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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MASTER

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Discipleship2, 432:unaided; during the process of Polarization, the Master of his Ashram is permitted to help. TheDiscipleship2, 445:why. Ask your soul the question: Why is D.K. the Master who has sought me out? [446] Discipleship2, 446:one of the first lessons which a disciple has to master, as you well know. The initiate lives inDiscipleship2, 446:which it is my duty (as it is the duty of every Master) to teach all those who have just beenDiscipleship2, 446:doing and know your reasons? All that I, as your Master, can do is to indicate an approach [447] toDiscipleship2, 456:"success" is used, I would remind you that the Master neither sees nor notices the small failures,Discipleship2, 456:rendered attains greater importance - the Master makes himself aware of the general progress, theDiscipleship2, 458:is a powerful worker in the Ashram of K.H. - his Master and mine. You can work also with power withDiscipleship2, 464:suggestion. I will not call it an order, for no Master ever gives commands, and in any case youDiscipleship2, 464:you with a minimum expenditure of force. Your Master, K.H., asked you at that time if you wereDiscipleship2, 465:Such was the gist of your interview with your Master. [466] You can now go forth from where you areDiscipleship2, 466:from where you are with the endorsement of your Master, with the aid and backing of myself and ofDiscipleship2, 466:is also the wish of K.H., my Brother and also my Master, and on that you can also count. I amDiscipleship2, 466:which I have outlined to you, and which your Master wants to see you do, is for you adequateDiscipleship2, 466:needed inner steps which are permitted to the Master of any Ashram in order to draw you into a veryDiscipleship2, 470:for the closeness of the link between the Master K.H., myself and you ensures understanding andDiscipleship2, 470:A.A.B. stand ready. A debate arose between your Master (K.H.) and myself. You had been sent (orDiscipleship2, 471:which can be shared with no one (except the Master, when the disciple has reached the point ofDiscipleship2, 473:constantly and daily a closer contact with your Master and with mine - the Master K.H. Daily I lookDiscipleship2, 473:contact with your Master and with mine - the Master K.H. Daily I look towards you, brother of mine,Discipleship2, 480:of waiting anticipation - to contact me, your Master and your friend. Expect results, though not atDiscipleship2, 480:seldom realize the responsibility that a Master shoulders as he seeks to prepare a group of peopleDiscipleship2, 480:Of this, the disciple knows little and the Master much; with that karma he may not interfere,Discipleship2, 481:actuated by right motive. Let me illustrate. The Master knows that it is the destiny of, and withinDiscipleship2, 481:the quality of persistence is not present; the Master knows, therefore, that a steady cooperationDiscipleship2, 481:of the most frequent deterrents which confront a Master as he seeks to lead his disciples along theDiscipleship2, 482:accomplish the indicated task, to prove to the Master his staunch determination, and to his fellowDiscipleship2, 482:more subtle, have to be taken into account by a Master, as well as the age, the background and theDiscipleship2, 483:therefore, which the trained disciple has to master is one of discernment. He needs to learnDiscipleship2, 485:personality reactions. From the standpoint of a Master who knows the unimportance of [486] years,Discipleship2, 491:ten minutes. Then orient yourself to me, your Master and friend for many years, and again wait.Discipleship2, 492:[492] will shine forth more radiantly. I, your Master, know your inner radiance. Permit the worldDiscipleship2, 493:fact I believe that you are learning. I, the Master D.K., am a member of the Hierarchy and amDiscipleship2, 498:of worldwide service is required, and that a master Plan of the Hierarchy must be carried out, andDiscipleship2, 499:this spiritual undertaking. Your link with the Master R. should help you much in taking adequateDiscipleship2, 499:line of spiritual force descending from the Master R., via D.K. to yourself, with F.B. and A.A.B.Discipleship2, 503:is the main affiliated Ashram with that of the Master K.H. To him, my Master (as I am yours), isDiscipleship2, 503:Ashram with that of the Master K.H. To him, my Master (as I am yours), is given the task, on aDiscipleship2, 504:thinking of a welded group of disciples that the Master of an Ashram works. It is not so much theDiscipleship2, 504:is very difficult for a first ray disciple to master, particularly when the soul ray [505] and theDiscipleship2, 505:you have ever realized. He is a disciple of the Master M., temporarily working in my Ashram. YouDiscipleship2, 505:eventually be transferred into the Ashram of the Master M. The free interplay thus establishedDiscipleship2, 505:established between my Ashram and that of the Master M. is due to the fact that he is the innerDiscipleship2, 508:to contact: Your soul. My Ashram. Me, your Master. You thus, through the imagination, create aDiscipleship2, 509:Then again link up in thought with me, your Master. Sound the OM inaudibly again three times, andDiscipleship2, 510:feel sometimes that he has been deserted by his Master and by the other members of the Ashram. ItDiscipleship2, 514:a life when the attention of the soul, of the Master and of the group upon the physical plane areDiscipleship2, 516:you belong, as does F.B., to the Ashram of the Master Morya. You have been assigned to my Ashram onDiscipleship2, 516:that your orientation has been towards the Master M. and that you have been affiliated with hisDiscipleship2, 524:you, though not for the usual reasons. Oft a Master cannot at some particular time reach a discipleDiscipleship2, 536:is drawn closer into the focal point of his Master's [537] sphere of influence, the Ashram, and asDiscipleship2, 543:as a center of perfected intelligence. The Master of the Ashram. The Ashram as a center of livingDiscipleship2, 549:him to concede certain forms of obedience to the Master who has him in training, but to refrainDiscipleship2, 549:Ashram and an increasing steady contact with the Master demonstrate to him the complete and utterDiscipleship2, 549:life and intensifies his understanding of the Master, as he enters more deeply into the life of theDiscipleship2, 549:the life of the Ashram and into the aura of his Master, and as his vision grows - revealingDiscipleship2, 551:the Ashram, and to the mind and the love of the Master of the Ashram. It is upon these potencies IDiscipleship2, 551:of the statement and expressed wish of your Master - and this because you know me better and trustDiscipleship2, 552:of those who talk and, talking, cannot hear the Master's voice." Stand there. Listen. Reflect andDiscipleship2, 555:he were the soul in full expression, "as if" the Master were ever aware of the doings of hisDiscipleship2, 555:the less need he finds for contact with the Master; he comes to realize the extent of [556] theDiscipleship2, 556:he comes to realize the extent of [556] the Master's responsibilities and arrives at a juster valueDiscipleship2, 556:say the right thing; more important still, the Master can count upon him, knowing that he can beDiscipleship2, 557:as if you were consciously standing before your Master and definitely aware of my presence,Discipleship2, 558:conscious experience. Know too that I, your Master and your friend, will also be aware of it. MyDiscipleship2, 560:vibration attracts the attention of the Master, and the disciple finds his way into the AshramDiscipleship2, 561:towards the central [561] point of light, the Master in his Ashram. The Master waits. He moves notDiscipleship2, 561:point of light, the Master in his Ashram. The Master waits. He moves not forth but quietlyDiscipleship2, 561:the door into the Ashram and stands before the Master of his life. He knows himself to be a soul.Discipleship2, 561:light, for thus I best can serve. I face the Master and know his light and mine to be the same. IDiscipleship2, 562:my brother, that there are times when the Master, speaking technically, goes into a state ofDiscipleship2, 563:disciple what the courts of Shamballa are to the Master. That is why, my brother, I gave you thatDiscipleship2, 563:opportunity) for transfer into the Ashram of the Master K.H. As you know, one of the tasks IDiscipleship2, 563:who had never been in the Ashram of either the Master K.H. or the Master M. so that they couldDiscipleship2, 563:in the Ashram of either the Master K.H. or the Master M. so that they could transfer out of myDiscipleship2, 564:the status, the degree and the experience of the Master at its center or heart. The more advancedDiscipleship2, 564:at its center or heart. The more advanced the Master, the more of the energy of Shamballa whichDiscipleship2, 564:Shamballa which will pour into the Ashram. The Master K.H., being a Chohan and one of the seniorDiscipleship2, 565:might be called the doorway to the Ashram of the Master K.H., and some day you will pass through toDiscipleship2, 566:Ashrams such as mine are under the guidance of a Master or Initiate of the fifth degree. You haveDiscipleship2, 566:to convey anent the work done in the Ashram of a Master or that done in the Ashram of a ChohanDiscipleship2, 566:the life in all Ashrams under the care of a Master of the Wisdom; the Will-to-Good is developed andDiscipleship2, 568:will which is needed when the attention of the Master is needed, in the case of a chela at yourDiscipleship2, 569:to cooperate. You render recognition to me, your Master, D.K., by a flash of thought and of love.Discipleship2, 579:given you a definition of meditation given by a Master to a group of disciples. He is not one ofDiscipleship2, 586:When need arises you can seek my aid - your Master, friend and teacher - remembering that it willDiscipleship2, 587:assigns to himself and is not one ordered by the Master. The acceptance of the task is simplyDiscipleship2, 587:dynamic spiritual thought-form, vitalized by the Master of the Ashram and by the initiates andDiscipleship2, 588:Those who are seeking to attain the degree of Master have - at some definite stage of theirDiscipleship2, 590:you do this to link up definitely with your own Master, of whom I am, with his permission, at thisDiscipleship2, 591:hands and feet hold a secret that you need. Your Master says this word to you and through my lips:Discipleship2, 593:yours, and the over-shadowing care of your own Master rests ever on you. Discipleship2, 593:fellow disciples. The discussion was between the Master Morya (your Master), the Master K.H., andDiscipleship2, 593:discussion was between the Master Morya (your Master), the Master K.H., and Master R. in whoseDiscipleship2, 593:was between the Master Morya (your Master), the Master K.H., and Master R. in whose hands lies theDiscipleship2, 593:Master Morya (your Master), the Master K.H., and Master R. in whose hands lies the rehabilitationDiscipleship2, 593:of Europe, and myself. The comment made by your Master was, "I am genuinely satisfied with him. ADiscipleship2, 594:to take a position in the Ashram of your own Master - a position similar to that of A.A.B. in theDiscipleship2, 594:know him. You may remember the episode when the Master M. was at one time asked to handle theDiscipleship2, 594:at one time asked to handle the pupils of the Master K.H. so as to release him for some brief job,
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