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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MASTERED

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Astrology, 128:response to the energies released and earlier mastered through the experience of the Mutable Cross,Astrology, 141:a sign in which the significance of cycles is mastered and understood by the initiate. The resultsAstrology, 398:release of others. In Scorpio, the man who has mastered his lessons in Taurus must demonstrate thatAstrology, 638:is thoroughly taken into consideration and mastered upon these lines. This mastery can be achievedAutobiography, 22:before the mode to make the vision a reality is mastered. Surely questioning and a blind feelingAutobiography, 271:spiritual life reveals still more stages to be mastered. The [272] difference between the trainedAutobiography, 277:illumination and inspiration) are gradually mastered and by its means the disciple is taught theBethlehem, 44:He passes from stage [44] to stage until he has mastered all the laws of the spiritual kingdom.Bethlehem, 231:at this time is the fourth. Only when we have mastered the significance of service and sacrificeDestiny, 110:be studied, the newer methods investigated and mastered, and the new ideas and idealisms must beDestiny, 128:which will [128] be imparted when these two are mastered and rightly applied) are of importance:Discipleship1, 50:to master, my brothers, but one which can be mastered through the use of patient waiting and theDiscipleship1, 58:disciple, has now to be grasped, used and mastered in his waking consciousness and physical brain.Discipleship1, 69:light, it will disappear. In this age, we have mastered, too well perhaps, the forces of nature andDiscipleship1, 89:to visualize. This is the first stage to be mastered. Disciples should lay the emphasis upon thisDiscipleship1, 132:A. O., there is a good deal of information to be mastered and much earlier instruction to beDiscipleship1, 224:might eventuate until the needed lesson has been mastered. One of the glamors which controls you isDiscipleship1, 225:not. The lessons of divine indifference, once mastered, release the soul to union with the One.Discipleship1, 332:personality. This is one thing which you have mastered, the ability as a soul to call the attentionDiscipleship1, 367:which gives you the most difficulty. If you mastered it, your work would forge ahead. Discipleship1, 430:should see much growth, for you have learnt and mastered much already. Discipleship1, 532:a time in this group that you have scarcely mastered the initial stages or the scope of theDiscipleship1, 571:to give upon the physical plane when you have mastered the science of detachment, and theDiscipleship1, 643:study; there is a new meditation to be grasped, mastered and practiced; there is definite healingDiscipleship1, 709:- he becomes eventually a Master. He has "mastered" all stages and states of awareness. TheDiscipleship2, 133:in several ways, and all of them have to be mastered factually by the disciple - theoretically,Discipleship2, 255:the initiates supposed to have grasped and mastered all of it in some experimental and experientialDiscipleship2, 307:further expansion. Every revelation has to be mastered from four angles: The mental, occult,Discipleship2, 328:of the subjects to be studied, understood and mastered between initiations, for each initiationDiscipleship2, 376:construction, and energy direction will be mastered by them, and the first point of revelation willDiscipleship2, 586:Particularly have you - in this incarnation - mastered the lesson of occult obedience. Have youDiscipleship2, 617:discarded. One of the great lessons to be mastered by all disciples and perhaps one of the hardestDiscipleship2, 693:is hard to learn, but a disciple must have mastered much of it, prior to entering the Ashram. WhenDiscipleship2, 695:be used, and as one abstraction after another is mastered an increasing liberation will be sensedDiscipleship2, 719:unsatisfied mind. But you have by no means mastered what has been imparted, nor have you done theEducation, 65:in the science of redemption. Once They have mastered this science, They can then pass on to theExternalisation, 8:the lower type of psychic, who is controlled and mastered. It is necessary here to remind you thatExternalisation, 408:presentation. Much has yet to be learnt and mastered by man, and spiritual unfoldments alwaysExternalisation, 472:of consciousness are known to Them and They have mastered all of them; They have mastered them asExternalisation, 472:and They have mastered all of them; They have mastered them as men, thus guaranteeing to humanityFire, 29:through another cycle. Men of the higher Fifth mastered the lower [30] three. The work was shiftedFire, 120:of consciousness is achieved when a man has mastered the four ethers. On the fourth subplane of theFire, 120:He functions then consciously on it when he has mastered the correspondences to the ethers on theFire, 120:planes. When these three cosmic ethers are mastered, the functioning is perfected, polarization isFire, 121:attains continuity of consciousness when He has mastered the three cosmic ethers. It is to beFire, 286:next two races the other two subplanes will be mastered, and the entire mass of knowledge concernedFire, 327:and on this fourth chain has to be completely mastered and controlled by the Human Hierarchy, theFire, 346:cosmic Beings entered into consciousness and mastered the three lower planes of the cosmicFire, 1018:aspect. One he ascertains because he has mastered matter; the other is revealed to him when he hasFire, 1144:and it has been truly said that when a man has mastered its technicalities, and can understand itsFire, 1231:All is symbol and these symbols must be mastered. It must also be borne in mind that students whoFire, 1248:Three types of magnetic work have been mastered by the adept who treads this second Path. He hasFire, 1248:by the adept who treads this second Path. He has mastered (in the three worlds) the magical work ofFire, 1256:awareness. The whole science of mantra yoga is mastered by them, but only in connection with theGlamour, 142:of the solar plexus until such time as they have mastered the process of rapidly transferring theGlamour, 154:discipline and finally controlled and mastered, are mainly three: The stage wherein the personalityGlamour, 160:anxious for these few essential statements to be mastered by all of you, prior to our taking upGlamour, 235:new technique of service each step must be mastered and practiced for quite a long time. Every newGlamour, 246:to the equipment available for his task and has mastered some facts anent the etheric vehicle. TheGlamour, 266:Who pervades all manifestation; He has also mastered all possible techniques and modes and methodsHealing, 98:In healing work, certain rules should be mastered and followed by the healer. I have given threeHealing, 102:method. It is simpler and far more easily mastered. Later, they can experiment with the method ofHealing, 125:presents its own problems. Once a disciple has mastered the rhythm of his outer and inner life, andHealing, 126:difficulties arise whilst this process is being mastered, leading to psychological cleavages, bothHealing, 127:as well, symbolizing the world disciple, have mastered the process of transference in this respect,Healing, 158:the process of alignment with the soul is being mastered. This process is today being taught in allHealing, 167:the teaching and processes involved must be mastered step by step, detail by detail, precept byHealing, 228:in Lemurian times was one who had completely mastered the control of the body, and hatha-yoga wasHealing, 310:determined that certain needed lessons should be mastered. The relation established between theHealing, 311:can be learned and certain educative experiences mastered, is a little-understood theme. InHealing, 435:is involved. Other phases will then be later mastered. One point must be borne in mind. The wordsHealing, 512:step by step, the lower reflected aspect is mastered, used and recognized as an instrument forHealing, 517:creator because the third aspect - developed and mastered through experience in the three worldsHealing, 526:difficulties which orthodox medicine has already mastered. However, the patient's general moraleHealing, 578:body and its intelligent control; the man who mastered the body and was in control of it as aHealing, 644:or the vital pranic force, and has therefore mastered the two techniques which govern the two setsHealing, 651:When both modes of magnetic healing have been mastered, the healer may employ both alternately inHealing, 676:all should apply themselves. When they have mastered even some of the earliest phases of thisHercules, 50:lives. The bull of desire has to be caught and mastered and chased from one point to another [51]Hercules, 126:of his skill. He wrestled with the boar and mastered it, and made it do the thing he said, and goHercules, 166:been learned. Control of thought has not been mastered, and the soul is not potent enough. When weHercules, 171:At length, its strength subsiding, Hercules mastered it. This done, Hercules went on, and foundInitiation, 13:pupil in a school realizes suddenly that he has mastered a lesson, and that the rationale of aInitiation, 86:of the microcosm becomes profound, and he has mastered theoretically and practically, in greatInitiation, 89:the fourth initiation is taken the initiate has mastered perfectly the fifth subplane, and isInitiation, 189:progresses, he will pass to the sun; then having mastered all connected with vibration in thisIntellect, 183:of inspiration. If these stages are grasped and mastered and if the intelligent man or woman can beIntellect, 185:We read as follows: "He was one, who, having mastered the mystic and occult sciences, hadIntellect, 203:to be offset. But once these have been taken and mastered, the work [204] becomes easier. It is farIntellect, 237:forward only when the earlier stages have been mastered. It should be noted that any thoughtIntellect, 252:[252] of the methods they employ. They will have mastered the technique of the process; they willMagic, 189:structure which he must learn to use - has to be mastered and consciously employed by him beforeMagic, 237:of the entire situation, and when the man has mastered the forces opposed to him, he is ready forMagic, 289:divine. Let the word triumphant go forth: "I mastered energy for I am energy Itself. The Master andMagic, 289:for I am energy Itself. The Master and the mastered are but One." Sixth Ray: - Let all desireMagic, 352:pour in. When one lesson has, in this way, been mastered, a further one is set, and when a pupilMagic, 456:is first the Book of Life, read and eventually mastered by initiates of all degrees. There is theMagic, 459:only truly possible for those who have somewhat mastered the [460] meditation process, and canMagic, 535:of desires to be achieved, of knowledges to be mastered, there you will have a festering sense ofMagic, 536:in clear delineation. Little by little he has mastered the planetary boundaries; little by little,
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