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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MASTER

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Rays, 177:other of the various Paths by means of which a Master can start upon the Path of the HigherRays, 177:have prepared Him. Whichever Way He goes, the Master remains a part of the purpose; He knowsRays, 192:the second aspect when the Christ subjected the Master Jesus to the fourth initiation and TheirRays, 193:over-shadowing or rather working through the Master Jesus. But at the triumph over death andRays, 197:word) for which the inner Teacher and later the Master looks, and "occult blindness," its need, itsRays, 198:as He over-shadowed one of His Masters, the Master Jesus upon the Cross. This will strike a newRays, 198:It is concerned with the facility with which a Master participates in the experience, subjectivelyRays, 198:the fourth and fifth initiations, such as the Master Jesus in the experience referred to above.Rays, 198:the Initiator, but stands to the initiate as the Master does to the disciple. It is a curious phaseRays, 198:which evokes no reaction from the Master or the [199] Master of the Masters, the Christ, except inRays, 199:evokes no reaction from the Master or the [199] Master of the Masters, the Christ, except in so farRays, 211:the basis of soul activity, joint pledge to the Master of the Ashram, and a united service given toRays, 211:group potency and for a closer relation to the Master. This has all been brought about by the groupRays, 211:itself, independently of any injunction of the Master, and as a result of the united soul life ofRays, 211:the world of men, by other disciples, or by the Master. The ability to work without any token ofRays, 213:to the work of the Ashram, under some particular Master. The work, however, requires a diversity ofRays, 213:It needs those who are in close contact with the Master, and are therefore initiates of a certainRays, 213:of the Plan as they receive it from the Master; the more experienced among the disciples thenRays, 219:indifference was the outstanding quality of the Master upon the Cross at Calvary. The seven wordsRays, 219:will not be committed to the group by the Master. That is what is meant by the next sentence in theRays, 220:be mastered prior to the assistance of [220] the Master in the inner Ashram; He is to the groupRays, 220:to the outer group. When the response of the Master is registered in the group consciousness andRays, 221:activity, focus and tension, plus the aid of the Master, brings about three results: It producesRays, 221:and focuses it once and for all in the Master's Ashram. The result of this transference is twofold:Rays, 222:by them as a group under the inspiration of the Master (and I use the word "inspiration"Rays, 222:invoked by the group sound the attention of the Master and of the Master's Ashram; unitedly thatRays, 222:sound the attention of the Master and of the Master's Ashram; unitedly that sound has taken theRays, 232:It is this influence also which has enabled the Master R. to assume the mantle of the MahachohanRays, 235:to evil ends, but They necessarily have to master new techniques and the new methods of work calledRays, 239:built around the direct relationship between a Master and a disciple, reached their highest pointRays, 240:from the immediate attention of the accepting Master. He is thus freed for other fields of service.Rays, 240:of the Christ was only secondarily to their Master, and primarily to a demanding world; thatRays, 241:expression, it works through the Manu and the Master Morya; it is that which veils the centralRays, 249:and synthetic activity are possible to a Master or an initiate of the higher degrees. That involvesRays, 252:focus on the relation of the disciple and the Master. The keynote of group fusion and of serviceRays, 252:the personal relation of the disciple to the Master and the achievement of the individual aspirant.Rays, 254:faith because it embodies the work of the Master Jesus as He over-shadowed one of His seniorRays, 261:is focused in the Spiritual Triad - he must now master. To summarize, they constitute the fourRays, 261:an essential and vital factor for unity in the Master's Ashram. [262] It has enabled him to gatherRays, 271:takes place via the triad formed by a Master and His two senior disciples, or it is formed by threeRays, 271:all upon the same ray, as for instance, the Master K.H. and his Ashram, myself and my Ashram andRays, 275:though primarily the second ray disciple and Master understood it the most easily. Later, whenRays, 281:Have you ever wondered what it is that incites a Master to stay working in the three worlds andRays, 282:forward Their work, the consciousness of the Master is being steadily expanded, and this because ofRays, 282:sphere of influence. Here is the symbol of the Master, from a specific point of attainment. [283]Rays, 283:a specific point of attainment. [283] But the Master Himself is not static. His field of work isRays, 283:the world of loving understanding, He stands the Master. It is at this precise point in time andRays, 283:that the work of Transformation begins for the Master - a transformation which is brought about byRays, 283:activity supervenes which finally enables the Master to break through the planetary ring-pass-not,Rays, 283:clearer by means of the following symbol. The Master has now penetrated into another cosmic level,Rays, 283:line of approach through identification, the Master builds that of which the spiritualRays, 284:emerging is a projection from the Ashram of a Master; there are, therefore, seven ways into the WayRays, 284:It is the force of Will, generated by the Master, during the process of Attaining the fifthRays, 284:provides the focused intention which enables the Master to attain what is called transformation,Rays, 289:made Him the Head of the Hierarchy - and the Master of all the Masters, His consciousness wasRays, 291:and well-known to the Masters and to the Master of Them all, the Christ. But a further "knowing"Rays, 302:O disciple on the Path? Naught but myself, O Master of my life. Look closer at thyself and speakRays, 302:opportunity. What now appears? A horrid sight, O Master of my life. I like it not. It is not true.Rays, 315:to this episode, but [315] that it was the Master Jesus Who was crucified. The Crucifixion layRays, 315:Savior, but was no part of the experience of the Master Jesus. The final words of the Christ to HisRays, 317:the possibility of their existence. Even I, a Master, and therefore an initiate of a relativelyRays, 325:become initiate, and have attained the status of Master of the Wisdom and taken their place withinRays, 326:given. It is the Way which opens out before the Master of the Wisdom, leading to states ofRays, 326:The following of this Way enables the Master to "abstract" Himself from the seven planes of ourRays, 327:The seven Paths which stretch out before a Master are entered by the treading of the Way of theRays, 328:qualities and objectives may be revealed to the Master and to the Christ as They tread the WayRays, 328:nothing else will open it. This Way leads the Master off the cosmic physical plane on to the cosmicRays, 342:orthodox (so called) schools of occultism. The Master K.H., in one of the few (the very few)Rays, 343:one ray are gathered together subjectively by a Master on the same ray, for group training.Rays, 344:and hear a calling voice. What should I do, O Master of my life? Go through that Door and waste notRays, 344:into light. The door is far too narrow, O Master of my life. I fear I cannot pass. [345] Go closerRays, 347:faces the disciple and that which confronts the Master. It is of course obvious to you that the useRays, 353:there are two major episodes in the life of the Master Jesus which throw some light upon thisRays, 354:three Crosses - the two thieves and the central Master. The difference in the fourth initiation isRays, 354:meaning hides and veils a universal reality. The Master Jesus passed through the door of the fourthRays, 354:which had naught to do with the Initiated Master Jesus. This symbolism and its meaning are relatedRays, 354:one already considered - the initiation of the Master Jesus. In the Crucifixion, in this fourthRays, 354:two great and different individualities - the Master Jesus and the World Savior, the Christ - areRays, 355:both of them without discrimination to the Master Jesus. Yet one event was a hierarchicalRays, 355:each is, however, distinct; in the one case the Master Jesus is the participator, and in the otherRays, 355:One Who over-shadows Him, the Christ. It was the Master Jesus who "died" and entered into the tomb,Rays, 355:as appearing after the resurrection and not the Master Jesus, except in the one brief episodeRays, 358:the astral plane exists from the angle of the Master, because it is an expression in dense physicalRays, 358:there is a field of service for the Master Who has no longer the power to identify HisRays, 359:in the three worlds. From the standpoint of a Master, the four planes are composed of forces whichRays, 360:anent the Way of the Higher Evolution. After the Master has taken the fifth initiation, He has - asRays, 361:The cosmic astral plane becomes, for the Master, a definite objective; He is beginning to develop aRays, 361:which are the sevenfold goal set before the Master when the sixth initiation (the true ascension)Rays, 361:is called the Initiation of Decision. The Master then chooses which of the seven Ways or Paths HeRays, 361:by the seven rays. Any one of them is open to a Master of the Wisdom, and His choice will not beRays, 362:that the life progress and purpose of the Master not only determines the quality of the Ashram butRays, 362:realize that this relation is secondary to the Master Whose primary preoccupation is the unfoldmentRays, 362:the type, quality and service rendered by the Master as He conditions and controls His Ashram. ThisRays, 363:to the initiate working in an Ashram under some Master. When the student realizes that the greatRays, 364:of the Way of the Higher Evolution enables a Master eventually to do. One interesting fact emergesRays, 365:and study this section of the Treatise that the Master - moving forward into higher areas ofRays, 366:Whom naught may be said," what the vehicle of a Master in physical incarnation is to Him, and on aRays, 368:using one of His official names) is indeed the Master of all the Masters. and the Coordinator ofRays, 371:produces a movement out of the Hierarchy of some Master and into the highest center of all; it hasRays, 371:susceptible to impression from Shamballa. When a Master thus emerges He is immediately confronted
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