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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MASTER

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Meditation, 246:the healing forces of the higher self and of the Master. Besides this, in each group will be foundMeditation, 246:those who seek to serve their race and the Master. As you will note from the above, colors will beMeditation, 253:12th, 1920 Who are the Masters? What access to a Master entails: From the standpoint of the pupil?Meditation, 253:of the pupil? From the standpoint of the Master? Methods of approach to the Master in meditation.Meditation, 253:of the Master? Methods of approach to the Master in meditation. The effect of this access on theMeditation, 254:of the pupil? From the standpoint of the Master? Methods of approach to the Masters throughMeditation, 259:Ego, with other selves, with the waiting eager Master to Whom he is assigned, with fellow disciplesMeditation, 259:advanced Initiates whom he may contact in that Master's aura, till he finally contacts the OneMeditation, 259:the most nebulous to our reasoning faculty. A Master of the Wisdom is One Who has undergone theMeditation, 259:till it now includes the plane of spirit. A Master of the Wisdom is One Who has effected theMeditation, 260:said, through the process of meditation. A Master of the Wisdom is One Who has found not only theMeditation, 260:balanced by service lovingly administered. A Master of the Wisdom is He Who can wield the law inMeditation, 260:is the logical outcome of true knowledge. A Master of the Wisdom is He Who has passed out of theMeditation, 260:only way in which this can be accomplished. A Master of the Wisdom is He Who, through knowledgeMeditation, 261:and the three worlds can no more ensnare. A Master of the Wisdom is He Who knows the meaning ofMeditation, 261:is found through the practice of meditation. A Master of the Wisdom is He Who has resolved HimselfMeditation, 262:be set free from all that limits and trammels. A Master of the Wisdom is One Who has chosen to stayMeditation, 262:carried on that aids the evolutionary process. A Master of the Wisdom is He Who has taken the firstMeditation, 263:past our conceivable surmise. [263] A Master of the Wisdom is He Who can consciously function asMeditation, 263:unity with one's kind occultly comprehended. A Master of the Wisdom is He Who has entrusted to Him,Meditation, 264:by the higher stages of occult meditation does a Master of the Wisdom increase still further HisMeditation, 264:does He apply Himself to further expansion. A Master of the Wisdom is One Who has earned the rightMeditation, 264:imparted today suffices. The point reached by a Master is high, but only relatively so, and youMeditation, 264:aspirant (be he an average man, an initiate, a Master, a Chohan, or a Buddha) can remain in aMeditation, 265:to the Masters via Meditation What Access to the Master entails September 16th, 1920 We deal todayMeditation, 265:in two ways, briefly from the standpoint of the Master, and rather lengthily from the viewpoint ofMeditation, 265:the internal relationship which exists between Master and pupil. That relationship exists in fourMeditation, 265:in each of which a man progresses nearer to his Master. These four grades are as follows and coverMeditation, 266:The period wherein he is regarded as the Master's intimate, or - as it is esoterically termed - theMeditation, 266:- as it is esoterically termed - the "Son of the Master." The period wherein the final threeMeditation, 266:are taken, and he knows himself as one with the Master. He ranks then as the "Beloved of theMeditation, 266:the Master. He ranks then as the "Beloved of the Master," a position analogous to that which John,Meditation, Since:first plane. These groups are formed around a Master, are enclosed within His aura, and are a partMeditation, 267:it entails passing into the group of a different Master. This takes place after the secondMeditation, 267:vibration of the group of which some particular Master is the focal point. He contacts it at timesMeditation, 267:sense and hold the group vibration (which is the Master's vibration) for a very brief interval. HeMeditation, 267:He will at some high moment link up with the Master and with the group, and his whole being will beMeditation, 268:he can do this he cannot really contact the Master, for, as you have been told, the pupil has toMeditation, 268:Now both these things - the power to touch the Master and the Master's group, and the power toMeditation, 268:things - the power to touch the Master and the Master's group, and the power to polarize himself inMeditation, 268:the higher group to which he may belong, to the Master Who represents to him the Lord of His Ray,Meditation, 269:is to attune his vibration to that of his Master, to purify his three lower bodies so that theyMeditation, 269:will add to the available equipment that the Master seeks for the helping of the race, and thatMeditation, 270:in several ways: He is definitely a part of the Master's group, and is within the consciousness ofMeditation, 270:group, and is within the consciousness of the Master at all times, being kept within His aura. ThisMeditation, 270:intensification of vibration that comes from the Master. He has to discipline himself so thatMeditation, 270:to which he belongs, or be antagonistic to the Master's vibration. If I might so express it, so asMeditation, 271:he first forms part of the group enclosed in the Master's aura, he is kept on the periphery of thatMeditation, 271:aura takes on more and more the coloring of his Master's aura, till he blends and has earned theMeditation, 271:earned the right to be gathered closer to his Master's Heart. Later I will explain the technicalMeditation, 271:this phrase, when dealing with the work of the Master with the pupil. Suffice it to say, that asMeditation, 271:to the Masters via Meditation Sonship to the Master We now come to the time when the disciple movesMeditation, 271:on to the much coveted position of a "Son of the Master." He is then a part consciously and at allMeditation, 271:then a part consciously and at all times of the Master's consciousness. The interplay between theMeditation, 271:consciousness. The interplay between the Master and disciple is being rapidly perfected, and theMeditation, 271:can now consciously and at will link up with the Master and ascertain His thoughts. He can enterMeditation, 272:thoughts and desires cause no disquietude to the Master, and no contrary vibration to the group. HeMeditation, 272:All this concerns his relationship to some Master and to some one group soul. It is not dependentMeditation, 272:can take initiation and yet not be a "son of a Master." Discipleship is a personal relationship,Meditation, 272:before becoming affiliated with any particular Master. This later relationship of "son" to someMeditation, 272:Master. This later relationship of "son" to some Master has a peculiar sweetness all its own, andMeditation, 272:can then lift some of the burden off his Master's shoulders, and relieve Him of some of HisMeditation, 272:the vibration of the second abstract level. The Master at this period will confer with His "Son"Meditation, 273:vibrating in tune with his group and with his Master, but is beginning now to gather out his ownMeditation, 273:This in no way prevents his being one with his Master and group, but the method of interblending isMeditation, 273:we have touched briefly upon what access to a Master entails from the standpoint of a pupil. WeMeditation, 274:from an occasional outer contact with [274] a Master and His group to a position of the closestMeditation, 274:of position has entailed on the part of the Master and what it has necessitated on His side. TheMeditation, 274:necessitated on His side. The Relationship of Master and Pupil As you have frequently been told,Meditation, 274:have frequently been told, the attention of a Master is attracted to a man by the brilliance of theMeditation, 274:the life of service), some one particular Master begins to test him out by the application of someMeditation, 274:to that vibration. The choice of a pupil by a Master is governed by past karma and by oldMeditation, 274:may be found, and by the need of the hour. The Master's work (as much of it as may wisely be madeMeditation, 274:comprehension of human nature. What is it that a Master has to do with a pupil? By enumerating theMeditation, 275:greater ease and comfort to the vibration of his Master, and can hold the vibration for an everMeditation, 276:macrocosm. Now all these various aspects of the Master's work (and these are but a few of theMeditation, 276:into the later stages of close intimacy with his Master. The Master during this period works withMeditation, 276:stages of close intimacy with his Master. The Master during this period works with his discipleMeditation, 276:the higher, so will come the opportunity of the Master to accomplish successfully the scientificMeditation, 277:his side provides not the just conditions, the Master's hands are tied and He can do but little.Meditation, 277:perseverance, then comes the opportunity of the Master to carry out His side of the work. As theMeditation, 277:reiterate - only as alignment is effected is the Master able to work with the bodies of the pupil.Meditation, 277:effort the right conditions between pupil and Master, and a correct interrelation will be broughtMeditation, 277:when considering the pupil's relationship to a Master. In the period when the man is underMeditation, 277:and is only conscious of the attention of the Master at rare and irregular intervals. His physicalMeditation, 278:lives making contacts with his Ego or with his Master he may be aware of it. Individuals differ soMeditation, 278:in detail can be formulated. As you know, the Master makes a small image of the probationer, whichMeditation, 278:their predominating hues, and by studying it the Master can rapidly gauge the progress made andMeditation, 278:may be admitted into a closer relationship. The Master views the image at stated intervals, rarelyMeditation, 278:readily and more consciously cooperates. The Master when inspecting the images works with them, andMeditation, 278:centers of the initiate, so at certain times the Master applies certain contacts to the images andMeditation, 278:the bodies of the pupil. A time comes when the Master sees, from His inspection of the image, thatMeditation, 279:man is an accepted disciple the work done by the Master is of very real interest. The pupil isMeditation, 279:advanced disciples under the supervision of the Master, and though he may attend still the largerMeditation, 279:the larger general classes in the Ashram (the Master's hall for teaching) he is subjected to a moreMeditation, 279:subjected to a more intensified training... The Master works in the earlier stages in four mainMeditation, 279:has reached a certain rate of vibration, the Master will gather him close to Himself, bringing himMeditation, 279:any of the strenuous parts of the work. The Master works upon the bodies of his pupil with color,Meditation, 280:consciously cooperate in the work of the [280] Master on his bodies, and intelligently follow theMeditation, 280:about. Ponder on this. At stated intervals the Master takes His pupils, and enables them to contact
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