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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - MASTERED

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Magic, 545:He is living purely and unselfishly. He has mastered somewhat the meaning of meditation. He now hasMagic, 558:the indwelling divinity. Before, however, he has mastered this process of development, he may notMagic, 559:He is learning the meaning of light. When he has mastered the technique of meditation (and withMagic, 596:theory of the science of the centers, and has mastered and controlled the astral nature and itsMeditation, 64:the fifth of the causal levels. When a man has mastered the key, and has found his own subtone thenMeditation, 143:taken systematically and that each one has to be mastered step by step. It is necessary first toMeditation, 148:the matter of the solar system he must have mastered the laws that govern the microcosm, and evenMeditation, 247:with color? The thing that now lies ahead to be mastered and done is to develop the knowledgeMeditation, 260:in lower manifestation. The Laws of Mind are mastered in meditation. They are applied in the lifeMeditation, 264:achieved but reveals still higher ones to be mastered, and never comes the point where the aspirantMeditation, 265:likewise on cosmic levels, and what is mastered here must be repeated on a vaster scale in theMeditation, 312:The other will be for those who have somewhat mastered these things, and are ready to learn more ofPatanjali, 232:nature is being controlled, the senses are being mastered and he can begin to undertake thePatanjali, 251:only possible to that student who has learnt and mastered the three states of mind control. ThroughPatanjali, 293:science of yoga, which has to be wrought out and mastered in the physical body the term "centralPatanjali, 330:as the Raja Yoga system is understood and mastered, for it involves the capacity to function in thePatanjali, 352:and the Law of Vibration is studied and mastered, the adept can then turn to useful purposes allPatanjali, 418:instrument has been discovered, developed and mastered and must now be brought into active use, andPatanjali, 418:us a picture of what happens to the man who has mastered his instrument. He registers in his brain,Patanjali, 419:has stilled the versatile psychic nature and has mastered the kingly science of Raja Yoga. In thePsychology1, 71:becomes the object of his search. [71] He has mastered the uses of duality and has learnt to at-onePsychology1, 155:It does not mean that the adept has mastered and can wield these 19 types of energy. They arePsychology1, 417:divine. Let the word triumphant go forth: 'I mastered energy for I am energy itself. The Master andPsychology1, 417:for I am energy itself. The Master and the mastered are but One.' " SIXTH RAY "Let all desirePsychology2, 84:divine. Let the word triumphant go forth: 'I mastered energy for I am energy Itself. The Master andPsychology2, 84:for I am energy Itself. The Master and the mastered are but One.'" Ray Six - "Let all desire cease.Psychology2, 173:the balancing of the forces which have been mastered. The symbol of the scales is here appropriate,Psychology2, 180:and failed. Those who have themselves [180] mastered circumstance and the illusion of death, andPsychology2, 391:and the Technique of Duality can be considered, mastered and used. It will be obvious to you that IPsychology2, 401:as you prepare for initiation. The small lesson mastered (and many of you are finding it a hardPsychology2, 448:of energy then are entered, [448] recognized and mastered, and then again new areas ofPsychology2, 483:of the problem in terms or a lesson to be mastered would spell release from negativity and blind,Rays, 48:which must be evoked before the next rule can be mastered. All that is given is ever based on thatRays, 70:disciple to grasp. But they will be grasped and mastered by each one as he proceeds along the PathRays, 70:training for initiation. They will also be mastered, later in this century and in the next, by theRays, 181:is the characteristic [181] which must be mastered by the initiate as he "escapes" occultly fromRays, 219:is perhaps the hardest stage, but it has to be mastered prior to the assistance of [220] the MasterRays, 222:By the power of their united love, the group has mastered personnel difficulties and has developedRays, 237:previous evolutionary cycles wherein humanity mastered certain lessons? All the postwar planning,Rays, 261:the lesson of kama-manasic impulse is slowly mastered and (in the process of learning) desire,Rays, 264:Synthesis the worlds of illusion and glamor are mastered and the control of maya is negated; underRays, 264:synthesis, unity and fusion must in due time be mastered. [265] To you, it may seem that theseRays, 283:to be developed; why it had then to be used and mastered and finally had to be completely negated -Rays, 297:disciples. Until the earlier significances are mastered in the earlier phases of discipleship, theRays, 360:of the cosmic etheric plane are completely mastered and under occult direction, the initiate isRays, 360:initiation, He has - as you know - covered and mastered the ordinary field of evolution forRays, 463:are all innate or inherent in him, and all (when mastered) lead to one or other of the seven majorRays, 501:via the mind, has been opened, and that he has mastered the first stage in the needed alignmentRays, 503:but it all becomes entirely automatic when once mastered. Here is a summary of process up to theRays, 697:the material world, finally and for ever. He has mastered all the uses of the three worlds ofReappearance, 102:Them from the many lesser Teachers) have mastered life for Themselves in the three worlds of humanTelepathy, 31:out that the use of words telepathically must be mastered as a preliminary step to the use ofTelepathy, Discip:externalization. Impression, as an art to be mastered both from the angle of the impressing agentTelepathy, 60:come within the arena of perception, and are mastered and controlled, until eventually the unit ofTelepathy, 63:found in the different kingdoms of nature, has mastered much of the evolutionary development of theTelepathy, 73:this method of intercourse must be learnt and mastered, and no textbook or information on theTelepathy, 89:effects than is delusion. When the disciple has mastered to some degree the significant differenceTelepathy, 130:with this attractive energy, for until they have mastered the desire nature and have transmuted it
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