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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MASTER

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Rays, 543:and involves the bringing [543] together of the Master's consciousness and his own. This has to beRays, 543:he becomes conscious of the vibration of the Master. Slowly he learns to distinguish them and knowRays, 544:or the human soul, from the Ashram and from the Master, as well as registering eventually theRays, 544:I will confine myself here to the fusion of the Master's consciousness (as it is conditioned to theRays, 544:no fusion possible or comprehensible between the Master's higher or Shamballic consciousness andRays, 544:presented by occult groups in connection with a Master's relation to His disciple has beenRays, 544:is only permitted to have contact with the Master's mind when his spiritual life has becomeRays, 544:impressions coming directly to him from the Master. Aspirants must not confuse teaching given toRays, 544:must not confuse teaching given to them by the Master in the work of the Ashram with this laterRays, 545:group aura from the tremendous potency of the Master's presence. It is difficult for the averageRays, 545:to you, therefore, that the presence of a Master will have a potent effect where an individualRays, 545:will enable him to stand in the presence of the Master and present no barriers to direct contactRays, 545:present no barriers to direct contact with the Master's mind. This contact, leading to the desiredRays, 545:fusion of the minds of the disciple and the Master. This can only [546] occur when the mental focusRays, 546:are eliminated. Later on in his training, the Master may attempt to impress his mind unexpectedly,Rays, 546:the interrelation between the two minds - of the Master of the Ashram and the disciple - finds noRays, 546:of the Ashram. There can take place (as the Master wills it) a flow of thought between the two. AtRays, 546:is carried forward entirely on the side of the Master, and the disciple is simply an agent who canRays, 546:no current of thought flowing back to the Master. Later on, as a disciple moves forward into lightRays, 546:a server, he can be permitted to reach the Master with his own reaction to the impression. ThenRays, 546:and of contact and is allowed to evoke the Master's attention and to penetrate to the Center of theRays, 546:is between the instrument of contact used by the Master - that of the higher or abstract mind, forRays, 547:Relationship to the Ashram and contact with the Master are dependent upon the existence of theRays, 547:It is now so attuned to the Ashram and to the Master's ray quality that his mind is one with thatRays, 547:quality that his mind is one with that of the Master at the center. Reciprocal activity becomesRays, 547:the theme of all impressions coming from the Master to the disciple, and from the disciple to theRays, 547:to the disciple, and from the disciple to the Master, is the service of the Plan, the problemsRays, 548:the disciple and the Ashram, and between the Master and the disciple, is one of unique interest. ItRays, 549:which he is affiliated or even the mind of the Master. The purpose aspect of the Plan begins toRays, 549:initiations, and therefore training given to a Master. With it you have no concern. Your majorRays, 549:use of this energy brings about what the Master Morya has called "habits of residence which imperilRays, 565:the higher or abstract mind), fusion with the Master's consciousness, fusion with the ashramRays, 577:tremendous difficulties; these the initiate must master and the problems involved he must solve. HeRays, 577:involved he must solve. He thereby becomes a Master, and the process, as it goes forward fromRays, 577:the reason for this is that he is increasingly master of his own individual situation. He is,Rays, 586:is flowing. These five are: The Ashram of the Master K.H., particularly in regard to the work ofRays, 586:to the work of education. The Ashram of the Master D.K. (myself), particularly in regard toRays, 586:to aspirants for initiation. The Ashram of the Master R., particularly in regard to theRays, 586:point of view of economics. The Ashram of the Master Morya, as He seeks to find, influence andRays, 586:field throughout the planet. The Ashram of the Master Hilarion, as He supervises the discoveriesRays, 599:in the Transfiguration Initiation of the Master Jesus Who re-enacted all the five human initiationsRays, 599:prostrate themselves upon the ground and the Master Himself (the glorified personality) isRays, 600:planetary ring-pass-not finally disappears. The Master then knows that such a limitation isRays, 608:the crises of decision which confront the Master after the fourth initiation, and which take theRays, 608:The Principle of Decision which controls the Master governs His work within the Hierarchy, inRays, 642:sensitivity to light and illumination. A Master may not possess all knowledge possible from theRays, 643:worlds.) It can be used also to reveal to the Master that which lies ahead for Him, and thoseRays, 643:side of the work which I - as a newly made Master - had purposed to do can be seen in theRays, 644:which makes the seventh initiation possible. The Master, as He emerges at the fifth initiation intoRays, 644:is now contacted; this is made possible by the Master's response to the first Ray of Power or ofRays, 645:the three aspects of the first ray. When a Master takes the fifth initiation He already knows theRays, 646:key to the revelation accorded to the initiate-Master. As you can see, we are venturing into realmsRays, 654:the Christ. At this Initiation of Decision the Master concerned decides usually which of the sevenRays, 656:entire evolutionary process possible. Just as a Master Who has taken the fifth initiation has toRays, 683:devotion - devotion to an [683] individual, to a Master (as taught by the Theosophical Society) orRays, 691:so that he becomes an integral part of the Master's band of workers. As the work of integrationRays, 694:been achieved. The Cardinal Cross governs the Master as He passes through the remaining fiveRays, 694:followed by five initiations which the Master undergoes upon the Cardinal Cross. It should beRays, 694:have been rightly assimilated; and that the Master on the Cardinal Cross is distinguished by aRays, 694:the awareness and the activities of the Master. You can see, therefore, how this initiation ofRays, 695:feels bereft and is apt to cry out - as did the Master Jesus - "My God, my God, why hast ThouRays, 696:self. At that final planetary initiation the Master is brought face to face with what might beRays, 697:detached. It is interesting to note that the Master Jesus underwent the renunciation initiationRays, 699:they become no longer of service; the Master needs no energy centers, and His consciousness isRays, 699:and the Hierarchy is externalized on Earth), the Master will "function from the above to the below"Rays, 700:as wisdom in all affairs - hence the titles of Master of the Wisdom or Lord of Compassion given toRays, 700:other. From the buddhic level of awareness, the Master works; on it, He lives His life, undertakesRays, 701:only a symbolic mode of speech. Like his great Master, the Christ, when he seeks to serve humanityRays, 702:all, and that there is no pain or agony for the Master Who has attained liberation. The MastersRays, 705:light which has its own type of substance. The Master, however, can build a body through which HeRays, 705:the body in which I took initiation. This the Master K.H. did in creating a body which was made inRays, 706:great a handicap. The probability is that the Master Jesus will assume (under instruction from theRays, 706:from the Christ) the part of the Messiah. The Master, standing symbolically upon the Mount ofRays, 706:we live and move and have our being. All of the Master's previous visions have led Him to this highRays, 709:spiritual aspiration. As the disciple or the Master has helped them to generate this energy, and asRays, 713:this initiation resolved into certainty, and the Master can now take His place as a distributor ofRays, 713:ideas and intuitions which are needed, so the Master has to learn the uses of the will. A naturalRays, 713:"teaching the spirits which are in prison," the Master receives a revelation; this is His right andRays, 718:the vision. 4. The problem is also one that each Master has to face in connection with His OwnRays, 719:to point out that the sixth initiation is to the Master Who stands before the planetary Logos whatRays, 720:which are the sevenfold goal set before the Master when the sixth initiation (the true ascension)Rays, 720:greater events and opportunities. They put the Master or the Chohan (we seem to have no word toRays, 720:part of their equipment. So it is with the Master; all that He has been in the spiritual sense andRays, 721:remember that at this Initiation of Decision the Master can move forward on any one of the sevenRays, 722:This can only be undergone when the will of the Master is completely merged in that of theRays, 723:and pain enter not into the consciousness of the Master. Where it says in The New Testament that,Rays, 723:of perception which lie beyond the ken even of a Master. Revelation is a progressive matter.Rays, 724:of the Higher Evolution. Upon this Way [724] the Master intelligently embarks when He has made HisRays, 724:relation to this sixth initiation. The Master, as He makes His decision and chooses one of theRays, 724:the fact and the faculties" (as one Master has expressed it) of complete revelation and futureRays, 726:The concept of cleavage is latent here also. The Master severs all connection with the past andRays, 726:the living light." At the sixth initiation the Master is brought to an understanding of the natureRays, 726:of all our planetary activity is revealed to the Master, and all Masters or initiates of thisRays, 727:and of purpose are successively revealed to the Master, and that which makes the revelationRays, 728:of Refusal, the revelation presented to the Master concerns the nature of Being and of existence.Rays, 728:and decisive sixth initiation. It embodies the Master's recognition of liberation, and in itsRays, 729:or relinquishment of it, nor (so free is the Master from all possible hindrances) is there anyRays, 730:by the story of the resurrection in which the Master Jesus arose out of the tomb; the chains ofRays, 736:to the sixth Initiation of Decision, when the Master decides which of the seven Paths He willRays, 738:because it has been given out who I am, as the Master Djwhal Khul. The Tibetan [741]
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