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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MASTER

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Magic, 133:as steel) will serve as a vessel meet for the Master's use, a channel [134] through which He canMagic, 135:keep in touch with the higher self and with the Master. Another point that has to be remembered isMagic, 141:disciples who are responsible in the group of a Master for the carrying forward of the plan.Magic, 141:four things: To be receptive to the mind of the Master. To cultivate a right intuitiveMagic, 141:understanding of the thoughts sent him by the Master. To embody the ideas received in such form asMagic, 146:manifestation appears only to the one who stands master of the three worlds. The word vibrationMagic, 160:thus good purpose and planned work for the Master fail to materialize because, as the thought-formMagic, 162:contact with other disciples and later with the Master. Desire for material possession must beMagic, 166:so choose, but it should be remembered, that the Master works with the soul aspect of humanity (andMagic, 167:man becomes intuitive does he become of use in a Master's group and I commend to all aspirants thatMagic, 167:stage of probation to that of acceptance in a Master's group. You might ask here how this can beMagic, 168:certain esoteric happenings take place. The Master confers with some of His senior disciples as toMagic, 168:disciple acts as the intermediary betwixt the Master and the newly accepted aspirant. He works withMagic, 168:(if I so might express it) the vibration of the Master so as to accustom the disciple's bodies toMagic, 168:assumes, pro tem, the duties and position of Master. Magic, 169:misapprehension in people's minds as to how a Master lets an accepted disciple become aware that heMagic, 169:so and that an interview is accorded wherein the Master accepts him and starts him to work. Such isMagic, 170:is to know and whose right is sanctioned by the Master of the group. 3. Certain factors, governingMagic, 170:of the group. 3. Certain factors, governing the Master's relation to the disciple, are graduallyMagic, 170:recognizes that his points of contact with his Master are governed by group emergency and need, andMagic, 170:service. It gradually dawns on him that his Master is only interested in him insofar as his ego canMagic, 170:physical plane. He begins to realize that his Master works with his soul and that it is his ego,Magic, 170:his ego, therefore, which is en rapport with the Master and not the personal self. His problem,Magic, 171:and the brain, via the mind, so that when the Master seeks to communicate, He can do so at once andMagic, 171:He can do so at once and easily. Sometimes a Master has to wait weeks before He can get HisMagic, 171:with whom he is associated. The vibration of the Master. All three are different and it is easy toMagic, 171:that it is their own soul contacting them, the Master in the heart, and not run off with the ideaMagic, 171:to their pride and personality) that the Master is endeavoring to reach them. He finds also that itMagic, 172:the Masters as possible. They seek to save the Master's time and frequently consider an interviewMagic, 172:and frequently consider an interview with the Master as demonstrating failure on their part, andMagic, 172:therefore, regret that they have had to take the Master's precious time, and force Him to use HisMagic, 172:is his group, and thus in steady touch with the Master, without interviews and phenomenal contacts.Magic, 172:contacts. Many only expect to contact their Master once a year, usually at the time of the fullMagic, 172:May. He finds also that the relationship between Master and disciple is governed by law and thatMagic, 172:The stage wherein a disciple is contacted by the Master through another chela on the physicalMagic, 173:The stage wherein, according to necessity, the Master contacts the chela through: A vivid dreamMagic, 173:teaching. A using of a thought form of the Master. A contact in meditation. A definite, rememberedMagic, 173:A definite, remembered interview in the Master's Ashram. This is definitely the stage of AcceptedMagic, 173:his wisdom in work, and his appreciation of the Master's problem, the disciple is taught how (inMagic, 173:is taught how (in emergencies) to attract the Master's attention and thus draw on His strength andMagic, 173:happening, and practically takes none of the Master's time. This stage has the peculiar name of "aMagic, 173:which will entitle him to an interview with the Master. This is only permitted to those trustedMagic, 173:The stage wherein the disciple can get his Master's ear at any time. He is in close touch always.Magic, 173:At this stage he is described as "one within his Master's heart." [174] There is a later stage of aMagic, 174:yet more is needed if the right to enter the Master's Ashram is to be granted. To be admitted toMagic, 174:which few can cultivate; to have the ear of the Master and to earn the right to contact Him at willMagic, 175:themselves. Some of them, being outposts of the Master's consciousness, become also cognizant ofMagic, 179:of information imparted: Direct from Master to pupil; from disciple to disciple; from student toMagic, 179:to disciple; from student to student. From Master or disciple to the ego and thence to theMagic, 180:directly used under stimulation applied by a Master - it is liable to be most misleading, as is itsMagic, 182:does one find a student more occupied with the Master and what He will do than he is with his ownMagic, 182:be, his main preoccupation. Inquiry about the Master is more interesting than inquiry about theMagic, 183:Five - The Soul and its Thought-Forms When a Master seeks to find those fitted to be instructed andMagic, 183:much distress of mind and wasted motion. The Master looks for the light in the head. HeMagic, 183:"a lighted lamp" it is useless for the Master to waste His time. The light in the head, whenMagic, 185:the way before them. The next point that a Master has to consider before admitting a man into HisMagic, 185:become a disciple and merit the attention of a Master only when his life counts for something inMagic, 185:men. Until that is the case it is waste of a Master's time to [186] personally deal with him, forMagic, 186:through under the guidance of his own ego, the Master in his heart. When a man is a disciple he isMagic, 186:standpoint, where he merits the recognition of a Master, and yet have obligations and duties toMagic, 186:active service in some particular life. This the Master has to consider and this a man's own egoMagic, 186:which are preventing his prompt acceptance in a Master's group. A Master also studies the conditionMagic, 186:his prompt acceptance in a Master's group. A Master also studies the condition of an aspirant'sMagic, 187:to him from three main sources: His own ego, His Master, The group of co-disciples, and unless heMagic, 187:into a group of disciples; otherwise much of the Master's valuable time will perforce be given toMagic, 187:with him, are also in physical bodies, for a Master's group is entered in service to be renderedMagic, 187:train themselves and when ready for any work a Master uses [188] them. They develop themselves andMagic, 188:and as step by step is taken their particular Master lays more and more responsibility upon them.Magic, 188:are other karmic factors to be considered by a Master but these are the three paramount ones and ofMagic, 188:discouraged if he has no conscious link with the Master and is unaware of any affiliation with anMagic, 188:The third factor, that of service, for which the Master looks is one upon which the aspirant hasMagic, 188:interpreted by the aspirant as service. The Master looks not at a worker's worldly force or status,Magic, 189:asking nothing for the separated self. When a Master sees this manifestation in a man's life, asMagic, 189:co-workers, and can stand in the presence of his Master. Magic, 203:Awakening of the Centers 2. Right motive. The Master of the Wisdom, we are told, is the "rareMagic, 204:grows service to a member of the Hierarchy, to a Master's group and thence service to humanity.Magic, 211:eye opens; they are driven forth and lose their master. The Work of the Eye We have forMagic, 215:The personality, which has hitherto been the master, no longer can control, and the soul comes intoMagic, 215:body, is controlled and feels the eye of the Master (the one Master in the head) upon it. The grossMagic, 215:and feels the eye of the Master (the one Master in the head) upon it. The gross elementsMagic, 230:with the group and working out the plan. For the Master it is the choice between the seven Paths,Magic, 231:group and at rare and indicated moments upon the Master under whom they work. Thus the work andMagic, 239:govern my every thought, and truth be the master of my life." Let each say this to himself asMagic, 252:as the ideal man, the true server, the perfect master. He gradually coordinates his forces so thatMagic, 264:of all on which he may have leant (be it friend, Master, doctrine [265] or environment), well mayMagic, 269:Great Ones not long ago, a disciple asked his master to express this truth to him in such a wayMagic, 269:would be worthy of continuous consideration. His master made this reply: "Only the Sons of Men knowMagic, 283:outer Builders with His ideas. They also guide a Master of the Wisdom as He builds His physicalMagic, 289:"I mastered energy for I am energy Itself. The Master and the mastered are but One." Sixth Ray: -Magic, 297:in dealing with its effects and in seeking to master them that man arrives at knowledge of himselfMagic, 297:arrives at knowledge of himself and so becomes a Master. The most ordinary manifestations of astralMagic, 324:higher self, from your egoic group, or from the Master) definite planned conditions must beMagic, 343:with the egoic group and consequently with the Master. It must never be forgotten that contact withMagic, 343:It must never be forgotten that contact with the Master is made in this order, and that he whoMagic, 343:and more enters into the consciousness of his Master. Then having with unselfish intent linked upMagic, 343:having with unselfish intent linked up with the Master, there comes next the deliberate andMagic, 344:and the consciousness that, for a pupil of the Master, nothing comes to pass but what can lead toMagic, 345:yourself (the personality), the soul and the Master - He, as the apex of the triangle, - you willMagic, 347:Lodge of Masters, [347] not simply with your own Master, but with the Brotherhood for which you areMagic, 349:in the life of every day, may make the Master say eventually (yes, eventually, after all is over)
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