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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MASTER

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Discipleship2, 595:You work as do all first ray workers and as the Master Morya. First ray workers provide theDiscipleship2, 595:first ray lines as taught in the Ashram of the Master Morya. This few people understand. Any otherDiscipleship2, 596:the inner kingdom of the soul. This has the Master of the Masters long foretold. Prepare the Way."Discipleship2, 596:work. First of all, there is the Ashram of the Master K.H.; this is the presiding Ashram in thisDiscipleship2, 596:the Christ himself; another reason is that the Master K.H. will assume the role of World Teacher inDiscipleship2, 596:important work. Next comes the Ashram of the Master Morya; the reason for this is that the wholeDiscipleship2, 596:projected from Shamballa and the Ashram of the Master Morya is ever in close touch with thatDiscipleship2, 596:in close touch with that dynamic center. The Master R. - as the Lord of Civilization - is alsoDiscipleship2, 596:of Europe. I have also at times referred to the Master who is responsible for the reorganization ofDiscipleship2, 597:of the twentieth century. I myself am the fifth Master concerned in this work and am - as it were -Discipleship2, 598:which comes to you from Shamballa, via your own Master. On that strength you may now draw. A.A.B.Discipleship2, 599:keep a recognized and conscious link with your Master. Discipleship2, 602:you will be ready for a major step onwards. A Master watches his disciples long before they areDiscipleship2, 602:registers the contact or the response of the Master. All in this group have been watched by me forDiscipleship2, 606:than breeze, or breath or air. Your soul, your Master and yourself are truly one. Reflect. StandDiscipleship2, 606:the Ashram of a Chohan from that of a Master. It would require too much adjustment and consequentDiscipleship2, 609:This is a point apt to be forgotten. I, as a Master upon the second ray, have an Ashram which is aDiscipleship2, 611:following information was given you: That the Master K.H. was aware of you and of your relation toDiscipleship2, 620:one of the things which it is the task of the Master to demonstrate to his disciple is theDiscipleship2, 628:your own soul, with the Ashram and with me, your Master and your constant friend. Of this you mayDiscipleship2, 628:can realize, my brother, what this means to the Master who has a disciple under training andDiscipleship2, 629:forward as desired - by your soul and by your Master. At this particular time what is thatDiscipleship2, 631:you have absorbed the injunction that a Master arrives at his goal through a process of questioningDiscipleship2, 632:the disciple and concerned his relation to the Master. They detailed his progress from a rareDiscipleship2, 632:from a rare contact to a position close to the Master. It is of value now to add to theseDiscipleship2, 632:related to the interplay between him and his Master, these stages are concerned with action andDiscipleship2, 632:to his perception of truth as response to the Master's radiation evokes in him certainDiscipleship2, 632:room; within that room the passing figure of the Master appears and disappears. With the left eye,Discipleship2, 633:instruction and of steady approach to the Master, plus the life of outer service which must come asDiscipleship2, 633:his some day. Yet he also knows that he has to master the meaning of the paradoxical statement withDiscipleship2, 633:the right to pass along the corridor to the Master's sanctum, but must needs go forth [634] intoDiscipleship2, 635:of free admittance into the [635] room where the Master works is a present possibility. But withinDiscipleship2, 635:the Ashram, protecting the seclusion of the Master, is the antechamber to the place where he worksDiscipleship2, 635:disciple presides. This disciple protects the Master from undue disturbance, is responsible for theDiscipleship2, 635:not, he may intrude into the presence of the Master. He finds, when he has arrived at this point,Discipleship2, 635:at this point, that all desire to contact the Master for his own satisfaction or help has left him.Discipleship2, 635:What takes place later between you and the Master is your own individual secret, shared with him.Discipleship2, 636:which guard the approach to the sanctum" of your Master can be left behind; you will have reachedDiscipleship2, 639:towards the Ashram and towards me, your Master, and ponder for a while upon your relationship withDiscipleship2, 645:reflection and joy. Your contact with me, your Master, because through me some of the strength ofDiscipleship2, 647:which shines through my soul, my brothers and my Master." At noon, again sound the OM inaudibly andDiscipleship2, 647:separates me from my soul, my brothers and my Master. My life is theirs and theirs is mine." AtDiscipleship2, 647:between my brothers and my soul, between the Master of my life and me, his pledged disciple." [648]Discipleship2, 648:am a soul. With me there walk my brothers and my Master. Therefore within, without, and every side,Discipleship2, 650:your own is something that all disciples have to master, because it is one of the first stepsDiscipleship2, 653:concentration upon the Ashram and upon me, the Master of the Ashram. Knowing your circumstances andDiscipleship2, 653:I was at one time a part - the Ashram of the Master K.H. See yourself also as a soul in contactDiscipleship2, 653:this energy, reaching you via the Ashram of the Master M., to the light and power of my Ashram.Discipleship2, 654:I stand into the place of light, where dwells my Master. Against that Cross there rests a ladder.Discipleship2, 655:three needed lessons which you must learn and master. I am not telling you what these lessons are,Discipleship2, 655:obstructs the vision) they lift a load off the Master's shoulders. It is your due to tell you this,Discipleship2, 656:the words exactly mean, and know that I your Master and your friend of many lives, am satisfied.Discipleship2, 661:life and joy. Seek closer contact with me, your Master, and look for response. Discipleship2, 668:relation to the Christ. Such a one is the Master K.H., who is slated (is that not the word I shouldDiscipleship2, 668:Teacher. I myself hold a similar position to the Master K.H. Through K.H. and through myself andDiscipleship2, 669:to the entire Hierarchy is that of Supreme Master. His group of disciples includes all initiatesDiscipleship2, 669:to events which is a guarantee to the watching Master that your stability is assured and immovable.Discipleship2, 670:with your present equipment you can contact the Master of all the Masters; nor does it mean thatDiscipleship2, 670:terms can be used. The Christ, through your own Master and in no other way, knows you. Not yet canDiscipleship2, 676:and have helped our work greatly and - as the Master said - the Hierarchy is never ungrateful, forDiscipleship2, 679:in to help may not see eye to eye with the Master responsible for a certain aspect of the Plan, butDiscipleship2, 679:task) they work under the direction of the Master who is responsible. Here lies a great deal ofDiscipleship2, 681:in so speaking, it is simply because I, the Master D.K., value what you will be able to do and beDiscipleship2, 683:pour out upon you and upon all whom I serve as Master and Teacher. This will lead you wisely toDiscipleship2, 684:well to appreciate somewhat the problem of the Master. He has to watch the effect of all the energyDiscipleship2, 692:with the consent of your soul and of me, your Master - you are already peculiarly susceptible toDiscipleship2, 694:is the hardest lesson which a disciple has to master. 3. The severing of connection with specificDiscipleship2, 702:strengthen the tie between yourself and me, your Master. Do you realize what is the task thatDiscipleship2, 702:can remove you out of my Ashram into that of the Master K.H. Such is my task with several of you inDiscipleship2, 704:your fellowmen, as I believe you are) begin to master them, to understand their need and to applyDiscipleship2, 706:is, ever interferes with the relation between a Master and his chela. She knows that your relationDiscipleship2, 708:and accepted disciple, with the power of your Master's Ashram behind you and the love of yourDiscipleship2, 709:to develop sensitivity not only to me, your Master (for that you yourself desire), but a greatlyDiscipleship2, 710:disciple entrusted with a definite task by his Master, and working from within the Ashram (as youDiscipleship2, 712:out this life cycle with satisfaction to her Master - which is all that she cares about. She hasDiscipleship2, 715:gradually become your instrument and not your master, as it is at present; your etheric body willDiscipleship2, 716:month - The cry goes out for workers. I answer, Master of my Life, and stand within the ranks ofDiscipleship2, 717:The word of Power is mine because I love - my Master and my brothers on the upward Way and on theDiscipleship2, 719:Being, need no instructions. The task of any Master is only to bring to the attention of the man,Discipleship2, 720:is in learning to see the picture whole (as the Master ever sees it) that confidence and securityDiscipleship2, 721:of books and enterprise. And at the desk, the Master sits and works and thinks, projecting thought,Discipleship2, 721:wash away the stains of travel. Then face the Master, but only when the quiet of evening lightDiscipleship2, 724:not, and those in distant places who seek the Master of my life, my brother, the Tibetan." That isDiscipleship2, 724:My blessing and my love for you - the love of a Master for his disciple, distant and close, remoteDiscipleship2, 725:always at the center of some big scheme as the master-mind making some discovery, as the architectDiscipleship2, 729:live. Years ago, your dream was to serve the Master, to be known by him and to be a part of hisDiscipleship2, 729:of an accepted disciple. You have served the Master and rendered us, as I told you, notableDiscipleship2, 730:he remarked: "The soul is after all a Master, and when the force of masterhood is released,Discipleship2, 741:service to be rendered by you if you can master a difficult lesson at this time. You areDiscipleship2, 755:- D.L.R. September 1943 MY BROTHER: As a Master studies his chelas year by year, he arrives atDiscipleship2, 755:with the depth. It is the depth which the Master sees; the essential quality which he grasps, andDiscipleship2, 756:"isolated unity" which is distinctive of the Master. In the Hierarchy there, is complete unity,Discipleship2, 759:your limitations and your assets. Every Master needs to have such an understanding and to knowDiscipleship2, 759:a past history of close relationship when the Master was also only a disciple and the disciple wasDiscipleship2, 761:apparatus or mechanism by means of which a Master makes contact with the three worlds. This means,Discipleship2, 761:they make contact with the Ashram and with the Master. Forget not that I have assured you that suchDiscipleship2, 762:occult detachment which every disciple has to master. This solitariness has to be faced andDiscipleship2, 764:of a radiant life. Solitude and contact with the Master. The rewards of solitude. The voices heardDiscipleship2, 764:unafraid, and in that place of utter quiet the Master comes and solitude is not." [767] Education, 143:As a preparation for what students need to master, I would like to emphasize certain points by
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