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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MASTER

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Rays, 372:the mystery of differentiation is found by the Master when He is faced by the choice of the sevenRays, 372:teach or to explain, as I am not yet a liberated Master, though I am a liberated human being. InRays, 373:its Ashram, is related to Shamballa, that the Master Morya is the Head of all truly esotericRays, 374:Sanat Kumara. When he turns his thoughts to the Master and the radiatory and magnetic group whichRays, 374:almost inevitably thinks in terms of "my Master and His Ashram." Yet this is not in any sense aRays, 377:the will of God is known" the intelligent loving Master, now responsive to the energy of the will,Rays, 379:men and women working under the supervision of a Master is too apt to color your thoughts. TheRays, 380:Ashrams are all concerned with the Plan. The Master Morya is the Head of all esoteric schools whichRays, 380:contact and work. The reason that a first ray Master is thus the Head is because it is the WillRays, 386:Between that time and the crucifixion of the Master Jesus, the sixth ray Ashram, the fifth and theRays, 386:types responsive to the ray energy. When the Master Jesus took the Crucifixion Initiation, anotherRays, 386:simultaneously with the crucifixion of the Master, the Head of the Hierarchy, the Christ, took twoRays, 388:becomes of a distinctly higher order. The Master today is infinitely wiser and more full of loveRays, 388:love and more "occultly reasonable" than was the Master in Atlantean times. This in itselfRays, 389:wall of our planetary circumference, the Master must find an exit and discover a door which willRays, 389:life, aims and conditioning rules, so do I, a Master of the fifth degree, know much concerning whatRays, 389:names of the seven Paths along one of which a Master must go (Initiation, Human and Solar), it wasRays, 390:way dependent upon the ray which conditioned the Master earlier. The Masters and the still higherRays, 391:regarded as the first gesture of the advancing Master toward liberation from all ray limitations.Rays, 391:lead. The fifth and sixth initiations are to the Master what the first and second are to theRays, 391:the fifth initiation. The decision made by the Master enables Him to take the required training toRays, 391:and love have been fully unfolded in the Master, but the will is embryonic still, from the [392]Rays, 392:standpoint of Those responsible for training the Master and the higher Initiate. It is only byRays, 392:It is only by means of the divine will that the Master begins to free Himself from ray limitations.Rays, 393:training in decision is given by forcing the Master to make basic decisions within His AshramRays, 394:which immediately confronts him. They have to master the technique of handling the most potentRays, 395:Sun and its planets. Thus within His Ashram the Master learns "occultly to decide" and to conditionRays, 395:of Initiation The Seven Paths confronting the Master It will be apparent to you now that the MasterRays, 395:Master It will be apparent to you now that the Master confronts two crises: The crisis of the will,Rays, 397:and conditions they represent - present to the Master a vision of possibility. This vision isRays, 397:this form of esoteric attraction which draws the Master forth from His Ashram, conditions HisRays, 398:forward "to the place which calls Him," and the Master K.H. will assume the role of World Teacher.Rays, 398:which disciples upon their lower level have to master. This aspect of impression is, however,Rays, 399:and there is no better field on which to master the preliminary stages of that divine unfoldmentRays, 399:Mind. Four of the Paths relate the advancing Master to the Heart of the Great Life Who functionsRays, 401:energy incident to His cosmic nature that the Master has to work. He learns to direct the currentsRays, 401:under cyclic law and the direction of the Master working on the second Path. These three factorsRays, 402:These forces are symbolized to the manipulating Master by a triangle. In the Old Commentary itRays, 402:a triangle. In the Old Commentary it says: "The Master throws Himself - under the liberating Law ofRays, 402:Lord relates Himself with humble joy. And as the Master works, there forms before His eyes aRays, 402:Initiation The Path of Magnetic Work takes the Master, first of all, to the Heart of the Sun, andRays, 403:of cosmic contact which is registered by the Master from the point at which He stands upon thisRays, 403:to ascertain the truth. The method of the Master's work upon this Path is also not easilyRays, 403:upon them: Isolated Unity - the position of the Master A positive Focus - the mental attitudeRays, 403:Another aspect of the work done by the Master on the second Path is the drawing off of those phasesRays, 403:are therefore, through the magnetic power of the Master, withdrawn from our planetary life and areRays, 404:life and are [404] "occultly absorbed" by the Master; the substance of the glamor, purified andRays, 404:of energies, and hence the statement of the Master K.H. to His disciples that the occultist has toRays, 404:His disciples that the occultist has to learn to master and control the forces and energies withinRays, 405:the kingdoms of nature in the three worlds; the Master receives instruction in the handling of theRays, 405:more advanced stages of Their work, and when the Master is far more advanced than the wordRays, 410:initiations higher than the fifth to the ready Master, and to familiarize the world of aspirantsRays, 411:The needed dynamic whereby the "deciding" Master sets His foot upon the Path of the HigherRays, 413:Treatise, but they are not so in reality. The Master of the fifth initiation even if now He doesRays, 417:on, when moving to one of the seven Paths, the Master will work with the Law of Freedom. This isRays, 420:are curiously and uniquely connected. The Master on this Path works at the comprehension of theRays, 420:be expected for two reasons: one, that every Master is on one of the three major rays, andRays, 420:one of the three major rays, and secondly, every Master has to develop an understanding of theRays, 420:be experienced on this ray Path. The second ray Master who decides to go this way has to negate hisRays, 420:phrase which describes the objective of the Master's training on this Path. The exclusive has toRays, 421:of realization, whilst the inclusive has to master the technique of exclusiveness and becomeRays, 421:of the intentions of the ray Lords which the Master of the sixth initiation has to learn toRays, 422:ray Path. Changes have however been made, and a Master can now pass on to this sixth Path directlyRays, 422:schemes which are more advanced than ours; the Master in training then acts as the custodian ofRays, 424:disciples, is the fact that no longer does the Master - faced at the sixth initiation with aRays, 430:the difficult lesson which all disciples have to master: the lesson of the dual life of the manRays, 433:constitutes the dual life of the disciple or the Master, and wherein they differ. One of the testsRays, 433:indication of a developing awareness; a Master has to be aware at any time on any plane and atRays, 434:to the fact that the dualism displayed by a Master and that demonstrated by a disciple are notRays, 437:ended, giving place to the cosmic dualism of the Master. The Master is free from the limitations ofRays, 437:place to the cosmic dualism of the Master. The Master is free from the limitations of time, thoughRays, 437:of Initiation The Dual Existence of the Master I would have you note here the difference betweenRays, 438:but in another to the dual existence of the Master. That distinction is deliberate and intentional.Rays, 438:levels of the dense cosmic physical plane. The Master functions on the plane of Being andRays, 438:It is largely a question of emphases. A Master has synthesized within Himself all for which theRays, 438:that for which no words are to be found. In the Master, all the divine aspects are proved capableRays, 439:of sensed failure and lack of achievement. The Master has left all this behind, knowing that evenRays, 439:to the spiritual urge will be left behind. The Master knows the Law and is entirely free from anyRays, 439:in the three worlds. The dual existence of the Master involves what we might call the two poles:Rays, 440:of the concrete mind are overcome, the liberated Master enters a world of spiritual endeavor whichRays, 440:unlimited and unimpeded and in that world the Master moves and works. Becoming is complex,Rays, 440:live and move and have their being. The Master works simultaneously in two worlds or states ofRays, 441:to a disciple the simplicity of the life which a Master expresses. Rays, 441:and the higher abstract mind. Himself and the Master of his ray group, thus developing the ashramicRays, 455:body or form. This body is will-created by the Master. But in this task of unfoldment, of evolutionRays, 459:has been admittance into the Ashram of some Master, increased opportunity to serve in the world,Rays, 459:The Spiritual Triad The Hierarchy Shamballa The Master's Ashram The Council Chamber The Seven PathsRays, 467:But these are taken for granted by the Master Who has a disciple under training; their foundationRays, 503:it seems complicated, as the disciple tries to master the different stages of the process, but itRays, 523:if I might attempt to express what occurred. The Master Jesus, crucified there, [524] felt theRays, 524:that at the Crucifixion initiation, the Master Jesus took the fourth initiation and the Christ tookRays, 524:and the Christ took the sixth initiation. The Master Jesus reached the culminating experience ofRays, 530:when soul conscious, tune in on the mind of his Master, so the initiate, upon a higher turn of theRays, 530:with our next point concerning the fusion of the Master's consciousness with that of His disciple,Rays, 533:first hint in the sublime third degree, that of Master Mason, in the Holy Royal Arch and in one orRays, 537:of eventually entering [537] the Ashram of a Master and passing then through the processes ofRays, 537:goal, and a long way from being accepted by a Master as a disciple. The truth might be expressedRays, 542:and the Mysteries of Initiation Fusion of the Master's Consciousness with that of the DiscipleRays, 542:falls (once he has been accepted by the Master) into three stages: The stage in which the lowerRays, 542:from the Spiritual Triad. His relation to the Master is the next and some times paralleling stage
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