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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MASTER

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Discipleship1, 754:which is not in harmony with the quality of the Master and to keep (as far as may be) outside hisDiscipleship1, 754:one major quality according to the ray of the Master at the center; in the same way the HierarchyDiscipleship1, 755:- The Six Stages of Discipleship - Part VIII The Master's aura (which determines the aura of theDiscipleship1, 755:will be determined by the extent to which the Master is spiritually in touch with the Mind of God.Discipleship1, 755:line of influential approach is made between the Master and the awakening disciple as follows: TheDiscipleship1, 755:he makes his first response to the aura of the Master. The distinction between the aura of theDiscipleship1, 755:Master. The distinction between the aura of the Master and the aura of the Ashram is that theDiscipleship1, 755:Master and the aura of the Ashram is that the Master's aura is dynamic and the group aura isDiscipleship1, 755:This is an expression of the love nature of the Master and is that which enables him to be in touchDiscipleship1, 755:that these three radiations emanating from a Master and enhanced by the similar, though much lessDiscipleship1, 756:the Ashram are the [756] factors which put the Master and the Ashram in contact with that which isDiscipleship1, 756:line along which this vibratory activity of the Master reaches the disciple and draws him finallyDiscipleship1, 756:the emanatory expression of the capacity of the Master to enter into the Council at Shamballa, toDiscipleship1, 756:out of the divine Will. This aspect of the Master's radiatory activity is of so high a nature thatDiscipleship1, 756:the nature of the vibratory activity of the Master. All I can do - in default of your intuitiveDiscipleship1, 756:be expressed. This threefold radiation of the Master, as it expresses his planned activity andDiscipleship1, 757:the ashramic aura possible - the Life of the Master. One interesting fact might here be given. TheDiscipleship1, 757:so that it is identical with that of the Master and can hold that rate of vibration as his normalDiscipleship1, 757:radiatory quality, then he himself becomes a Master. In every Ashram, there is always at a givenDiscipleship1, 757:one disciple who is being trained to take the Master's place eventually, thereby releasing him forDiscipleship1, 757:As you know, I was the senior disciple of the Master K. H. and when I became a Master, I releasedDiscipleship1, 757:disciple of the Master K. H. and when I became a Master, I released him for higher work and myDiscipleship1, 757:to bring about the complete liberation of a Master from all ashramic work and I was the first ofDiscipleship1, 757:the meeting of some urgent need confer with the Master in the Ashram. One thing only can I tellDiscipleship1, 757:the Ashram. One thing only can I tell you. The Master always has three disciples who are hisDiscipleship1, 758:Path who were under supervision by the Master, but not by the three, the nine and the seventy untilDiscipleship1, 758:there are the three who are responsible to the Master for all ashramic activity, who are in hisDiscipleship1, 758:In considering the theme of the chela within the Master's aura, we have seen that the true pledgedDiscipleship1, 758:point to point within the circumference of a Master's sphere of influence until he reaches a periodDiscipleship1, 758:a period wherein he consciously "knows" his Master's aura. Now that, my brothers, is a perfectlyDiscipleship1, 758:vital implications. He is aware not only of the Master, but of what is in the Master's mind. ThatDiscipleship1, 758:not only of the Master, but of what is in the Master's mind. That means that he is telepathicallyDiscipleship1, 758:that he is telepathically en rapport with his Master. He is consciously past all inward discussionDiscipleship1, 758:past all inward discussion of what the Master wants him to do. He knows the part which he has toDiscipleship1, 758:he has to play. He responds sensitively to the Master's aura not only upon the inner planes of lifeDiscipleship1, 759:rapport. His mind and his brain respond to the Master's mind. He is, therefore, mentally aware ofDiscipleship1, 759:therefore, mentally aware of the content of the Master's mind. This affects his life and serviceDiscipleship1, 759:and consequently able to bring through the Master's plans (his share of them) on to the astralDiscipleship1, 759:work with and use the ashramic force which his Master and his soul can make available to him to useDiscipleship1, 759:discipleship. Through his own soul and the Master's sphere of influence the Plan lies open beforeDiscipleship1, 760:time to humanity. Only disciples close to the Master's heart (technically understood) and,Discipleship1, 760:I - The Six Stages of Discipleship - Part VIII A Master and, to a far higher extent, the Christ,Discipleship1, 761:however, to make clear at this point that the Master never uses a disciple's centers asDiscipleship1, 762:is the factor of paramount importance to the Master in the task of training the disciple forDiscipleship1, 762:to hierarchical energy as embodied in the Master's aura and from thence transmitted to theDiscipleship1, 762:might be expressed thus: The Hierarchy. The Master. The Ashram. The soul of the disciple. Humanity.Discipleship1, 763:present the concept of response to the Master's aura) might be put as follows: The Master's aura.Discipleship1, 763:the Master's aura) might be put as follows: The Master's aura. The egoic lotus or soul body. TheDiscipleship1, 763:engendered by the soul, under impression by the Master would be as follows: The sacrifice petalsDiscipleship1, 766:- Part IX Stage VI - The Chela within the Master's Heart We arrive now at a consideration of theDiscipleship1, 767:this stage he is described as a Chela within his Master's Heart." One thing I would here emphasizeDiscipleship1, 767:some light upon this subject. Being within the Master's Heart in no way indicates aDiscipleship1, 767:in no way indicates a love-relationship between Master and disciple. The normal reaction is that atDiscipleship1, 767:loved and, therefore, to be truly close to the Master. His life or lives of service have broughtDiscipleship1, 767:last the reward; he has now free access to the Master in the closest possible and mutualDiscipleship1, 767:out of the supervision and the safeguarding of a Master into a direct relation with the Master ofDiscipleship1, 767:of a Master into a direct relation with the Master of all the Masters, the Christ, who is theDiscipleship1, 767:the central point in the Hierarchy, just as the Master is the central point in an ashram. TheDiscipleship1, 767:Master is the central point in an ashram. The Master is the heart of his group and the Christ isDiscipleship1, 767:the key to this stage of discipleship. The "Master's Heart" is a technical term, indicating theDiscipleship1, 768:is the heart center of the monadic life. The Master at the center of his group. The Christ, theDiscipleship1, 768:about world disciples being "close to the Master's heart." This is not the same thing as beingDiscipleship1, 768:This is not the same thing as being "within the Master's heart." One refers to the Master upon theDiscipleship1, 768:"within the Master's heart." One refers to the Master upon the disciple's ray; the other refers toDiscipleship1, 768:to become world disciples, close to the Master's heart, and to pass rapidly through the earlierDiscipleship1, 769:of the disciples in his group or Ashram, the Master gauges the place and status of the disciple,Discipleship1, 770:is too personal. Accepted disciples who get the Master's idea and plans in far greaterDiscipleship1, 770:character training, and with their status in a Master's Ashram and his interest in them. If theyDiscipleship1, 770:stages of discipleship. Disciples close to the Master's heart, world disciples and those who areDiscipleship1, 772:upon the furthest point in the periphery of the Master's influence, are responding with eagerness;Discipleship1, 778:who took refuge under such statements as: The Master has instructed me to say, etc., the MasterDiscipleship1, 778:The Master has instructed me to say, etc., the Master wants the following work to be done, or theDiscipleship1, 778:wants the following work to be done, or the Master wants the membership to do thus and so. ThoseDiscipleship1, 780:which those in training for initiation have to master. Again, I would call your attention to thisDiscipleship1, 781:up to and including the Christ himself, the Master of all the Masters and the Teacher alike ofDiscipleship1, 781:bear in mind. The accepted disciples of a Master who arrive at recognition of him from withinDiscipleship1, 781:by their fellow disciples and used by the Master himself as a factual condition - know theirDiscipleship1, 781:himself as a factual condition - know their Master, accept teaching from him and among themselvesDiscipleship1, 781:and inadequately censored were given by me, as a Master, to the members of a group within myDiscipleship1, 781:she can resume her work in the Ashram of her own Master - the work of his disciple. Discipleship1, 782:School, no emphasis is laid on "obeying the Master," for no Master is running the school. EmphasisDiscipleship1, 782:emphasis is laid on "obeying the Master," for no Master is running the school. Emphasis is laidDiscipleship1, 782:the school. Emphasis is laid upon the one Master in the heart, the soul, the true spiritual manDiscipleship1, 786:able to do, it is generally conceded that I am a Master and a name has been given to me. To my ownDiscipleship1, 787:to delete one paragraph in which I do speak as a Master. This paragraph, much to her distress,Discipleship1, 787:has, therefore, been publicly stated that I am a Master. In this connection, there are three pointsDiscipleship1, 787:ago, I definitely told A. A. B. (as did her own Master) that her major duty as a disciple was toDiscipleship1, 789:progress in order to help humanity. That is a Master. The second point I would make is in the formDiscipleship1, 789:it do if some one points the finger towards a Master and recognizes him as such, provided hisDiscipleship1, 789:slip, A. A. B. has thus indicated me as a Master, has any harm been done? My books, the carriers ofDiscipleship1, 789:terms (so prevalent among the foolish) of "The Master has chosen me," or "the Master stands behindDiscipleship1, 789:foolish) of "The Master has chosen me," or "the Master stands behind my effort" or "I am theDiscipleship1, 790:but not to the [790] individual - be he a Master or a disciple. They care nothing for personalDiscipleship2reread in relation to both volumes. The Master Djwhal Khul, known also as "The Tibetan," tookDiscipleship2as the case might be. For this purpose the Master selected some fifty people, most but not all ofDiscipleship2, XII:student to get into an ashram or to contact a Master. The purpose of the Arcane School is, andDiscipleship2, XII:Path nor of the Path of Initiation. The Master Djwhal Khul has stated that in the new age the fieldDiscipleship2, XII:is, and the practical realistic attitude that a Master has to his chela. This second volume bringsDiscipleship2, XII:are dangerous to use except as prescribed by a Master and used under his watchful eye, just asDiscipleship2, XII:text will reveal many factors knowable only to a Master which made these meditations safe and the
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