world, and thoseHealing, 38:the fact that the vital or etheric bodies of the masses of humanity are governed primarily andHealing, 44:that the three major groups of diseases for the masses are Tuberculosis. The social diseases, asHealing, 113:and occultly understood. Diseases for the masses, for the average citizen, for the intelligentsiaHealing, 124:his words and influence permeate into the masses of men, arousing them to activity of some kind -Healing, 124:a general and specific sense, to deal with the masses whom he is beginning to affect. This is notHealing, 125:to function, and the astral plane, where the masses of men are focused, and this brings him intoHealing, 233:some definitely objective manner, for as yet the masses did not respond to verbal teaching but onlyHealing, 238:incident to stimulation, as far as the Aryan masses are concerned, just as heart disease is also aHealing, 241:of the centers by the mind and one for which the masses of men are not yet ready. To this the [242]Healing, 256:- greatly ameliorate the pains and ills of the masses of men. These cults omit to state, or even toHealing, 272:of religion. The old approach suffices for the masses and is frequently successful both in itsHealing, 272:presentation suffices to guide the unthinking masses along certain broad lines of controlledHealing, 272:Both in the guidance and protection of the masses in their spiritual natures and in the guidanceHealing, 274:or to such a condition as war, affecting large masses of men. That the etheric body has notHealing, 340:stimulation which is being applied today to the masses by the planetary Hierarchy. The intent is toHealing, 365:in our thought the dead weight of the unthinking masses who register desire but who as yetHealing, 366:acting as the opposite pole to the struggling masses, are the integrated functioning disciples ofHealing, 661:of the soul and negated all true growth for the masses of men. From the rich to the poor, from theHercules, 212:with form; for the disciple, service for the masses. Polar Opposite: Capricorn. An earth signInitiation, 56:various parts of Europe. He works specially with masses more than with individuals, though he hasIntellect, 17:philosophical and metaphysical study, but the masses of the people, not capable of theseIntellect, 22:the civilizing, through education, of the masses. In an age of scientific achievement and of aIntellect, 24:present, and much has thereby been gained. The masses are beginning to do their own thinking. ButIntellect, 31:will only be realized in its fulness when the masses achieve some of the magnificence which has
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